The Style File: November

More by Kyra Conciatori - 11/06

NEIRAD enilno edition

Walking down the halls of DHS, you may spot a few individuals who stand out in the crowd. This month, Neirad talks with two seniors who rock their own unique styles.

James Baker, senior

Vest: Gray Marmot fleece vest
Shirt: White Long-sleeved “California”shirt
Pants: Blue jeans from
Shoes: Vans

Q: How would you describe your style?
A:  I’d say it’s not Darien. Summer, fun, and super chill. Not preppy—write that down.

Senior Caroline Macomber could not help but chime in, adding a plethora of words to describe her friend’s style: Beach-y, swagged out, Cali, urban…water polo.

Senior Courtney Kyritz described his attire as “urban, city-mountain-chic.”

Q: Where do you shop?
A: the best website ever. PacSun is very good too.

Q: Favorite kind of shoes?
A: Vans. Vans forever.

Q: Favorite outfit?
A: Jeans, tank top, Vans, mid-calves…that’s it.

Q: Who do you think has good style?
A: Jack Bair.


Brenna GilhooleyBrenna Gilhooley, senior

Pants: Roxy, floral, cloth pants with a flare
Shirt: Navy blue, off-the-shoulder peasant top
Bracelet: Silver cuff with little suns from a Tibetan store
Necklace: Turquoise Hamsa Hand necklace homemade by a family friend

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: My style is laid-back; I love flowy clothes.

Q: What inspires you?
A: I’m really inspired by the 60s and 70s attire and anything California surfer…even though I’m not a surfer! I’m also super inspired by music…not the artist, but music itself. The music I listen to inspires what I wear.

Q: Where do you shop?
A: I prefer going to random stores that no one really knows about. If I go to New York, I will go to Soho or Saint Mark’s and check out clothes and find what I like. I also like stores like Free People, LF, and Calypso. I don’t have a favorite place to shop but the place I shop the most would be Free People.

Q: Do you have favorite brand?
A: No, but I really enjoy brands like Roxy and Billabong.

Q: Who do you think has good style?
A: I think everyone has good style, because everyone is an individual and should be able to express themselves through any kind of fashion, whether it’s through sweatpants or a ball gown!