The Mystery of the Wave

More by Morgan Sawitsky - 11/12


Homecoming week is a special week where a school can show their school spirit and pride. And while the student body can dress in their school colors and go cheer on their sports teams, there may seem like something is still missing.

Well here at Darien High School blue wave pride makes our school stand out. We are the mighty wave who can drown anyone who stands up against us, but just saying that doesn't send other schools our message. We have to be able to back it up and prove that we have the most spirit and pride in our school.

The school year has just begun and at our 2012 homecoming, there was a little surprise for our football team, the fans, and everyone who came out to support the Darien Varsity Football team. Our mascot, the mighty wave, showed up fully dressed and ready to rile up the crowd. But who was it? Or rather who is our mascot?

Dressed from head to toe in the wave costume, they strutted across the length of the field prepping them self for the crowd that was about to come and fill the stadium seats. The Wave came out without a fear, dancing and clapping and got the fans all excited to cheer on our Varsity Football Team while they played in our homecoming game against St. Joes.

Senior Kyle Blummer, is also a Varsity Football player at DHS, said that “it was quite a surprise to see the Wave rallying up the crowd. It was good to know that somebody was ready to take on the role of the Wave and help the team feel supported.”    

There are only a few people who walk the halls of Darien High School who know who is underneath the costume of our mighty wave, and they won’t budge on who it is. While everyone is questioning who it is, nobody seems to know the real answer, and if they do, they haven’t spoken up.

But why is it a secret? I mean only the one who hides behind the wave can really answer this question. The one who is dressed up to be the entertainment on the sidelines, has a big job. And with this job they have the freedom to be wacky and fun, and enjoy them self while entertaining the fans, without having to worry about what somebody would think of them. Sam Schrenker, a junior at DHS, said that “keeping it a secret makes it more fun! If we knew who it was, the Wave couldn’t have its “own” personality.” The mystery adds to the talk of our mighty wave and gets our school even more riled up.

According to freshman, Colin Minicus, “the Wave should be enthusiastic and outgoing. They should almost be famous around school!” And with the great performance on homecoming, our mascot has shown that he does have the right personality. Minicus also adds that “it would be amazing if the wave showed up to school dressed in full costume.” Which would be a great hit for all of the DHS family.
Everyone wants to know who it is, but how can we tell? By their gestures, their voice – if they even speak, their walk? Nobody can really tell. But a helpful hint, try looking at the mighty waves sneakers next time and see if you can find other hints in finding out who our wave is.

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