Avoid the snow and watch movies - we recommend at least eleven in this issue Opinion: Christmas and its symbols should be cherished and respected. Cookies! Twelve holiday recipes not to be missed. <--Looking to avoid the polar chill this winter? DHSers recommend some winter hot spots.-->

December: 2012

Top 10 Christmas Movies

By Cameron Wong- December '12


Are you at home looking for something to do with your sweetheart, family, or even by yourself?  Grab a cup of hot chocolate, some holiday cookies and a nice warm blanket. Snuggle comfortably in front of a TV because we have some of the best Christmas movies to get you through this cold weather.

Skyfall Review

By Colin Sullivan- December '12


After 50 years and 22 movies, Skyfall marks the return of Bond to the big screen. Does it live up to the hype and successfully commemorate 50 years of filmmaking genius? Read the review to see if you should watch it.


Where are you Christmas?

By John Eng- December '12


Why is Christmas no longer a publically appropriate holiday? Join Neirad in its quest to discover why Christmas is not celebrated freely.



12 Cookies of Christmas

By Kyra Conciattori- December '12

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love sent to me…five Mexican Wedding Cakes? Okay, we changed up the classic song a little bit. But with Christmas just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than by baking holiday cookies? This month, spend the 12 days of Christmas baking Neirad’s carefully selected 12 Cookies of Christmas.

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Top 10 Babysitting Horror Stories

By Annabel Schneider- December '12

babysittingAs babysitters many of us have been victims of devil children and crazy dogs. Some students described their funniest, most stressful, craziest moments on the job.

Hallway Traffic

By Juliette Dixon- December '12

HallsWill we soon be seeing traffic cops in the hallways during passing time? Come on DHS, clean up your act before we have to call Post reporting a traffic incident!

Top Seven Ideas for a Warm Getaway

By Cameron van de Graaf - December '12

wisdom tooth  Looking for a warmer place to be than New England this Winter? Seven DHS students offer their recommendations for an anti-chill vacation.

Hockey Preview

By Ryan Filippone- December '12

HockeyAs the leaves fall off the trees and the days seem to get shorter, you know what time it is: Time for the 2012-2013 Darien High School Boys Ice Hockey season to begin. 

Sam's Column

By Sam Meyjes- December '12

insertjokehereSam once again brings us his humourous columns about his take on everyday life. This month's victim: is it the DMV or Sam?

Iphone 5 Review

By Katrina Vassell- December '12

Belle HavenYou’ve seen students holding it in the halls, taking panorama shots at the lunch tables, and it may seem like the iPhone 5 is just about everywhere. So what makes the iPhone 5 advancement from its predecessors? Read Neirad’s review to find out!

Gluten Free Guide

By Emily Cacaam- December '12

Buried LifeGluten intolerant? Saying goodbye to cupcakes and pizza can be frightening and upsetting, but Neirad's gluten free guide will make the switch a whole lot less scary.

Cribs: Ben Highton

By Courtnety Kyritz- December '12

benCheck out Senior Ben Highton's room that expresses his roots.



SoNo Marketplace

By Cammie Lattinmer- December '12

Buried LifeLooking for a cool gift or just looking to hang out and eat something fresh? Neirad looks at the next "go to" hangout for food, culture and shopping.


Mystery of the Flowers

By Courtney Kyritz- December '12

FlowersIs it a secret love affair or an innocent token of the parking lot? You be the judge of DHS’s newest mystery.

DHS's Caffeine Addiction

By Mac McDonough and Morgan Sawitsky- December '12

ski snowboardBig work load, late night, waking up early for school the next day? Seems like most students at DHS's schedule, and getting them through their long day is a morning cup of caffeine.

Anne Frank Review

By Brendan Fergenson- December '12

AnneYou may have missed Theatre 308’s performance of Anne Frank, but you don’t have to miss the review. Check out Neirad’s review of this year’s fall drama.

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