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The Life of a
Second Semester Freshman

More by Ellie Nelson - 2/17


idterms are over and it is officially second semester. The majority of seniors have submitted their applications, and now they patiently wait for regular decision announcements to be made. The annual pandemic of Senioritis is beginning to crawl in the hallways as it does every second semester. While many seniors can now feel alleviated of the stress associated with maintaining a solid GPA, another group in the school has been hit with a milestone as second semester arrives.

Five months ago, DHS welcomed a few hundred new faces. These foreign newcomers, the freshmen, have been confusedly roaming the halls since, holding their paper schedules in front of their faces as if they were maps. Despite the "Welcome Class of 2020" banner that still stands pinned to the wall in the cafeteria, the freshmen have now been here for half of the year and no longer can they bear the namesake “newcomers.” Neirad caught up with some freshman to see how it feels to have entered the realm that is second semester.

I feel like a lot more is expected of me as time goes on. I feel like the same old same old, but it's like a new start.” - Will Kirby

Along with the new sense of familiarity that the freshman now possess comes a whole lot more responsibility and higher expectations. In Western Civ, students are beginning to plan for the infamous second semester research papers. Although the freshman have been here for half a year, this project is the first real taste of what the next three years will be like and it can be a huge wake up call for many people.

It's exciting to be completely submerged into the high school experience, but now I know i'm in for a challenging ride” - Matt Fiorita

Despite the slight increase in workload, being a second semester freshman does have its perks. Study hall teachers begin to loosen up in terms of leinency and the freshmen can be found in places other than the classes listed on their respective schedules. During the day a freshman may be spotted studying in the library or hanging out in the cafeteria. It goes without doubt that the freshman are starting to get more comfortable in the school as they no longer are fresh-eyed newbies. As second semester commences and the seniors continue to sizzle out, this class of students is just rising up; its only the beginning for them.

It feels really saucy [to be a second semester freshman] - Will Bothewell

One freshman described the experiance as being "saucy." I am not really sure what this means or if this so called "sauciness" resonates with the rest of the freshman class, but it very evident that this group of students are starting to fit in comfortably in the DHS community. .

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