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May The 4th Be With You

More by Julia Clarke - 5/17


ay 25, 1977 started the global fascination and nationwide love for the Star Wars series. This global and nationwide love for Star Wars prompted the annual Star Wars Convention, which was held in Orlando, Florida April 13th-16th and was a huge success. Next year’s event is almost already sold out; The Star Wars Celebration Convention usually sells out for the next years event within a couple days after the previous one. Get your tickets for 2019 (they're skipping 2018) now!

            The Star Wars Celebration is never in the same place: “It travels around the world to avoid Imperial detection,” according to the event's hub, Starwarscelebration.com. Past celebrations have been held in Denver, LA, Japan, Germany, and London in order to let people all over the world celebrate and express their passion for the Star Wars series.

The convention is always located near hotels, restaurants, and airports. They get people traveling from all over the world and transportation is a key role to the success of the celebration. Shuttle buses are free and parking garages are never full.
The entirety of the convention lasts over a span of a couple days, but people normally only buy tickets for the events they want to see. There are over 200 events that children and adults are allowed to participate in. Events range from droid racing, meeting the author, storytelling, STEM projects, and jedi training. The convention is kids friendly, seeing that most of the participants are kids or young adults.

Although the location of the event changes every year, a Stormtrooper parade is always on schedule. This includes hundreds of people dressed up in Stormtrooper costumes marching on the streets. Also, one of the most popular events includes women and children dressing up in Princess Leia's famous Slave-Bikini costume and gathering in the hundreds to celebrate Carrie Fisher's role of an independent, strong female role. The most active event involves Jedi training; participants are taught basic lightsaber maneuvers and how to fight off the Evil Sith.

Fans of the Star Wars series are extremely impressed with the Celebration's knowledge, functionality, and entertainment values. Don’t be intimidated to buy tickets, fans of all ages and levels of knowledge about the series attend and recommend this convention. May the 4th be with you!

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