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DHS Installing Non-Juuling Bathrooom

More by Hannah Vogel - 4/1/17


veryone knows about the Darien Athletic Foundation, and how it has provided countless necessities for Darien High School students including turf fields, weight rooms, turf fields, plasma screen TVs, turf fields, and maybe lights.  However, there is a new grassroots project and group working at Darien High School.

Recently, a benevolent community group has decided to fund the installation of one non-juuling bathroom at DHS.  The bathroom is to be installed outside the lower south gym adjacent to the track field.  This group has been in close contact with Mr. John of The Mr. John’s Porta-Potty Rental company to oversee the installation of the non-juuling bathroom.  After days of extensive research and one bake sale, the Board of Education and Darien High School Parents Association  is thrilled to announce that early in April, the bathroom will be ready to use.

What group is responsible for pushing this project?  The Committee for Juul Free Bathrooms (CJFB)  approached The Board of Education and DHSPA earlier this year and expressed  concern with the juuling occuring in bathrooms.

Now the CJFB is excited to announce that after a successful bake sale, it will be able to afford Mr. John’s Standard Porta-Potty.  This porta-potty is equipped with a urinal and a toilet.  In turn, the toilet is well-ventilated and roomy to paraphrase from Mr. John’s website.  

The CJFB recognizes the competitive nature of DHS and that the school will do only the best for its students.  For this reason, the Board of Education has planned a second bake sale to fund the rental of Mr. John’s High Tech VIP Porta Potty.  The Board of Education and DAF agree that it will be good addition the the high school campus and will not interfere with any future plans to add additional fields to the DHS property.

Neirad checked in with CJFB volunteer, Ms. Beth Room to discuss the newest addition to the DHS campus.  On the topic of toilet installation Room said , “I am very excited that my one batch of cookies made such a difference!”. For the next bake sale, Room plans to bake a batch of her “special, ‘I can’t believe these brownies have applesauce instead of butter’ brownies” that she feels would do an equally good job in funding the future rental of the High Tech VIP Porta Potty.

The CJFB has announced that they are accepting donations and that whoever donates the greatest sum of money, will get the their name on a plaque on the High Tech VIP Porta Potty. So get donating!


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