Taking a Look Back: Biggest Regrets of Second Semester Seniors

- 5/17

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eing a senior myself, I have begun to look back at my past DHS decisions, and question whether I would be the same person I am today if I didn’t say yes to joining the field hockey team, or no to auditioning for the school musical. The subject of regret has not just been on my mind this past year, but it has been on the mind of various seniors, especially as many of us set out for our internships and leave the high school building and its familiarity behind.

“Being a part of this learning community has definitely pointed me into the direction of success, but I wish that I had realized as a freshman, that I needed to try academically,” senior Kerwin Sickinger said. This trend has been a prominent topic of conversation as I interviewed seniors.

Senior Elise Mercein agreed that “freshmen year was the hardest year academically and socially at DHS. I had trouble finding my way and my grades definitely reflected that.”

Now that internships are approaching and seniors are beginning to realize that they have very few days left in this building, emotions are rising and regret is emerging. “I never realized how short high school really is,” senior Ryan Jones said.

“After graduation, I will never see some of my classmates again and that really scares me.”

“My biggest regret as a senior is not being involved in more non-academic clubs.

I wish that I got involved in clubs based out of the Depot” senior Timmy Luz said. Luz is one of many seniors that wish they did more volunteering outside and inside of the school community.

“If I did more volunteering, it would have not just impacted my character, but it would have helped me more applying for colleges” senior Liza Burke said.

Many seniors wished they had watched their classmates more by attending athletic events - especially for the lesser-followed sports - and school plays.

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