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Cafe Update: Shake Shack is Coming to DHS

More by Will Peglerl - 4/17

This past January, Shake Shack finally arrived in Darien and for weeks the line was out the door. The buzz in town still has yet to calm as the parking lot is always packed and the wait to get that $10 burger is still almost always 20 minutes, but Darien High School students will soon have another location satisfy their Shack Burger and milkshake cravings: the cafeteria. Shocking as it sounds, the DHS administration has come to an agreement with the restaurant chain to open up a “food court” type section of the cafeteria where all Shake Shack menu items will be offered every day of the week. Don’t worry, you’re not dreaming.

Although this may sound unlikely for both the restaurant and DHS, Shake Shack founder and CEO Mr. Randy Garutti came out with a statement outlining his reasoning. Garutti discussed how the the restaurant's stock market value dropped immensely during the first quarter of 2017; he knows that high school students are a huge percentage of “Shack” consumers and he figured that he might as well bring the food to them in an effort to increase sales. Garutti made the decision to experiment with his plan at DHS, and if all goes well here then several other locations will be opened at high schools throughout the Tri-State Area.

Senior Ryan McCarthy was one of the first to find out about the Shake Shack plans, I talked to him a little bit about what he expected, and McCarthy said: “I can’t wait. I know the lines are probably going to be ridiculously long and people are going to be late to class, but a Shake Shack burger is well worth missing a few minutes of math or english”.

Fortunately, McCarthy and all other students won’t have to wait much longer, as the “Shack Stand” will be replacing the sandwich section of the cafeteria on Friday, April 7th, for a soft opening before break. So start counting down the days.

In terms of the cafeteria’s rumored renovation, the DHS administration decided to put all of that on hold in order to bring Shake Shack in. Who could blame them? Students and teachers alike will all be able to enjoy a burger during all lunch waves.

There were rumbles from a small group of students who would rather have the renovation take place instead of Shake Shack, Senior Nick Percarpio being one of them.

Percarpio said: “I just really want to see the new cafeteria before I graduate. I also don’t get the big deal about Shake Shack, Five Guys is obviously the superior burger. It’s so much cheaper!”.

The expensiveness of the burger, pointed out so eloquently by Percarpio, is a common worry for many DHS students. Students were assured, though, that they would be able to transfer over their lunch accounts to pay for Shake Shack. The DHS administration hatched a brilliant plan for this to work; partnering with the Darien Lights Brigade, they will convince parents to keep donating money for lights using clever Instagram posts, but instead use the money to go towards what they are calling the “Shack Fund” so all students will be able to have a $10 burger whenever they want... pure genius.

I’ll say it again, as ridiculous as it sounds, this is truly happening. So get ready for a non-stop supply of pricey burgers, french fries, and milkshakes brought to you by the DHS administration along with the Darien Lights Brigade. Mark your calendars for Friday, April 7th and hustle down to the cafeteria when power hour begins. Shake Shack for everyone!

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