Spring Fashion Trends

More by Julia Clarke - 4/17


fter a long, cold winter, spring is finally here and so are new fashion trends at DHS. Students are ditching the jeans for shorts and the coats for tank tops. Every new season at DHS seems to surprise us with new trends worn by the students and sometimes faculty.
            This winter consisted mainly of Adidas, chokers, boots, Vans, Timberlands, jean jackets, and Patagonias. “This winter wasn’t really different from past years except the massive amount of Adidas and flannels over sweatshirts” junior, Caroline Trager said.
            With the weather becoming warmer and all the tan skin coming back from April break, fashion will surely shift from winter mode to spring mode.
            “I think brands like LF, Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Adidas will be the most popular clothing brands for girls at DHS” sophomore Alix Platt said.
            “Patagonia, Vineyard Vines, colored shorts, and khakis are typically what guys will be wearing this spring” junior Andrew Darby said. “I wear the same type of outfit almost everyday just because it is easier in the morning to get ready and avoids wasted time” junior Dave Volz said.
            There is a big difference on girls and guys clothing trends in whatever season, but spring leaves the most leeway in your options. “You can wear long ponts, shorts, short sleeve shirts, or long sleeve shirts and be comfortable almost wherever” said freshman Schuyler Coughlin said.
            “Floral prints, skirts, sandals, dresses, and tank tops I think are the biggest spring trends that girls wear the most at DHS” said senior Emily Gianunzio. “Pastel colors like salmon and light blue are definitely more popular with the guys in the spring” said senior Ryan Morales.
            This spring entails more colors and more variety. The warmer weather brings happiness to DHS students and faculty.


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