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Trump Mural Coming to DHS to Inspire Political Conversation in the Classroom

More by Libby Markham and Liliana Cullen - 4/1/17


fter much debate, Administration had approved Darien High School’s most recently proposed mural, set to be painted in the cafeteria after renovations. The student wishes to remain anonymous to avoid controversy over his/her political views, but it is evident the artist admires President Donald Trump.

“I’m painting this mural to show that it’s okay to be a politically active at school, and that we shouldn’t feel like we have to hide our views just to make school more ‘welcoming’ to everyone. The only way to make DHS a safe place for everyone is for every student to have the right to express their political views," the artist said.

This mural is inspired by a previously painted mural, depicting President Trump to the left of a bald eagle, holding an American flag in its talons, both flying through space.

“I really love the way that that painting depicts Trump, and I’m excited to incorporate some parts of that painting into my own work, but I will definitely take my own spin on it,” the artist said.

The mural is planned to be painted in the cafeteria next year after the renovations are complete. Administration approved this location, even though some students feel as if this art may be too tailored to certain students’ political beliefs. Some students feel the mural could be placed in a more neutral space or balanced with other murals.

“I consider myself to be a patriot, I mean, I love my country, but having our President watching over us eating and talking in the cafeteria seems unnerving and kind of creepy,” junior Josh Stevenson said.


Senior Anna Roberts added, “I don’t think that this mural should be in the cafeteria. I respect other people's’ opinions and all, but I don’t think it’s really respectful to have such a controversial President being in a place that students spend a lot of their time.”

I think that this will be a perfect place for my mural, and I know some kids here think it’s too controversial or annoying to but in the cafe, but I think that this is the only place my mural will get the attention it deserves,”

Students will be inspired to discuss their political views during lunch, making the topic of conversation more intellectual. The main purpose of this mural is to make Darien High School great again.

“I want to show my love for the president and the democracy that we have in America. A lot of people these days have been expressing a lot of hate towards our President, but that’s not okay. He has done great things for our country, and will continue to work towards our main goal: to make America great again,"

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