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Mystical May:
The Life of a Post-AP Junior

More by Ellie Nelson - 5/17


t is May 15th. I pull onto High School Lane at 7:38am, just a few minutes away from being late to my first period class, but the long line of cars that usually greets me is gone. It feels strange driving through the seemingly deserted parking loop, where it appears some sort of apocalypse has wiped out maybe a fourth of the school’s population. I park in a spot close to the library, my newly minted parking sticker gleaming on my windshield. Today marks my first day as a junior in a school where seniors have now gone extinct. Today, I am now a post-AP junior.
                Being a post-AP junior brings about a rather strange phenomenon. As junior year is considered one of the most challenging years of high school, the students now can take a sigh of relief and, for the most part, relax for their last few weeks of school. In classes where the attendance list consisted of a majority of seniors, it is notable that the rigor drops in intensity once the bizarre May 15th hits.
                “In both my precalculus and physics classes, the student make up was at least half seniors if not more. Now that the seniors are on internship, more than half the seats in class are empty which is really weird. Class also just feels so much easier; I don’t know if that’s because the class is smaller or if the material just randomly got easier. Either way it was a bizarre change,” said junior Grace Silsby.
                Additionally, juniors who take AP classes have found that now their schedule seems overloaded with free time and a paucity of challenge. Now that their hardest classes have been lifted from their burdens, there is almost too much time to relax; mix this sensation with the deadly spring fever and you find a group of once hyper-motivated students, dare I say, slacking off.
                “AP Chemistry was probably one of my hardest classes this past year and I definitely spent the majority of my study time focusing on work for that class. Now that the AP is over, I don’t know what to do with myself. On the days that we have double lab periods, most of the time we are just let go and have a free period. During class we are still doing some work to prepare for the SAT subject test, but it is nowhere as challenging as the past 9 months. After the AP ended I got such a sudden and really weird feeling of relaxation that I haven’t felt since summer” junior Grace Wakim said.
               As other classically brutal junior classes come to an end, such as AP Biology and AP US History, some juniors feel like there is a lack of motivation to finish the year strong. Not even the ever looming final exam week, already less than a month away, can scare these juniors into snapping out of this uncharacteristic hypo-motivation trance.
                “I already took my AP Bio and AP US final exams so I just feel like there is nothing left to work for anymore. It’s relaxing but it’s also just so weird. I don’t have any energy to do work in my other classes because it feels like the year is over” junior Carson Halibi said.
                “I don’t like how relaxed I feel. I just want to go outside and have it be summer” junior Taylor Davis agreed. Rest assured, restless post-AP juniors. Summer will be among us sooner than we realize.

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