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Was Prom Worth It?

More by Taylor Davis - 5/17


or months Prom has been the only topic of conversation at DHS. For months appointments, dress shopping, shoe shopping, tux fitting, and promposals consumed the majority of students' lives. For months DHS students stressed about where they were going for pre-prom. But was all of this hype and stress worth it? Did DHS Prom fulfill all expectations?

This year Prom was at a new location, The Loading Dock in Stamford, and to be honest it was not at all what I expected prom to be like. There was a lack of organization, and I feel as if the venue diverged from tradition. For example, there were no set tables and eating dinner was a confusing situation that seemed like a chore. The food was served buffet-style and the line to get food was so  long that it prevented people from being able to eat. Not only was it difficult to actually get food, but there were not enough tables for students to sit down at. I remember seeing multiple people having to awkwardly stand and attempt to cut their food. "I actually had to eat my food standing up. I lost my appetite, and later in the night, I was starving," junior Ellie Nelson said.

I was not expecting the food to be the quality of a five star restaurant, but I did think that I would have a table and a seat to eat my dinner. I expected for there to be many round tables that students could sit at with a select group friends, and I imagined everyone eating at the same time. Overall, the layout of DHS prom did not meet my expectations as it was untraditional and very unorganized.

The lack of organization also left many students with only one thing to do. That thing to do? . . . dance. Without a designated table to sit at with a group of friends, many students were moved to dance. This was a problem because the dance floor was not big enough for all students who attended prom. I found that many students were extremely hot because of the close quarters. Not only was the temperature boiling due to the small space, but it was also dangerous. It was quite common to see someone get their toes stepped on or heel kicked. Also at one point during the night large balloons with flashing lights were thrown out into the crowd. They would bounce from person to person; however, one popped and liquid from the lights leaked onto one student.

Despite dancing being the only activity to do at prom, many students including myself really enjoyed ourselves on the dance floor. The best part about dancing was when the DJ would turn the volume down and everyone would still be singing the lyrics to the song, specifically "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus and "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. It was a moment when I personally felt a sense of unity among all students. "The best part of the night was being able to dance with all of my friends and sing the lyrics to my favorite songs" junior Will Pegler said.

Although many students enjoyed themselves, three and a half hours was a long time to be dancing. It was fun, but it began to get tiring. So I think that students should have been allowed to leave before prom ended. ¨Prom was just too long, and I was ready to leave at ten,¨ junior Isabel Larino said.

With all of this being said, it is quite evident that the actual event of prom is different than the hype that most DHS students give it. There is so much time and money that goes into this, but the actual prom is really just another school event. It is nothing special. However, I do think that Prom is something that all high schoolers should experience. ¨It was fun to see everyone dressed up,¨ junior Sarah Bellis said. Although it was stressful finding a dress, I will always remember this night.¨

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