About Neirad



What is Neirad?

That's a great question, random citizen. Congratulations for asking, we here at Neirad salute you for going out of your way for this inquiry. It's such a wonderful question, that I've decided to answer it... with another question. Have you ever ridden a robot unicorn through imaginationland with your giant pet falon leading an army of sasquaches with smaller pet falcons into war with the evil Crab People? Nah, I didn't think so. So read Neirad, because it's about as close as you're gonna get.

Neirad is Darien High School's student run news publication. Every article written in a Neirad publication is thought up, written, edited, layed out, and published by students alone. There are two publications in Neirad. There is the Enilno , which is what you're on right now, and the print edition, which you probably aren't on right now.

What is Neirad Enilno?

Neirad Enilno is Neirad's online publication. Online spelled backward is Enilno, just like Darien spelled backward is Neirad. Clever, I know. Creativity is something we take quite a bit of pride in here at Neirad. Enilno is published once monthly with new content. Every once in a while, we'll push new content halfway through the month.

What is the print edition?

The print edition is the print edition. What more do you want from me? The print edition is published once every two months, alongside the Enilno issue for that particular month. Stories do not overlap between the two, so print is an entirely different publication.

Who writes for neirad?

Currently there are two full classes of Advanced Journalism, and all students taking that class are required to write for Neirad. There are also students that we call "freelancers", which is a term for somebody who doesn't take the class but still writes for us. In adition, anybody who wants to write articles can send them to our faculty advisor Sybil O'Hare (sohare@darienps.org), or to Editor-in-Chief Colin Sullivan (colsullivan@darienps.org).

How does neirad work?

Every month, students will think of story ideas that could be written about for the next month. Those ideas are presented to everyone involved with Neirad. From there, each writer will choose a topic or story that they wish to write about. They will then research, gather information, interview people, take pictures, and write the story. A rough draft is sent back and forth between one of the section editors and the writers themselves until the product is refined. The final copy is then approved by the editors and layed out in html format. This is sent to Editor in Chief Colin Sullivan and Online Editor in Chief Sam Meyjes, who create the index, which you know as the Neirad Homepage. And then we repeat. It's pretty epic.

Why are you still here?

Seriously though, the other articles aren't going to read themselves. Get outta here.




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