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April 2008

Caroline McDonough Goes the Distance

DHS junior track star Caroline McDonough seems to be taking on the world one continent and one sport at a time.

Carly Dudzik Photo Mr. Dooley shaves his head Out of Africa Part 2

Hot in the Lot

By Mike Hickey, Automotive Editor - 04/08

Many of you have checked out the new Neirad online archive and commented on a popular feature from the 1960s and 1970s called "Hot in the Lot." (See page 3 of this 1970s Neirad archival issue) Neirad Enlino always listens to its loyal readers, so in response were officially bringing back "Hot in the Lot."

This former cop car belongs to the man they call John Kraft.

A Profile of DHS Principal Dan Haron

By Jocelyn Spencer - 04/08

Just who is our new Principal Mr. Dan Haron? Sure, he's the math-teacher-turned-principal at Darien High School -- but many wonder who the man is behind the desk in the Administration Office. He is a man of many talents. See the complete story for the scoop on our man at the helm.

The Unexcused

The UnexcusedBy Kimberly Michels - April 1st, 2008

A student walks warily to the main lobby desk wide eyed with a note crumpled up slightly in his hands. He smiles weakly down at Mr. Chuck Ferguson and mumbles his excuse for being late.

The boy begins to stutter and his note shakes gently in his trembling hand. “I had…had a doctor’s appointment.” “No you didn’t” Chuck smiles.

Darien Laxers to Join Chess Club

By Lizzie Kirst - April 1st, 2008

It’s no secret the boy’s lacrosse team needs to step up its game. Anyone who has sat in the bleachers at a Darien lacrosse game knows this fact to be true. While the LAX games are moderately action packed and offer tepid excitement, they are by no means a portrayal of good athleticism and clearly lack strategic planning.

 “If the team could get its act together and learn how to plan decent plays, they’d stand a much better chance of winning at least some games,” lacrosse captain Jameson Love said.

Jamie Buchanan Makes a Wish

Jamie and Carrie UnderwoodBy Emily Deleo - 04/08

For Jamie Buchanan make a wish is not just something that she does when she sees a shooting star or finds an eyelash. Making a wish has taken on a whole other component for this DHS sophomore.

Jamie was diagnosed with cancer last year, and her friends and family were there every step of the way. So was the Make-a-Wish Foundation. The organization dedicated to granting a wish to a child with a life-threatening medical condition fulfilled Jamie’s wish. See the full story to find out Jamie's wish.

Straight From the Heart

StraightFromtheHeart0408By Meg McIntire, Book Editor - 04/08

Jodi Picoult’s books are best known for the difficult and sometimes uncomfortable questions the plots centers around: An abusive celebrity husband, a dying sister, and a suicidal man who chases ghosts.

Top 5 Things Students Like About School

top50408By Shannon Finkel - 04/08

At first, DHS students were asked what their least favorite things about school were, but we decided that was too easy. So we challenged them with a tougher question: What are some things they actually like about school? Besides the standard responses of liking free periods and lunch, we got some interesting answers.

Nancy Herman Keeps the Shows Going On

By Charlie Nicholls- 04/08

It’s opening night for "The Music Man!" Actors and actresses scramble around backstage trying to fix last minute makeup and costume problems. “Places!” The show knocks the audience off their feet! But, who really deserves the credit? The answer in large part can be summed up in two words: Nancy Herman.

Bunny Dump

Bunny DumpBy Meg Murphy - 04/08

The only thing better than biting into a chocolate bunny for Easter, is to find a real bunny hopping out of your Easter basket. Most parents believe that Jeanie, a three-year-old Lop, would be the perfect addition to their six year old’s Easter basket.

A Different Perspective

Mark BehrBy Meredith Joyce - 04/08

“If you describe me from this side, it is going to be different than from the other side,” says Mr. Mark Behr, explaining how writers and readers must learn to respect different perspectives. Darien High School got a taste of something new recently when this South African author spoke during 7th and 8th periods to DHS students about writing and literature.


DHS Cribs

DHS CribsBy Jorden Cappiello, "DHS Cribs" Executive Producer - 04/08

For this month’s "DHS Cribs," Executive Producer Jorden Cappiello had to check out this girlicious pad for herself. Her Neirad colleague, Mike Hickey, said sophomore Charly Malpass’s beach-inspired place was something straight out of the pages of a Vogue magazine layout: beautiful colors, vibrant prints festooning the walls and decorative touches that will give our readers some cool ideas to zap up their abode. Charly's beachy room will make you long for April break.

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Neirad for April 2008Articles include:

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  • Student and Teacher Meet Inside World of Warcraft, Awkwardness Ensues by Mike Klein
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  • Puppies Are Cuter Than Ponies by Nick Phillips
  • A Different View by Mike Klein
  • Post 53 Goes 18-1 in 2008 Lifesaving Season by Jon Stall and Pester Stone
  • Cafe Unwittingly Fuels B.E.C. Addiction by Spencer Matson
  • Corporal Punishment at DHS by Mike Klein
  • Brameier Beat-Downs by Chris Shaker
  • Spring Fashion by Mike Klein
  • Getting Large by Jenny Large
  • Review of Rush Hour 3 by Spencer Matson
  • The Wiggles Movement by Joe Simonson
  • Indecision 2008 by Kevin Ramsey
  • Prom 2008 Budget Brutally Slashed by Priscilla Lombardi
  • No More Narcs by Meg Murphy
  • Hockey Fans Hug It Out by Reece Pelley
  • DHS To Install Moat Barrier by Will Wygal
  • Lacrosse Team To Merge With and Seek Guidance From Chess Club by Lizzie Kirst
  • Sports Star Spotlight!!!!!!!!

Out of Africa: Part Two

By Christy Lattimer- 04/08

Some of you may have read about the beginning of my trip to Malawi in the Neirad Print Edition for March 2008. But for those of you who didn’t, this past February I traveled to Malawi in southeast Africa to build a school for a village through a program called “Building with Books” that has a club right here at Darien High School. 

She Shoots, She Scores

By Kelsey Ott- 04/08

Coming out of an 8-12 season, girls varsity basketball senior co-captain Carly Dudzik looks back on her team with a positive attitude. Were like a unit, Dudzik says in describing her team. As point guard, "I like to distribute the ball. I care more about making assists than actually scoringI like giving my teammates the opportunity to score."

The Random Life

TheRandomLife0408By Mackenzie Cockerill- 04/08

As I waltz through life, I hear some pretty interesting things. Here are just a few of my favorites: Waiting for a bus in downtown Minneapolis, I see a disheveled and possibly deranged man with an enormous duffle bag sidling down the sidewalk, stopping to bellow "Are you going to the library?!" at each and every person in turn.

Theatre 308 Deserves Another Bravo: The Music Man Review

308 does the music manBy Christy Lattimer- 04/08

After Theatre 308’s performance of "The Music Man,” yet another well-deserved round of applause circulated throughout the auditorium on the March 13 opening night performance. Despite a technical difficultly with the set that occurred in the opening scene, the cast and crew did an amazing job with the performance of the well-known, Oscar award- winning musical.

Hair-Raising Teaching Tactics

By Alicia Andrianus - 04/08

Around Darien High School, math teacher Mr. Patrick Dooley is known for his comic attitude.   Just look at his description of his favorite pastimes. “Outside of my job, I play basketball on Fridays with some of the faculty members and I am a nationally-ranked domino player.  I also collect Hannah Montana memorabilia.”

The Triplets of DHS

TripletsBy Hannah Litchfield - 04/08

Not only am I the best looking, going to the best college, and the most athletic out of the three of us, but I was this year’s Homecoming King, and soon to be Prom King. Vote for me!” Not the answer I was expecting from senior Graham Karlan when asked, “What’s it like to be a triplet?”

DHS Students Get Top Honors in Stamford Art Show

DHS Wins at Art ShowBy Shannon Finkel- 04/08

The Stamford Art Association was established in 1971 as a non-profit organization that allows high school-aged artists from Fairfield County to exhibit their art and portfolios to the public. Seniors Alex Young and Sammy Malpass, sophomore Rachel Hathaway and juniors Katie D’Andrea and Artem Skobrev shared their work in the show, winning cash, prizes, and scholarship money.

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