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Welcome to the Archives of the Darien High School Neirad.

This page is a work in progress. Our plan is to scan all of our available back issues and load them onto this page over the next few months.
When possible we have converted the issue at full size and used optical character recognition software to make the text searchable.

There are many missing pages, issues and years if you have a copy from a date that is missing please contact us.

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Spotlight Issues

Selected by the Neirad Staff as being of particular intrest.

Neirad for February 20, 1940

Neirad for February 20, 1940

  • Junior Class Gets Treasury
  • Thespians to Produce “Little Women”; Starring Libby Smith and Joan Dubree
  • Buffalo Signs Tommy O’Brien
  • Finnish Relief Nets $90
Neirad for January 2000

Neirad for January 2000

  • Darien High School Opens
  • Prohibition: When Liquor Went Bad by Andrew Elliot
  • From a Small Town…To a Sprawling Suburb
  • Army Air Corps Corporal Charles Gersternmaier by Edward Briganti
  • A Memoir From a Different Era: The Years of WWII by Ann Durland
  • The Swingin’ Music of the 40’s by Torey Thelin
  • From Weed Beach to Omaha Beach: Captain Morehouse by Edward Briganti
  • Remembering the Late 50’s: 1955-59
  • Espionage and the Cold War by Bryan Lennon
  • Volkswagon Cramming: 1950 Fads by Megan McKenna
  • Our DHS Arrives; Deemed a “Good Buy” by Jen Ramsey
  • Music of the 1960’s
  • When TV First Captivated America with Humor and Seriousness by Andy Mattison
  • Faculty Throwback; Then and Now
  • The Hippie Counter-Culture by Kendall Gilchrest
  • Hanging Around in the 60’s by Samuel Fletcher
  • Before there was Clinton: Our First Televised Presidential Scandal by Steve Prince and Joe Breitweiser
  • Oil Embargo Hits Home: The Gas Crisis by Giles Mitchell
  • The Draft: Reaction to Vietnam’s Reality
  • Yet Another Proposed Building Change…
  • James Gang Rocks DHS
  • Computer Use in 1980’s: Nothing like Today’s iMacs by Tyler Brownlee
  • Campus Closed December 17, 1982 by Chris Famighetti
  • ABC Program Founded
  • Options Proposed for High School of 1990’s by Ben Wattenmaker
  • Man on the Run: 1986-1995 by Jon Dunn
  • U2’s Bono Meets DHS Students by Becca Oresman
  • Air Force Pilot Makes DHS Proud by Erik Ramos
  • School Violence Plagues the 1990’s by Nisma Baig
  • “No Means No.” Date Rape in the Early 90’s by Tracy Lynch
  • Sounds of the Decade by J.J. Saur
  • Darien’s Teen Center by Deirdre O’Connor
  • Darien Scout Cabin: Fifty Years of Serving the Community by Joe Breitweiser
  • Looking Towards the Millennium