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Neirad for Feb 29 1960

Neirad for February 29, 1960

  • School Dedication: the Curtain Rises
  • Why? By Sally Shaver
  • An Inside Look (Story on Moving Schools)
  • Council Report by John Fatherley
  • Hot in the Lot: 1956 Vintage Ford
Neirad for 196003.pdf

Neirad for March 1960

  • Agenda for a New Age: International Youth Conference by John Goto, Mia VanLuttervelt, and Madeleine Stroje
  • To the Readers by Sally Shaver
  • Spring Sports
  • Hot in the Lot: Chevy
Neirad for 196005.pdf

Neirad for May 10, 1960

  • Meet the Press-1961
  • A Need for Action by Dave Dolan
  • Evil Triumphs by Sue Goodale
  • Miss Darien Crowned
  • Hot in the Lot: 1952 Mercury Convertible
Neirad for 196010.pdf

Neirad for October 1960

  • The Great Debate? by Carl Offner
  • Nixon by Tina Nelson
  • Kennedy: the Democratic View by Dudley Caroll
Neirad for 196011.pdf

Neirad for November 1960

  • The U.N. Today by John Spencer
  • Juniors Take Top Honors: One-Act Play Contest
  • Hot in the Lot: 1950 Ford


Neirad for 196102.pdf

Neirad for February 1961

  • New Frontiers—Is it Enough? by Carl Offner
  • The Rat Race by Dave Dolan
Neirad for 196104.pdf

Neirad for April 1961

  • The Council and You by Ted Hawkins
  • Canteen Dance by Ginny Johnston
  • Hot in the Lot: 1956 Golden Lot
Neirad for 196109.pdf

Neirad for September 1961

  • Ambassadors by Liz Cronin
  • Honesty and Ambition by Sally Bean
  • Staff Still Grows by Sue Dasher and Sally VanDoren
  • Against Human Nature by J. Lockwood Putnam
  • Hot in the Lot: 1954 Austin Healey
Neirad for 196110.pdf

Neirad for October 1961

  • Thespian Prize Goes to Seniors by Carolyn Kelly
  • Heaven and Hell by Sue Shaver
  • ’62 Elections by Elaine Abbott
  • Seniors See U.N. in Action by Pam Carens
  • Hot in the Lot: 1955 Thunderbird
Neirad for 196111.pdf

Neirad for November 1961

  • Senior Play Preview by Judy Shepherd
  • Lux et Veritas by Frank Leib
  • All-Connecticut by Liz Cronin
  • Darien Equestrian by Joannie Edmonds
  • Red Cross by Sarah Sawyer
  • “El Gaucho” by Hugo Bogani
  • Hot in the Lot: 1952 Mercury
Neirad for 196112.pdf

Neirad for October 1961

  • The Master of Deceit by Ginny Johnston
  • Skate Sale ’61 by Barbara Dudley
  • Yuletide Cheer
  • Sport Shorts
  • Hot in the Lot: ’55 Chevy by Peter Moltu


Neirad for 196202.pdf

Neirad for February 1962

  • Vaudeville Show
  • Hot in the Lot by Pete Moltu
  • Worchester and Orange Rinds Darien’s Answer to Nuclear Attack by Charlie Faerbe
Neirad for 196211.pdf

Neirad for November 1962

  • The Football- Dance
  • Blood Sweat and Cheers- Blue Wave Drowns Rams
  • Shot in the Lot
Neirad for 196212.pdf

Neirad for December 1962

  • Can They Be Matched?  by Judy Gegenheimer
  • Hot in the Lot by Phil Kenny
  • The Scoop of the Auditorium- New Construction by J. Gegenheimer


Neirad for 196303.pdf

Neirad for March 1963

  • Camelot- Juniors Host Dance
  • Which is the Right College for You?
  • Skiing- The Fastest Moving Sport at DHS by J. Gegenheimer
  • Hot in the Lot by Phil Kenney
Neirad for 196305.pdf

Neirad for May 1963

  • A Place for Us by J. Gegenheimer
  • Apple Blossom Time
  • Hot in the Lot by J. Gegenheimer
Neirad for 196309.pdf

Neirad for September 1963

  • Drama 308 by J Gegenheimer
  • DHS Football by Richie Goodale
  • The Elected by Nancy Wright
  • Hot in the Lot by Alan Lanier
Neirad for 196311.pdf

Neirad for November 1963

  • No Place for Smoking Area by Richard Goodale
  • Class Elections Held
  • Hot in the Lot by Bill Miller
Neirad for 196312.pdf

Neirad for December 1963

  • Winter Season Begins With Success
  • Hot in the Lot by Allan Lanier
  • Troupe 308 Produces One Act Plays


Neirad for 196411.pdf

Neirad for November 1964

  • Darien’s “Empty and Bewildered” Youth by Dick Coyle
  • Students Reject Honor System in Close Vote
1964 Current.pdf

Current for 1964

  • The White Cat by Liz Scull
  • Inadequate Idealist by Bonnie Raleigh
  • Coffin by Chris Johnson
  • Voices by Alan Lanier
  • Moonwatcher by Margie Hunken


Neirad for 196502.pdf

Neirad for February 1965

  • The Barn Door is Open DHS-ers Build a Place of Their Own by Betsy Brooks
  • Introducing the New “Neirad”  
  • “Neirad’s” Art of the Month
  • Hot in the Lot
Neirad for 196503.pdf

Neirad for March 1965

  • New York Students Visit Darien
  • Hot in the Lot by Tom Van Loan
Neirad for SEPT 24, 1965

Neirad for September 24, 1965 Volume LXV Number 2

  • Board Retards Decision on Maher by David Williams
  • Mr. Clark Teaches in India by Andrew Foote
  • Experiment Sends Swain to Chile by  Pat Swain
  • Stamford Defeats Darien 12 • 8 by John Durland
  • Senior Cast “ My Three Angels” by Frederic Clarke
  • Ten Teachers Join DHS Staff by Sue van den Huevel and Jane Burleson
  • Seven Seniors Join The Ranks by Janet Mead & Cindy Nicklis
  • Young Recounts A.F.S. Summer by Conni Young
  • Sweden Hosts Sue Cady
  • Fashion goes "Correge"
Neirad for 196510.pdf

Neirad for October 1965

  • Off-Broadway Sets DHS Stage
  • Hockey Swings into ‘65 Season by Kathie Fowle
  • Hot in the Lot by Wilson Leach
  • Soccer Team Nets First Win by Randy Watkin
Neirad for 196511.pdf

Neirad for November 5, 1965

  • Darien Downs Danbury 42-22 by Bruce MacVicar
  • Adolph Leads Angel to Fame
  • Hot in the Lot by Wilson Leach                      
  • Art of the Month by Linda Lazar
  • Wave Submerges Staples by B. MacVicar
Neirad for NOV. 24, 1965

Neirad for NOV. 24, 1965 VOL LXV Number 6

  • Darien-Harlem Exchange Stresses Individuality
  • 15 DHS’ers Take Part in Exchange
  • Debaters Negate First Match with Stamford
  • Rome Falls for DHS
  • Forty Attend Family Sociology
  • Dave Knight Becomes Barn Director
  • Wave Submerges Stamford by Bruce MacVicar
  • Senators Squelch Wavers by John Durland
  • Cagers Have High Hopes by Jeffery Pingpank
  • DHS to Obtain Instant Books
  • Victory Enlivens Football Dance
Neirad for Dec. 10, 1965

December 10, 1965 Volume LXV Number 7

  • Ski and Skate Sale Snowballs Toward Success by Jon Bigelow
  • Peace Corps Celebrates Yuletide at Southfield by Margie C. Warren
  • Hospital Claims 2 From Eng. Dept.
  • Mr. Holland Goes Back to Danbury by Doug Jones
  • Carousing Latins Recreate Gala Pagan Saturnalia by Georgia Geist
  • Rehab Center Appoints Chindblom to Jr. Board by Melinda Morris
  • Do You Wince When The Bell Rings?
  • Young Life Elects Officers by Bev Schreiner
  • Stop Thief! by Frederic Clarke
  • Canadian Skating Champ Travels Incognito at DHS
  • "Shawnee" Introduces Egyptians to Barefoot Boys'
  • Barn Celebrates Thanksgiving by Creel Cutler
NEIRAD for Dec. 23, 1965

December 23, 1965 Vol. LXV Number 8

  • Petite Noel Colors Holiday Concert
  • Skate Sale Accents Skis
  • Home Ec. Skills Teaches Nursing by Melinda Morris
  • Mock Trial Reinstates Reign Of Terror
  • Debate Scores Affirmative
  • Peace Corps Takes One by Jeff Pingpank
  • Library Seeks Microfilm Aids by Bonnie Hall
  • Darien Hosts New Canaan
  • Slide Rules to Sleiqh Bells
  • Art of the Month by Linda Lazar
  • Darien Stage Takes New Turn
  • YMCA to Install Darien Quarters by Ricky Pierson
  • Festival of Lights Greets New Year by Bonnie Offner
  • DHS Looks Behind the Counter by Barbara Hoffmeyer
Neirad for 1965Current.pdf

Neirad for 1965 Current

  • Mondo Cane by Carol Benson
  • Distance by Pamela Grenfell
  • Poem by Anne Waaland
  • Two-Twenty Eight to Darien by Kinney Littlefield
  • The City of Fire by Pamela Grenfell


Neirad for 196601.pdf

Neirad for January 21, 1966

  • Stamford Battle Gives Darien 6-1 Record
  • Eaton Leads Frozen Wave by Brad Reynolds
  • Hot in the Lot by Wilson Leach
Neirad for 196602.pdf

Neirad for February 21, 1966

  • Vandals Steal $18
  • Wavers Move into 2nd Second with 10-4 Mark
  • Debate Scores Bittersweet
  • Vaudeville Show Nets $2235 by Donna Woodward

Neirad for March 25, 1966 number 12

  • Neirad Chooses Editors: Clarke, Warren, Williams Print First Issue April 1
  • '66 Faculty Loses Three by Janet Mead
  • Southfield Starts Reeling
  • AFS Hosts Internationals
  • 60 Pedagogues Begin Avocation
  • Executive Dogmatism Termed Disneyesque
  • English Exchange Student Observes Learning at DHS by Dave Williams
  • Romulus and Remus Return to Ravish Roman Ruins by Charles King
  • Debators End '66 in 6th Place by Cathy Bagnal
  • Magic Mushrooms Move Chun Chieh Wuh Juniors
  • Girls Fete Pseudo Awards
  • Students of the World Unite
DHS Neirad for April 15, 1966

Neirad for April 15, 1966 Volume LXVI Number 14

  • Science Teachers Convene by Cathy Bagnal
  • DHS Beard Day by Jon Bigelow
  • Twelve Make All-State Chorus, Orchestra and Band by Diane Tirpack
  • Rebels with a Cause by Margie Warren
  • Fiedler Benefit Offers Varied Repertoire by Diane Tirpack
  • With Spring Springs Spring Concert by Diane Tirpack
Neirad from May 6, 1966

Neirad for May 6, 1966 Volume LXVI Number 15

  • Weekend Exchange Dampens Prejudice by Margie Warren
  • DSO Constitution Swept in by Jon Bigelow
  • AFS Students Gather in Darien by Roger Klock
  • Beard Day by Jon Bigelow
  • 1966 Summer School Something Special
  • Savoca Local Girl Makes Good by Bev Schreiner
  • DHS'ers Star on 'Speak Out'

Neirad for November 18, 1966 number 6

  • Peace Corps Progress by Sue Reinhardt
  • Terry Flynn, A Boy With His Own Brand Of Music by Roger Klock
  • Civil Rights Leader Speaks by Jeff Pingpank
  • Blue Stomps Staples 14-6 by Jeff Pingpank
  • “Blithe Spirit" Reviewed by Robyn Risque
  • Family Sociology Treats Student Interests by Abby Bliss
  • Cross Country Counties, DHS Places 7 Out of 9
  • Blue Sophs First Put Down
  • Young Life Open to All DHS’ers
Neirad for 196609.pdf

Neirad for September 7-23, 1966

  • A.F.S. Sends Twosome to DHS by Jory Warren
  • Summer at the Barn by Dana Bendricks
  • Hot in the Lot: Clay Fisher's '57 Chevy by Jerry Woods
  • New Teachers at DHS by Debby Jenkins, Roger Klock, Debby Boone, Jon Bigelow
  • Hot in the Lot: Dave Williams' '65 Ghia by Jerry Woods
Neirad for 196610.pdf

Neirad for October 7, 1966

  • Homecoming is Planned by Bonnie Hall
  • John Durland; DHS Athlete
  • Views Aired on Barn by Diane Tirpack
  • Father Howley to Sponsor Teen Club
  • Shot in the Lot; Lisa Coulter's '59 Hillman
  • Tanzanian Student Supported
  • Hot in the Lot; Gary Barker's Ford Pick-up by Jerry Woods
Neirad for 196612.pdf

Neirad for December 9, 1966

  • Demerit System Evaluated
  • Betsy Hulme- DHS'ers Plans Career in Physical Education by Dana Hendricks
  • Evelyn Boone Missing Since October 24
  • Horace Lyon Speaks to Creative Writing Class by Bev Madden
  • Seniors Trip to UN by Kathy Smith
  • Hot in the Lot; David Sutcliffe's Triumph Bike by Jerry Woods
  • Lina Morielli a Recognized Talent by Jon Bigelow
  • Hot in the Lot; Scott Suttans G.T.O
Neirad for 196612Issue4.pdf

Neirad for December 1966

  • 308 Dazzles with Guys and Dolls by Noreen Gillespie
  • Senior Cafe to Receive Facelift by Noreen Gillespie
  • Calculator Thefts Rock Math Department and Student Body by Bobby Daly
  • Graffiti Plagues DHS Walls and Stalls by Bobby Daly
  • Teachers Question Necessity of Issuing Progress Reports to Passing Students by Jen Costa
  • Beatles Continue Tradition with Anthology 3 by Jen Costa
  • STATE CHAMPS! by Scott Goodwin


Neirad for 196701.pdf

Neirad for January 20, 1967

  • DHS Students Learn of Smoking Hazards; Dr. Oscar Auerbach Speaks by Diane Tirpack
  • DHS Library Reorganized by Pen Rogers
  • Seven Independent Study Students Selected by Jon Bigelow
  • DHS Forms Welcoming Committee by Bonnie Hall
  • Mike Johnson: Artist at Large by Roger Klock
  • Four Year High School Investigated
  • Open-End Coming Soon
  • Dean Abby by Abby Bliss
  • Dribbler Below .500 by Robert Cone
  • Swimmers on Winning Streak by David Watson
  • Hot in the Lot “Steve Thomas, 1955 Chevrolet Numad” by Jerry Woods
  • Evelyn Boone Returns to Darien Latin Club by Joan Dobson
  • A.F.S. Dance by Ann Warren
Neirad for 196702.pdf

Neirad for February 17, 1967

  • Shorthand at DHS by Susan Hillier
  • Thespians Present One-Acts by Dana Baltz
  • Hot in the Lot, Steve Buenning’s Car
  • Nine Win Art Awards by Diane Tirpack
  • National Honors Society Elects Officers by Barbara Vosburgh
  • Kazooers Unite by Peter Chowka
  • Skaters Streaking to Victory by Jeff Pingpank
  • Nine Win Art Awards by Diane Tirpack
  • Hot in the Lot; Steve Buenning's Car
  • DHS Runners at Dartmouth by Hampton Islan

Neirad for March 10, 1967 number 3

  • Junior Prom Tomorrow Night by Diane Tirpack
  • NEIRAD Bankrupt; Paper in Urgent Need of Support
  • “We Five” Concert Clears $200 by Rob Muller
  • Miss Vivian Peeling Studying in Paris by Joan Dobson
  • Eight Make National Final Merit Finals by Vera Koreckij
  • Peace Corps Bus Trip by Dana Baltz
  • NEIRAD Granted Quill and Scroll Charter by Barbara Vosburgh
  • Sophomores See Julius Caesar by Tracy Willett
  • Swimmers 5th in State by David Watson

Neirad for March 23, 1967 number 4

  • Margaret Blue,-Sergeant-at-Arms at Southfield by Dana Baltz
  • Dr. Stuart B. Atkinson Retiring in August
  • Duke University Band in Concert at DHS by Roger Klock
  • English Faculty Studies Linguistics by Tracy Willett
  • Student Teachers at DHS by Tracy Willett
  • Eugenia Leonardi Working In DHS Library by Bette Hofmann
  • Skaters Win Playland Cup by Jeff Pingpank
  • DHS's Custodial Staff by Debi Walsh
  • Barn Reopens by Wendy Wason
  • Gymnasts Shine In States by Hampton Islan
  • Speech Arts Taught at DHS by Dayle Cannon

Neirad for April 7, 1967 number 5

  • Non-Supervised Student Opinion Paper Considered
  • Anderson Drama to be Presented by Theatre 308 by Debi Walsh
  • “Toothbrush With Pizazz” Blitz Coming to DHS
  • Seventh Period Crafts Club Formed by Ann Warren
  • Farewell Dance for Dave Knight by Robert Muller
  • Trackmen Smash Wilton 97-12 by Hampton Islan
  • Sports Awards Presented
  • Baseballers Form Team by Robert Muller
  • Engine Donated to Power Mechanics

Neirad for April 21, 1967 number 6

  • Exchange Weekend Brings Brooklynites to Darien
  • Two DHS’ers Fight Board of Ed Blaze by Diane Tirpack
  • School Term Extended Half-Day Announced
  • Toothbrush Tops $800 Profit Mark
  • Beard Day Approaches by Dave Connell
  • Computer Dance Brings Out Hidden Craftiness by Dave Connell
  • Wingless Victory Performed at DHS by Rob Muller
  • Thespians Initiate Twenty by Debi Walsh
  • Golf Team Preview by Jay Baker
  • Trackmen Smash Catholic, New Canaan by Hampton Islan
  • Baseballers Blue After Two Losses by Rob Muller
  • Wyeth Exhibit by Ann Warren

Neirad May 12, 1967 number 7

  • “67-’68 DSO Election Victors Interviewed
  • Nick Timbers by Tracy Willett
  • Welfare Drive to Build School Overseas
  • Students Comment on “Outsider” by Bette Hoffman
  • Magnat Wins Beard Award by David Connell
  • DHS Musicians in All-States by Ann Warren
  • Institute Appoints Wilhelm Evaluator by Tracy Willett
  • Knowlton, Jones Win Merit Awards
  • Trackmen Reduce Opponents by Hampton Islan

Neirad for June 9, 1967 number 9

  • Independent Students Submit Papers Today
  • Harvard Officer to be Speaker at Graduation
  • Dr. A. Day, TV-Stereo Honor Retiring Principal
  • Another Time, Place Marks Senior Prom by Joan Dobson
  • Honor Society Inducts 33 by Jan Reichard
  • Seniors Sweep Interclass Track Again by Paul Hendrickson
  • DHS’ers in Block Island Race
  • Education for Life Seen Neglected- Report by Diane Tirpack
  • Future Architects Plan Perspectives
  • Seniors Skip
  • Netmen Cop Greenwich Meet
  • DHS Golfers Take Eight Straight by Jay Baker
  • Baseballers Finish With .333 Season
Neirad for 196709.pdf

Neirad for September 6, 1967

  • AFS Girls Come from Down-Under by Tracey Willett
  • Crime Debaters Schedule Meeting by Peter Reichertz
  • Redecorators Storm “Barn”
  • Class Change Without Bells
  • Summer School, 500 Hardy Souls by Jan Reicher
October 6 1967

Neirad for October 6, 1967 number 13

  • 4 Make Merit Award Semifinalists
  •  Class Officers Chosen,Swartz to Lead Seniors by Ann Warren
  • Twin Assemblies Coming Oct. 20
  • Middle East Problems Discusses at Meeting by Bette Hofmann
  • Final Exams Scheduled, Dress Code Discussed
  • 2 New Teachers Neirad by Tracy Willet
  • Two Win Lincoln Center Award by Diane Tirpatrick
  • Pseudo-Assembly Held by David Connell

Neirad for November 17, 1967 number 16

  • Losses to RIP, Catholic Football 2-7 Record by Harvey Bifferton
  • Vietnam Expert at Assembly
  • Independent Study Participation Widened
  • Gymnasts, Dance and Tableaux by Scott Bubar
  • Macbeth at Stratford by Peter Reichertz
  • 8 On Auditioning Program by Tracy Willett
  • Quotations You Might Have Used by Dave Connell
  • “Soul Survivors” at Canteen Dance by Ann Warren
  • The Mothers of Invention by Scott Wheeler
  • Hot in the Lot ’63 Plymouth
  • Latin Club Hears Talks by Jenny Beach
  • DHS’ers Take Night Class at Beatman Foundation by Bette Hoffmann
  • Dr. Robbins On Cross Country by Ress Rhodes

Neirad for December 8, 1967 number 17

  • Neirad Poll Indicates 72 per cent of Students Oppose Present Vietnam Policy
  • Communism Threatens Elite, Not Peasants-R. Johnson by Scott Bubar
  • Vet Sees Chance for Viet Nation by Harvey Biffert
  • The DHS Intersection Room(s) For Change by Diane Tirpatrick
  • DHS Science Club:3 Radio Stars
  • Christmas Concert Composed by Kathy Kraig
  • Peace Corps Club Pioneers Service by Janet Hawkins
  • Concert Plans Discussed by Ann Warren
  • Class Schedules a Hard Job by Joan Dobson
  • Swimmers Clinch 1st- by Ross Rhodes

Neirad for December 22, 1967 number 18

  • Fall Sports Athletes Receive Letters
  • Graduates Advise Seniors at Alumni Day Discussion
  • Creative Writing Birthday Party by Richard Schaefer
  • Thespian Plans One Act Plans
  • Lawton and Luminoso Become Chinese Scholars by Joan Dobson
  • What’s Wrong With Church? Students Ask by Tracy Willett
  • Juniors Pick Prom Heads by Ann Warren
  • Math Computer by Wendy Wason
  • Hot in the Lot-’61 Chevy Convertible
  • Gifts at Midnight by Bett Hoffmann
  • Swimming Team Notches Win
  • Skaters Sweep Four
Neirad for 196768UndegroundMag.pdf

1967-68 Undeground Magazine

  • Among The Sad Farewells by Abbot Mills
  • Grand Central Station Blues by Abbot Mills
  • Do Not Feed the Animals by S. Low
  • Addiction by Cathy Keyes
  • Playground by Terrence Flynn
  • A Pressurized Can by Lucy Kirkman
  • My First Trip to the Zoo by Kristina Xandra Kalman
  • Gutter by Paul Spivey
  • Song of Maryjane by Kat Tracey
  • Arnie by Thatcher Drew
  • Looking Down from Up by Mike Risola
  • Springtime of My Mind by Debbie Richardson
Neirad for 1967Current.pdf

1967 Current

  • S by Peter Nelson
  • Tragedy of Modern Man by Garry Brown
  • Infinity by Sandy Campbell
  • Splat-Screened Moth by Pam Wescott
  • Whats the Significance by Steven Speers
  • As I Look by Robert Weir
  • Barnstable, Mass by Pam Westcott
  • That Morning by Jerry Holway
  • Death by Sandy Campbell
  • Oops- I'm Showing by Abby Bliss
  • To a Maple Tree by Fred Clarke
  • America, America by Gary Barker
  • Silver and Blue by Peter Nelson
Neirad for 1967CurrentIssue2.pdf

1967 Current Issue 2

  • Tim by Pam Westcott
  • Curious Confection by Newly West
  • Story by Jerry Holway
  • Broken Glass by Dyanne Roper
  • Story by Janet Meyer
  • Night Walk by Fred Clarke


Neirad for 196801.pdf

Neirad for January 19, 1968

  • 66% of Students Support Smoking Area in Poll by Peter Reichertz
  • Soldiers in Vietnam Report Their Views
  • Mr. Hubbard- Football Coach and Science Teacher by Dave Rohlfing
  • Basketball: Inconsistancy
Neirad for 196802.pdf

Neirad for February 16, 1968

  • Dr. Pelletier- School Won't Censor Neirad by Jon Bigelow
  • Student Group Reduces Smoking by Peter Reichertz
  • Rotating Periods, Late Homerooms in New Plan by Jon Bigelow
  • Back and Mills Head Abroad by Joan Dobson
  • Mr. Pideret Joins English Faculty by Jon Reichertz
  • Honor Society Presents "T.P." by Ann Warren
  • Hot in the Lot; George Saverine's '57 Chevy
  • Skaters Take Championship, in Playoffs

Neirad for March 21, 1968 number 4

  • Independent Study Outlined to Juniors
  • Headache 308 Tomorrow by Janet Hawkins
  • Seniors to Take Finals Seminar Idea Rejected
  • Nixon, Rocky Lead Poll by Peter Reichertz
  • Hawk Beats Dove in Vietnam Poll
  • U.S. “ Self Genocide” Forecast by Black-Powder Speaker by Diane Tirpack
  • Group Discusses Morality, Society by Tracy Willett
  • Geoff Eaton- Olympics?
  • Ithaca Jazz Lab-A Fine Job Reviewed
  • Mr. Isidore Battino by Jane Reichard
  • Draft Sign-Up for 18-Yr.-Olds by Scott Bubar
  • $25 Dollar Limit on Campaign Costs by Peter Reichertz
  • Playschool Begins Anew by Peter Reichertz
  • Shot in the Lot by Jim Scott
  • Gymnasts, King Sweep in State Meet

Neirad for April 5, 1968 number 5

  • College Library’s Use for Research Studied by Scott Bubar
  • Bubar Named Chief Editor for 1968-69 Neirad Staff
  • “Carmen” Performance Features Bonus Dance by Bette Hofmann
  • Filmmaking Reels in Ryan by John Reichertz
  • The Cost of Being a Senior
  • Diplomatic Game Satiates Power-Hunger by Bob Wiringa
  • Sports Attract Practice Teacher by Dana Baltz
Neirad for 196805.pdf

Neirad for May 10, 1968

  • Mrs. Harrington Helps Tape Mock Convention by Kathy Kraig
  • Republican Talks on Ghetto Problems in M.C. Assembly by Ann Warren
  • Bob Wiringa Wins Scholorship
  • Black Power Seminar Probes Black Pysche by Ann Warren
Neirad for 196809.pdf

Neirad for September 4, 1968

  • Mr. Burgess Discusses Student Independence by Ann Warren
  • Summer School Held at DHS by Jenny Beach
  • "Music Man" Comes to Darien in Summer Workshop Program by Robin Jenkins
  • New Teachers Join DHS Faculty
  • Coach Vic Crump Resigns by Paul Hendrickson
  • Teachers Withhold Services on Opening Day of School
  • Profiles of New DHS Faculty Members
Neirad for 196810.pdf

Neirad for October 4, 1968

  • Miss McCormick Talks About Ideals, Smoking, and Discipline at DHS by Jeff Myers
  • Eight Darien Students Selected National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists
  • Hot in the Lot; Mark Tinker's 1965 443 Oldsmobile by Casey Nickerson
  • Class Officers for 1968-1969 Are Elected
Neirad for 196811.pdf

Neirad for November 1, 1968

  • Three Exchange Clubs to Merge, Forming New "International Club" by Nike Fisher
  • Hot in the Lot; George Robinson's '69 VW
  • Hot in the Lot; Ned Cox's 1967 GTX by Casey Nickerson
Neirad for 196812.pdf

Neirad for December 6, 1968

  • Homecoming- A Victory, A Queen, and A Dance by Mark Mangini
  • A Happy Homecoming for the Blue Wave by Paul Hendrickson
  • DHS Ski-Skate Sale Nets $2600 for Scholarships
  • Hot in the Lot; Bill Guptill's 1968 Porsche by Casey Nickerson
Neirad for 1968Current.pdf

Neirad for 1968 Current

  • Poem by Richard Muhlenburg
  • Story by Kris Kalman
  • Art by Cappy Brown
  • Poem by Anne Cady
  • Art by Binka Popov
  • Art by Judy Stevens
  • Arty by Sue Piske
  • Ambush by Dave Connell
  • Art by Robin Sweet
  • Art by Gus Van Saint
  • The Bridge by Binka Popov
  • Anniversary by Linda Butler
  • Story by Tirza Latimer


Neirad for 196901.pdf

Neirad for January 31, 1969

  • Two Exchange Students from South American Join DHS Student Body
  • Forty Darien High Students to Pursue Second Semester Independent Study by Mark Mangini
  • Sex Education Course Begins by Peter Fox
  • Miss Wellington, Students to Summer in Germany by Kathy Seaman
  • Basketball Team at 6-6 by Paul Hendrickson
Neirad for March 28, 1969 number 4

Neirad for March 28, 1969 number 4

  • Wide Range of Musical Talent is Displayed in Vaudeville ’69 by Mark Mangini
  • Honor Society Inducts Seniors by Peter Fox
  • “All Messed Up” to be Sadie Hawkins Dance by Page Cannon
  • Dirt in the Lot; Dave Lynch’s ’57 Chevy by Casey Nickerson
  • Winter Sports Banquet Culminates DHS Season by Chris Wilson
  • Four DHS’ers Qualify for Winter Track State Meet by Dennis Sullivan
  • Captain Walker Takes First in State Meet by Lynn Francesconi

Neirad for June 19, 1969 number 8

  • Burgess Resigns, Will Enter Film Industry by Mary Dugdale
  • Outstanding Students Recognized by Sue Sherman
  • 342 Seniors to Graduate – Buckley to Speak
  • Looking Back…It Was a Very Good Year
  • On The Downbeat by W. James Brockhardt
  • Senior Plans
  • Senior Skip Day; The Inside Story
  • “Twice Removed” Flashing Success
  • Five Students to Travel Abroad by Marna McMaster
  • A Look at “The Who” on Stage by Jim Lumsden
  • A Look at Mr. Buckley by Neal Conolly
  • Baseball Record by Joe Vitti
  • Tutors Honored by Page Cannon
Neirad for 196904.pdf

Neirad for April 11, 1969

  • 1969-70 DSO Officers Elected on April 8 by Don Kennerly
  • Gazebo Stars Seniors by Jean Butler
  • FUN in the Lot; The Florida Express by Casey Nickerson
  • Family Life & Sex Education Stresses Healthy Relationships by Kathy Greeley
  • Burkhart and King Highlight Dance and Gymnastics Assembly by Lynn Francesconi
Neirad for 196905.pdf

Neirad for May 16, 1969

  • Honor Society Inducts 18 Juniors by Don Kennerly
  • Mangini Selected to Head 1969-70 Neirad Staff by Scott Bubar
  • Students Visit Jose Limon by Murna McMaster
  • Hot in the Lot; Zippy's '64 Impala by Casey Nickerson
  • Long Skirts and Croquet! No More! by Lynn Francesconi
Neirad for 196911.pdf

Neirad for November 1969

  • Concert Opens Homecoming; Queen to be Crowned at Dance
  • Hot in the Lot; Peter Telesco's 1968 Camaro SS-396 by Drew Papsun
  • Ceramics Trip
  • Protests in Darien
  • Homecoming Weeekend Successful by Page Cannon
September 1969

Neirad for September 1969 number 9

  • Students Involved in Local Primary
  • Students Approve Cabinet in Referendum
  • Students on Radio by H. J. Fezell
  • Tactics; Gumming Up the Works by H. J. Fezell
  • Viewpoints DHS; “The Cabinet” by H. Neil Conolly and A. Simons Leonhardt
  • Hot in the Lot; 1966 Chevelle SS-396 by Drew Papsun
  • Caravan: The Inside Story by Bryan Bowles
  • Unrest and Injuries Mar Soccer Start by Nick Ney and Rob Varney
  • Sposito Aircraft Loses a Close One by J. A. Vitti
October 1969

Neirad for October 1969 number 10

  • Moratorium Conflicts Lead to Board Decision by Dana Fiske
  • Students Demonstrate on October 15 by Mark Rodman
  • Faculty Members Make Vietnam Statement by Marilyn Hett
  • Silence is Golden- Or is it? by H. J. Fezell
  • Five Students are Merit Semi- Finalists by Pat Whitehead
  • Sophs Elect Officers by Chip Kaminsky
  • On the Downbeat: “Rhinoceros” by W. James Brockardt
  • Martino Says, “Team Unity Threatened” by Nick Ney and Rob Varney

Neirad for December 1969 number 13

  • High School to be Evaluated by Marilyn Hett
  • Skate Sale Set for Dec. 13 by Bob McGoldrick
  • Theatre 308 Presents “Exit the Body”
  • Committee to Abolish Finals Formed by Mark Rodman
  • A New Publication at DHS by Pat Whitehead
  • A Silent Minority by H. Neal Conolly and A. Simons Leonhardt
  • The Draft: A Need for Reforms by H. J. Fezell
  • Freakin’ Out at the Big “F” by Nick Ney and Mark Rodman
  • Christmas Comes Early to Romans by Page Cannon
  • Hockey Squad Defeats Eastchester 7-0 by J. A. Vitti