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Neirad for January 1970 number 15

  • Mr. C. R. Hayes Dies; Had Taught in DHS Since 1953
  • 55 Seniors to Pursue Independent Study by Jill Meisenheider
  • Agnew- Liability to the President by Craig Mason
  • Young Life Reaches Many Students’ by Nick Ney
  • Hot in the Lot; Molgano's '67 GTO by Drew Papsun
  • Hockey Team Still Struggling by J.A. Vitti
Neirad for 197004.pdf

Neirad for April 1970

  • "Around the World in 90 Minutes" by Jill Meisenhelder
  • Earth Day Activities Begin This Week by Dana Fiske
  • Student Death Saddens DHS; John R. Mannka
  • "Arsenic and Old Lace" Brings Many Laughs by Beth Ann Kennedy
Neirad for 197010.pdf

Neirad for October 1970

  • Dr. Bruno Discusses Open Campus by Richard Jewett
  • Whats Happening in the Rest of the World? by Richard Jewett
  • Soccer Team Stunned in Defeats
  • Soph Officers Plan Year
  • International Club Sponsors Assembly by Dave Hable
  • Art Expert to Visit DHS by Kevin Corrigan
  • 20,000 Gather in Washington to Urge Peace Thru Victory
Neirad for 1970Abstentions.pdf

Neirad for 1970 Abstentions

  • Poems and short stories
  • Editors: Bill Hamlin and Tom Moore
  • Staff: Gerry Dolan, Dave Miller, Ross Rhodes, and Sara Ungemack
Neirad for 1970Underground Mag.pdf

1970 Underground Magazine

not working

The Neirad for February 1970

Neirad for February 1970 Volume LXIX Number 16

  • Wide Variety Of I.S. Projects By Jill Meisenhelder
  • Welfare Drive Begins;Indian Speaks Nelson, Bates Return From Semester Absence By Dana Fiske
  • Art Students Visit Met By Dana Fiske
  • Canteen Dance By Mark Rodman
  • Debate Society Alive And Well By Chip Kaminsky
  • Philosophy Club Hears Lecture By Chip Kaminsky
  • Seminar Begins For Sophs Drugs, Sex, Human Relations Discussed By Peter Saverine
THe Neirad for February 1970

Neirad for February 1970 Volume LXIX Number 17

  • The James Gang To Play At D. H. S. By Reuben Jeffery
  • English Department Works On Evaluation And Electives
  • Welfare Week At DHS
  • Students Agree With Dso: Blast Mrs. Hines
  • '52 Plymouth, Agnew Drawing Among Items Auctioned; Proceeds To Aid Indians By Peter Saverine
  • Seniors Learn Of Scholarship Availabilities By Sue Sherman
  • Superintendent Says No to T. V.

Neirad for March 1970 number 18

  • Neirad Focuses on Pollution by Craig Mason
  • Bring the War Home by Nick Wey
  • Student Studies Pollution in Darien by Sue Sherman
  • The Black Panthers a Constructive Organization by Mike Sepe
  • Theatre 308 Will Shine Again by Rick Johnson
  • DHS Shakes Sleepy Hallow 65-31 by George Hill
  • #1 in WIHl by J. A. Vitti

Neirad for May 1970 number 22

  • Sophomore Class Adopts Foster Child by Peter Saverine
  • DSO Elections Begin; Primary Vote Today
  • Darien’s 150th Anniversary
  • Anniversary: May 20-29 by Peter Saverine
  • Pillsbury, Peters Speak for Earth Day by Cindy Schmalzried
  • Work Study Attracts 28 Students by Bob McGoldrick
  • AIFS- Travel Opportunities for Students by Nike Fisher
  • The DSO Report Campus Cop Discussed by Mark Rodman
  • Stamford-Darien Exchange Proposed by Bob Bush
  • Antique Cures Published in Sesquicentennial Booklet by Betsy Ammer
  • Wavers Take Seven by J .A. Vitti
  • Choral Exchange by Kit King
  • Stratford Trip a Success by Jill Meisenhelder
September 11 1970

Neirad for September 11, 1970 number 2

  • A Third Coffeehouse by William Middleton
  • Isle of Wight- 1970 by Nick Ney
  • Dr. Bruno Discusses by Richard Jewett
  • Urban Students Get Summer Chance by Midge Mehlig
  • Grim Harvest by Alan C. Wilson
  • The Garden; Playing the Game by Luke Granfield
  • Hot in the Lot by Steve Vosburg
  • Martino’s Babies Rocking the Cradle by Rob Varney
  • From the Bullpen by J. A. Vitti
September 25 1970

Neirad for September 25, 1970 number 3

  • Jimi Hendrix Dead at 27 by Phil Williams
  • Robbins Sees Open Campus in Future by Peter Saverine
  • The DSO- Change Through “Awareness” by Jill Meisenhelder
  • Testing Your Limits by Nick Ney
  • Looking Around by Jim Gammill
  • Alternatives on the Right by Jonathan Towle
  • Shot in the Lot by Hodie Snitch
  • Students Discover New Way to Get High by Maynard Kirpalani
  • What’s Happening in the Rest of the World by Rueben Jeffery

Neirad for November 10, 1970 number 6

  • Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin; Do We Leave Them No Alternative
  • McKinney Talks to Students
  • Emily Reigns as Homecoming Queen by Peter Sweeney
  • Election Tonight; The Way it Might Have Been
  • Isle of Wight…Long Time Coming by Nick Ney
  • When the Leaders Have No Vision. The People Perish
  • The Year that Wasn’t by Rob Varney
  • Hot in the Lot by Steve Vosburgh
  • Jesus Christ: Superstar by Ross Duncan
  • A Birthday Fit for an Animal by Grant Castle
  • Gridmen Shutout Eagles 27-0 by J. A. Vitti
  • Wave Sweeps Counties and Sectionals by George Hill
  • Junior Girls Zapped by Senior Powerhouse by G. Host

Neirad for December 7, 1970 number 8

  • Member of Communist Party Talks to CSI Classes by Richard Jewett
  • Black Comedy Here in Darien by John Mucci
  • Is Nixon a Communist?? by Jonathan Towle
  • Blue Icemen Victorious by J.A. Vitti
  • Natators Open Season Under New Mentor by Pete Sweeney

Neirad for December 23, 1970 number 9

  • Black Comedy by John Mucci and Nick Ney
  • An Evening with Santa by Kevin Wright
  • DHS NEACSS Accredited by Craig W. Mason
  • Skaters Earn Two More by J. A. Vitti


Neirad for 197101.pdf

Neirad for January 15, 1971

  • Christmas Tree Sale Nets For Scholarships by Peter Sweeney
  • Experimental Week is O.K.'d "The Best is Yet to Come"
  • National Day of Mourning by Craig Mason
  • The History of Rock by Grant Castle
  • Skaters Post 6-1 Record by Javitti
Neirad for 197102.pdf

Neirad for February 10, 1971

  • Faculty Members Discuss EEW by Chip Kaminski
  • Concession Stand Stands No Longer by Nick Ney
  • Judge Snatches Natator Victory by Peter Sweeney
Neirad for 19710308.pdf

Neirad for March 8, 1971

  • Alas, the Players Cry...Never To Be Heard by Mark Rodman
  • Love Those Pies by Rob Varney
  • Source Library Holds Pornography Discussion by Liz
  • Independent Study: It's History
Neirad for 19710324.pdf

Neirad for March 24, 1971

  • The End of an Era by Peter Fox
  • Hair and the Athletic Program by Dan Franz
  • Citizen Committees Against School by Craig W. Mason
  • Political Extremism by Rob Varney
  • Hockey Team Spirits Sports by Javitti
Neirad for 19710416.pdf

Neirad for April 16, 1971

  • Jack Copocci Speaks Now and Then by Phil Williams
  • A Visit With the Duchess by Rob Varney
  • P.Y.E. Environmental Teach-In II by Libby Jones
  • Linder Goes Wild As Track Team
Neirad for 19710507.pdf

Neirad for May 7, 1971

  • Bruno “Appalled” By Budget Cuts
  • Theodore Sorenson- Graduation Speaker
  • Next Year’s Staff Chosen
  • DSO Officers Plan to Involve Students
  • Jack Capocci Speaks: Then and Now
  • Senior Class Play Announced
  • A Visit With the Duchess
  • March to Washington to Protest Indochina War April 24
  • Lindner Goes Wild As Track Team Wins Three
  • Diamond Crew Leads Division with 5-3 Record
Neirad for 197109.pdf

Neirad for September 10, 1971

  • Candidates Air Views
  • Bruno Would Open Campus
  • Tricky Gravy by Tricia Nixon
Neirad for 19711026.pdf

Neirad for October 26, 1971

  • DSO Activates New Committees by Spencer Beckwith
  • Risen Son Café by Zincus
  • C/Dair Begins Tuesday by Kathy Miller
  • Centre Stone by Valerie Mehlig
  • The Development of Mind, Body, and Spirit by Steve Dunphy
Neirad for 1971Current.pdf

Neirad for 1971 Current

  • From the Deck to the Ship by Carla Weiss
  • Come on Down by Chuck Hunter Walk by Nancy Coleman
  • Indoctrination by Maynard Kirpalani
  • Variation on a Theme by Roger Beatty
  • It Happened in Kansas by Matt Scott
  • Quatrain by Maynard Kirpalani
  • Totally Out to Lunch by Phil Matier
  • The Tenement Versus the Fool by John Mucci
  • Americana by Nick Ney
  • The Eight-Pointed Red and White Stop Sign by John Mucci
Neirad for 1971CurrentAutopsy.pdf

Neirad for 1971 Current Autopsy

  • I Hate Sun by Carla Weis
  • Death by Jane Irvine
  • The Sun by Roger Beatty
  • #84 by Bob Graham
  • 1 by Charles Roome
  • Steakhouse by Bethann Kennedy
  • Prasant by Neil Pennell
  • The Break by Carley Tankoos
  • The Concert by Kathy Greeley
  • The Brook by Carolyn Unnever
  • Sunny Afternoon by Nichelse Ney
  • Reunion by Dugdale
  • The Bus Ride by Reuben Jefferey
  • Unknown Narrative by Val Mehlis
  • Pearls by John Mucci
  • A Round, Two-Sided Pebble by Chris Anson
  • Computers Breed Contempt by Betsy Blake
  • The Arrival by Midge Mohlig

Neirad for March 24, 1971

  • DSO Activates New Committees by Spencer Beckwith
  • Halloween is Homecoming Weekend
  • The Risen Son Café by Zincus
  • C/Dair Begins Tuesday by Kathy Miller
  • The Development of Body, Mind, and Spirit by Steve Dunphy
  • Harriers Flying High by Jim Adlam

Neirad for April 16, 1971

  • DSO Activates New Committees by Spencer Beckwith
  • Halloween is Homecoming Weekend
  • The Risen Son Café by Zincus
  • C/Dair Begins Tuesday by Kathy Miller
  • The Development of Body, Mind, and Spirit by Steve Dunphy
  • Harriers Flying High by Jim Adlam



Neirad for October 26, 1971

  • DSO Activates New Committees by Spencer Beckwith
  • Halloween is Homecoming Weekend
  • The Risen Son Café by Zincus
  • C/Dair Begins Tuesday by Kathy Miller
  • The Development of Body, Mind, and Spirit by Steve Dunphy
  • Harriers Flying High by Jim Adlam



Neirad for November 15, 1971

  • Collingwood Discusses Rebirth by Tim Massad
  • Elections Go Republican by Janie Case
  • Phys. Ed Plans Electives by Mark Rodman
  • “Role of Woman” by Marie Anne Johnston
  • The Return of the King by John Holme
  • Field Hockey Undefeated by Corrinne Bishop

Neirad for December 20, 1971

  • Philosophy Club Hears Reich by Mark Rodman
  • Baker Youth Center to Open by Tim Massad
    Dr. Black on Electives by Dana Fiske
  • Independent Study Being Scheduled by John Handley
  • 13th Year Abroad
  • Teachers Discuss Discipline by G. Coulombe
  • Record Review: Seatrain by Arrowhead



Neirad for October 2, 1972

  • Planners, Faculty See Possible DHS Design
  • New Teachers Have Varied Backgrounds, Interests
  • German Exchange Student Begins to Feel at Home by Neil Lucado and Chip Harrington
  • Hampshire Wants Students to ‘Shape’ Their Own Education by Chip Harrington

Neirad for October 17, 1972

  • Neirad Poll Reveals 65% for Nixon by Roger Horine
  • McLoughlin Thinks Economy Prime Issue of 72 by Sandy Ward
  • Theatre 308 to Open with 'The Skin of our Teeth' by Margaret Martin
  • Hot in the Lot; J.B. Goodman's 1940 Ford
  • 18-Year Majority Provides Oppertunities and Pitfalls by Chris Kresge

Neirad for October 31, 1972

  • DHS Homecoming to Have New (And Old) Look
  • 50's Revival Will Hit High School by Steve Seyferth
  • New 'Free School' Offers Alternate Learning Methods by Sandy Ward
  • Young Republicans Campaign; Demos Field Teenage Candidate by Bruce Hill

Neirad for November 17, 1972

  • Hap Dunne "Viewpoint", Free School Under Fire by John Clinton
  • DHS Community Government Adopted by Bruce Hill
  • Four Year High School: Necessity or Folly? by Sandy Ward
  • Teen Angel Would Be Proud of Homecoming by Andy Walworth

Neirad for December 18, 1972

  • New School Government Under Way by Bruce Hill and Al Papsun
  • Coulombe Feels Drug use on the Decline at DHS by John Hessian
  • Seagulls and the Priesthood: A Look at I. S. by Chip Harrington
  • Ski Stratton 'For Ten Dollars or Less' by Andy Walworth
  • An End of the Year Entertainment Roundup: The Godfather,Slaughter House Five
Neirad for 19720114.pdf

Neirad for January 14, 1972

  • EEW II Planned
  • Open Campus
  • Review: Senior Commons Rug
  • Pucksters Hot & Cold
  • Ski, Skate, and Success by Liz Van Den Heuvel
Neirad for 197212.pdf

Neirad for December 4, 1972

  • English Department Favors Electives by Cindy Savage
  • Are Teachers Opposed to Four-Year Plan? by Roger Horine
  • Construction Plans Approved For Hockey Rink by Eric Eaton and John Clinton
  • Open Campus: A Closed Issue? by Chip Harrington
  • Hot in the Lot; "Ello" the Bread Truck by Chip Harrington
  • Skin Torn in 308 Production by Dave Hable
  • Graffiti Maniac Turns Journalist by John Goodman
  • Optimism Echo's Through Winter Gym



Neirad for January 22, 1973

  • Moral Concerns Expressed by faculty by Caryn Ball
  • New Budget to Force Course Cuts by Ben Wattenmaker
  • Teacher Support Gained for Senior Privilege by Jesse Schmidt
  • Trust: Who deserves it? By Tom Davidson
  • Hockey Turns Blue: Bad Crowd- Bad Impression by Ben Wattenmaker
  • Folk Group from Yesteryear ‘Rocks’ the Palace by Ben Wattenmaker
  • Neirad Goes to Washington by Stephanie Shea
  • End of Year Activities in sight for ‘Slumped’ Seniors by Matt O’Connor and Jason Demark
  • Sophomore Actress prepares to appear before TV Cameras by Stephanie Shea
  • Group Helps Families of Alcoholics by Trish Tierney
  • Majority Agree to Adverting of Contraceptives on Television by Ruth Davies
  • Book Notes not a novel-ty to Students in Darien by Lars Scofield
  • News of Trendy Flattops Buzzes the School by Mindy Good and Melissa Lynch
  • IB Test Loom in the Near Future by Nynke Dekker and Trish Tierney
  • U2’s Long Awaited The Joshua Tree blossoms by Ross Santy
  • Captivating Plays about Six Friends by Trish Tierney
  • Teencenter, ‘Shack’, Shakes Friday nights boredom by Eric Lemoult
  • On-site Visit moves Darien one step Closer to Award by Ben Wattenmaker
  • Icemen Come up Short in Season Goals by Andy Schopps
  • On Beaches and Practice Fields by Ken Schmoltz  
  • Three Divers Springboard into Nationals by Trish Tierney
  • Nelson shows Longevity controlling diamond for 25 years byAndy Schopps and Jay Frazier
  • Students Split Opinions on Baseball Salary Arbitration by Raph Hurwitz

Neirad for February 13, 1973



Neirad for November 5, 1973

  • Pelletier Resignes; Reviews Darien Years by Roger Horine
  • Committee Inspects Social Studies Curriculum by Tom Gammill
  • Council Waives Confrontation by Bill Johnsen
  • Danish Visitor Observes Darien Education System by Meg McGoldrick
  • Tuna to Touchdowns by Andy Walworth
  • Hot in the Lot; Jay Murdock's 1963 Chevrolet Belair by Peter Hoover
  • I Can't Get No SATisfaction by Marie Smythe

Neirad for November 21, 1973

  • Homeroom Unrest Sparks Council Talks by Sandy Ward and Bill Johnsen
  • Gym Sqeeze Troubles Teachers by Meg McGoldrick
  • Fashion Findings...What Girls are Wearing Now by Kim Hoffman
Neirad for 19730312.pdf

Neirad for March 12, 1973

  • Counsil Deadlocked Over Teacher Evaluation by Roger Horine
  • Groups Clash Over Four-Year High School Plans by John Clinton
  • Theatre 308 to Visit Oz by Neil Lucado
  • Winter Athletics Cop Year-End Honors
Neirad for 19730401.pdf

Neirad for April 1, 1973

  • Food Critic Felled By DHS Cuisine.
  • The Big Haul… Where is it now?
  • Thievery Hits New High as Library is Hit
  • Veronica VaVoom Wows Students
  • 60 Plus Club New Notes
  • With Nixon To Russia by Richard J. Rubbertson
  • Thank God
  • Broken Leg, Broken Trust
  • Preposterous, Unjustified
  • Massive VD Blob Terrorizes Fairfield County
  • Neirad Polls Show Student Immorality
  • Neirad for 19730504.pdf

    Neirad for May 4, 1973

    • Pelletier Vetoes Mahavishnu Concert – Steve Watson
    • Graduation To Feature Dr. Neil Postman
    • The Speeding Scene: How To Avoid The Blotter – Roger Horine
    • ‘Billy Jack’ The “Youth-Cult’ Film – Rocky Van Munching
    • Spring Passion: Too Much Of A Good Thing
    • Political Pressure Eliminates Concert Hopes – Jim Case
    • Jaundiced Journalism – Frank Bergin
    • A Spring Look At The Nook Dilemma – Andy Walworth
    • Stevie Makes His Final Pit Stop – Steve Watson
    •  Experienced Wave Nine Sparkles On Diamond
    • Track Team Off And Running
    • Veteran Golf Team Drives Toward Title – Ned Blue
    Neirad June 11, 1973

    Neirad for June 11, 1973

    • 'Devil's Weed' Lures Majority of DHS Students by Roger Horine and John Hession
    • Notables to Join DHS Faculty Next Year by
    Neirad for 19730917.pdf

    Neirad for September 17

    • The Library Can Big Brother Help – Roger Horine
    • Council Reacts To Delegation To Bruno
    • Food Folks Presents Shakes On Parade – Tom Gammil, Andy Walworth
    • Going Through The Intersection Takes The Fun Out of Being Close – Sandy Ward
    • Homeroom Attendance: Penalties For Teachers
    • Council Impotence Sets Precedents
    • Homeroom Resolution
    • Don’t Steal This Book
    • Space Shortage Threatens Senior Status In Commons
    • Blue Gridders Whistle A Fresh Tune – Todd Burger
    • Coach McCarthy Has High Hope For Harriers – Mary Ann Johnston
    • Storm’s Girls To Bully In Season – Meg McGoldrick
    • Booters May Surpass Last Year’s Winning Record – Todd Burger
    Neirad for 19731005.pdf

    Neirad for October 5, 1973

    • Bruno Vetoes Council Plea – Roger Horine
    • Matheson Cites Plan For 308 – Sandy Ward
    • School Government Vote Nullified
    • Resignations Received From Two Council Members
    • Bruno Ignores Law, Cripples Council
    • English Dept. Invites Ideas
    • Ode To The Media Resource Center: Sung To The Tune Of “Palisades Amusement Park – Come On Over” – Tom Gammil
    • Mandatory Assemblies Unreasonable
    • Love Litters To A Happy Gooker – Andy Walworth
    • Hot On The Lot – Peter Hoover
    • Gridmen Have Win, Loss, Tie – Todd Burger
    • Ice Rink Opens – Will Host Pucksters – Jim Grout
    • Local Soccer Team Riding High – Curt Stites
    • Runners Win Duel, Tri-Meets – Garry Leonard
    • Girls Split Pair - Meg McGoldrick
    Neirad for 19731022.pdf

    Neirad for October 22, 1973

    • Board Candidates View High School by David D. Brown
    • School Council Takes New Tack With Bruno by Sandy Ward
    • Homecoming ’73: Memories Are Made Of This…by Kim Hoffman
    • Chess Club Terms Bruno Move ‘A Rook” by Richard Shu
    • Trashera Lives
    • Smokers’ Rights?
    • When Some Fall Victim Everyone Is Victimized by Fred Piderit
    • The Zerex Test by John King
    • Council Machinations
    • Marlboro Country…Do The Neighbors Complain? by Andy Walworth
    • Hot On The Lot by Peter Hoover
    • Booters Bounce Ridgefield by Curt Stites and Jamie McElroy
    • Football Team Drops Game To Ludlowe, Stops Rippowam by Todd Burger
    • Wave Gridmen Meet Ms. Martella by Kim Hoffman and Andy Walworth
    Neirad for 19731105.pdf

    Neirad for November 5, 1973

    • Pelletier Resigns; Reviews Darien Years By Roger Horine
    • Committee Inspects Social Studies Curriculum By Tom Gammill
    • Council Waives Confrontation By Bill Johnsen
    • Danish Visitor Observes Darien Educational System By Meg McGoldrick
    • How do you Play the Games if you Can’t Tell the Teams apart By A DHS Girl
    • Make Exercise Optional By Bob Jefferson
    • A Call to the Summit By Richard Shu
    • Homecoming: Tuna to Touchdowns By Andy Walworth
    • I Can’t get No SATisfaction By Marie Smythe
    • Gridmen Ride High in Homecoming By Todd Burger
    • Strom’s Stars make State Tourney By Meg McGoldrick
    • Booters Blast West Hill; Fletcher gets Hat Trick By Matt Clinton
    • Mermaids Cast Off By Barney Spurlock
    Neirad for 19731121.pdf

    Neirad for November 21, 1973

    Neirad for 19731220.pdf

    Neirad for December 20, 1973

    • Bruno Calls On Council To Pursue Other Issues By Sandy Ward
    • Is Christmas Spirit in Crisis? By Tom Gammil
    • Board Searches For A Super-Man By Roger Horine
    • Ride The Bus With Us By Bill Helman
    • Women’s Lit Ms.understood By Martha Constable
    • Nelson Courts Girls’ Basketball Team By Jane Adams
    • Matmen Assume Ready Position By Jim Clark
    • Gymnastics Coach Predicts Fine Season By Andy Walworth
    • Winter Track Scene: The Diary of A Harried Harrier By Garry Leonard
    • Hoopsters Hope To Be Happier By Todd Burger
    • Do Poolsters Lack Depth By Todd Burger
    • Icemen Skate For Winning Season By Matt Clinton

    Neirad for June 11, 1973

    • 'Devil's Weed' Lures Majority Of DHS Students Survey by Roger Horine and John Hession
    • Classicorum Scriptorum Magistra Et Peregrinatora Abitura Est By Bruce Hill
    • Dope Smoker’s Paradise by STW
    • Chairperson Reflects Upon Council Commentary by Tim Massad
    • Promsters Prance At Spring Bash By Andy Walworth
    • Darien -- A Summer Festival? By Dave Hable
    • One-Act Plays ‘Unique’ By Dave Hable
    • Golfers Set School Record While Leading County By Wendell Philips III


    Neirad for 197401.pdf

    Neirad for January 18, 1974

    • I.S., Teaching and Travels
    • On the Case of the Illegal Beagle by Roger Horine
    • Centre Stone Seeks Fresh Image by Sandy Ward
    • Foreign Students To Take New Courses by Meg McGoldrick
    • In Support of Daylight Losing by Tom Gammil
    • Two Views by Tom Gammil
    • Faculty Fashion Freedom by Kim Hoffman
    • Dribblers 'Perc' Up by Todd Burger
    • Gymnasts on the Beam
    Neirad for 197405.pdf

    Neirad for May 24, 1974

    • Business Booming in Commerce Courses by Don Smith
    • Activities Council's Role Examined by Meg McGoldrick
    • Adam's to Retire by Bill Johnson
    • Frate Hears Views in News Store by Tom Gammill
    • Wavers Clinch Title in East by Greg Clark
    • Runnerettes Tripped by Rams by Mary McGoldrick
    Neirad for 19740509.pdf

    Neirad for May 9, 1974

    • I.S. Folks Discuss Projects
    • Future Teacher Loss Disturbs Black by Sandy Ward
    • Senior Finals: The Ritual Remains by Mary Ann Johnston
    • Seniors to Sink or Swim in Play by Tom Gammill
    • 'Neirad' Has One for the Roady by Neirad Staff
    • Chef Lauds Cafeteria Cuisine by Jane Adams
    • Hot in the Lot by Pete Hoover
    • MittMen Mighty at Mid-Season by Lary Cusak
    • Tennis Girls Crush Rip by Sue Allard
    Neirad for 19741105.pdf

    Neirad for November 5, 1974

    • Homecoming to Lure Alumni by Jane Adams and Winky Ward
    • Matheson, Cast Optimistic About 'Our Town' by Brian Donofree
    • Phone Services Accept Calls for Counsel by Martha Constable
    • DHS Responds to 'Call of the Wild'
    • College Woes Worry Seniors by Tom Gammill
    • Gridman Rout Rip, Tumble to Trumbull by Todd Burger
    • Hockettes Ride High for States by Meg McGoldrick
    Neirad for 19741127.pdf

    Neirad for November 24, 1974

    • Catania Sets Cut Policy in 'Unilateral Decision' by Tom Gammill
    • Homecoming Termed 'Faded Classic' by Brian Huber
    • Cook, Urgers Student Concern by Martha Constable
    • The Trial of Billy Goat by Huck Hough
    • 'Neirad' Conquers the Kitchen by Matt Clinton and Huck Hough
    • A Campus that Would Not Crampus by Sue Allard and Meg McGoldrick
    • Darien Diners: From Pasty to Tasty by Gracie Spoone
    • Strom's Girls End Season by Meg McGoldrick
    • Blue Mermaids Manage to Stay Afloat by Sue Allard
    Neirad for 197412.pdf

    Neirad for February 13, 1974

    • Cops, Kids: Is There Mutual Harassment by Sandy Ward
    • Administration Speaks Out On Student Destruction by Suzanne Allard
    • Council Homeroom Bill Slows Suspension by Bill Johnson
    • Capocci Blames Vandals for Restroom Dilemna by Meg McGoldrick
    • Dylan Proves Star Status by Jim Grout
    • Literary Magazine This Winter's Best Buy by Roger Horine
    • Puckster's Ride High as Play-offs Near by Archie Clark
    • Court Five Lose Eight Straight by Todd Burger

    Neirad for March 8, 1974

    • Teachers Endorse· Evaluation by Don Smith
    • 308 Menagerie To Tell Tales by Roger Horine
    • Government .Flounders In A Sea Of Frustration by Bill Johnsen
    • Will Your Teachers Deserve Raises? by Mary Mcgoldrick
    • Tell Colleges Where We Stand by A DHS Student
    • ’Neirad’ Staff (Over 18) Goes Bar Hopping by The Staff
    • Yokstas Fights Sloth~ Chicanery by Roger Horine
    • Swimmers Cop State Crown by Todd Burger
    • Wave Wrestlers Wrangle To 6-9 Season by Jim Clark
    • Icemen Melt in Tourney by R.C. Lee
    • Basket Babes Bounced From States by Jane Adams
    • Discover Darien By Ski Touring (Maybe Next Year) by Andy Walworth

    Neirad for April 11, 1974

    • SAT Droop Sparks Discussion by Meg Mcgoldrick
    • Spirit Returns In Spring Carnival by Jane Adams and Don Smith
    • Student Union Proposal Revamped by Sandy Ward
    • Heffernan Views System, Offers Changes by Bill Johnsen
    • Guidance Director Defends Decile Ranking System by Gerald L. Heffernan
    • Slave Day: More Than Paper Chains? by Andy Walworth
    • Why Do Seniors Slip? by Andy Walworth
    • Booze News Part II by The Staff
    • Hot In the Lot: Wooden Wagon Lumbers Along by Peter Hoover
    • Netsterettes Hope to Rally by Sue Allard
    • Drivers Dream of Swinging Season by Todd Burger
    • Mittmen Hope to Catch Fire by Greg Clark
    • Base Babes Aim For Winning Season by Jane Adams

    Neirad for June 17, 1974

    • Bruno Resigns To Take Manhananville Post by Sandy Ward
    • Commencement Speaker Bill Beutel Expresses 'Eyewitness' Viewpoints by Don Smith
    • Teachers Review Bruno Years, React To Resignation by Tom Gammill
    • Departing DHS Seniors Reveal Plans For Future by Kim Hoffman
    • Senior Talent Tapped In 'Don't Drink The Water’ by Roger Horine
    • 'Current' Outstanding -Professional, Diverse by Andy Walworth
    • When The Going Gets Hot, Does Darien Get Going? by Mary McGoldrick
    • Racketeers Rally In Smash Finale by Nate Billings
    • Booters Beat, Bungle, Bind In Openers by Larry Cusack
    • Mighty Mittmen Sink In States by Greg Clark
    • Blue linksters Upset County, Seize Crown by Curt Stites
    • Rackettes Falter But Net Winning Season by Sue Allard
    • Diamond Gals Unpolished by Jane Adams
    • Trackmen Down Rip, Compete in States by Garry Leonard

    Neirad for September 27, 1974

    • New Principal Calls for Building Expansion; Finds ‘Prescription Policies’ Hard to Swallow by Tom Gammill
    • Stamford Challenge Attracts Harper by Missy McMahon and Winky Ward
    • Portables Bring Back Old Days by Moose Mallard
    • Exchange Students Express First Impressions of DHS by Rick Ainsworth and Garry Leonard
    • Soccer Team 1-1-1 by Berry James
    • Blue Wave Gridmen Whip Westhill, Nip Norwalk by Todd Burger
    • Field Hockettes Trip Trumbull by Sue Allard
    • Blue Mermaids’ Coach Aquamistic by Missy McMahon and Winky Ward

    Neirad for October 22, 1974

    • Expansion Plans Include New Wing, Auxiliary Gym by Jane Adams and Missy McMahon
    • Porter Prefers ‘Personal Touch by Garry Leonard
    • Elections Valid after Second Attempt; Council, Catania ‘Have Understanding’ by Meg McGoldrick
    • School Rules: Are Students Ignorant of the Consequences? By Winky Ward
    • Chair Shortage Floors Seniors by Garry Leonard
    • Reflections on Open Campus
    • Franks, Fribbles, Fries: Friendly’s Food Fine by Rick Ainsworth and Mary McGoldrick
    • Area Theatres Offer Variety Of Entertainment by Bob Jefferson
    • Open Campus: ‘Demonstration of Trust And Respect’ by Sue Allard and Missy McMahon
    • Hockettes Ahead at Mid-Season by Mary McGoldrick
    • Cheerleaders Stir Sporting Spirit by Todd Burger
    • Gridmen Drop Two, Top Ludlowe by Todd Burger
    • Booters Tuning Up For State Tourney by Berry James
    • Loping Leonard Leads Harassed, Hustling Harriers by Jim Clark

    Neirad for December 19, 1974

    • Buckley Act Opens Confidential Files To Students by Meg McGoldrick
    • English Department Seeks To Clarify Curriculum by Martha Constable and Garry Leonard
    • Yearbook Decision Stings Photographer by Jane Adams
    • Cut Policy Termed ‘Arbitrary’ by Edmund Higgins
    • English Department’s Action Laudable
    • 308 Does ‘Vibrant Job,’ Paints ‘Our Town’ Red by Bob Jefferson
    • ‘Neirad’s’ Santa Gets His Jollies by Peter Hoover
    • This Year Give the ‘Let-Me-Entertain-You’ Gift by Brian Huber and Bob Jefferson
    • Former Darien Educators – Where Are They Now?
    • Gymnasts To Defend State Title by Larry Cusack
    • Blue Matmen To Grapple With Norwalk in Season Opener by Jim Clark
    • Female Gymnasts Show Optimism by Sally Billings
    • Icemen Face Off Season by Peter Puck
    • Amaya, Craig To Lead Poolsters by Todd Burger
    • Blue Netsters Hooping To Improve on 3-17 Record by Todd Burger and Larry Cusack


    Neirad for 197501.pdf

    Neirad for January 21, 1975

    • ‘Neirad’ Attendance Policy Poll Reveals Range of Attitudes
    • Students to Travel, Teach, Trawl
    • Jacobs Sees Student Role in Curriculum
    • January Grads Expect New Challenges
    • Students View the Attendance Policy
    • Teacher Reactions Mixed
    • ‘Current’ has New look; Striking Changes Made
    • Teachers Reflect on Former Careers
    • Hoopsters Fizzle in First Seven by Todd Burger
    • Frozen Wavers Continue Winning Ways by Peter Puck
    • Matmen Grapple for Three Wins by Jim Clark
    • Swimmers Drop Two by Todd Burger
    Neirad for 197505.pdf

    Neirad for May 12, 1975

    • Renovations Near Final Stage, Although Reduced in Scope by Mary McGoldrick
    • Do Tuxedos Fit All this Year by Sue Allard
    • DHS Anthropologists ‘Dig’ Site, Reston
    • Eighth Wonder of the World by Garry Leonard 
    • Women’s Status Recent Topic of College Lecture Series by Susan Lane
    • ‘Neirad’ Breaks a Leg by Tom Gammill
    • College Scene: Freedom Land or Sweatshop
    • Diamonds Dudes Sparkle, Sputter by Larry Cusack
    • Cinderman Waver at Mid-Season by Todd Burger
    • Nesters Commence Season Victoriously by Frank Bucko
    • Linksters Lag in Final Four Matches by Matt Clinton

    Neirad for February 11, 1975

    • Committee to Examine Options, Coordinate School Involvement by Sue Allard
    • Europe – A ‘Great Escape’
    • Carnation Day: Old Loves Bloom, New Romances Bud by Missy McMahon
    • Senior Phobia Frays Nerves by Martha Constable
    • Porter Budget Sees Personal Cuts by Sue Lane
    • How to Hot-Dog With Much Relish, Little Bread
    • New Movies Crash, Shake, Burn by Brain Huber and Bob Jefferson
    • Gymnasts Capture County Crown by Larry Cusack
    • Three Foes Victimized By Pucksters by A. Bucko
    • DHS Dribbling Dames Holding Strong by Mary McGoldrick
    • Winter Tracksters Run Down Country by Rollin Carter

    Neirad for March 11, 1975

    • Teachers Appraise Desirability of Merit Pay Plan by Tom Gammill and Garry Leonard
    • Cuts Call for Teacher Layoffs by Jane Adams
    • Money Troubles Plague Centre Stone by Martha Constable
    • Spring Carnival ’75: New Festivities to Bloom by Anne Libby
    • Does Darien Care? By The School Council Public Relations Committee
    • Students Take Calculated Risk by Tom Gamill
    • Equality in The Gym: New Law Defines Rights by Meg McGoldrick
    • Female Monkeys Grease it up by Missy McMahon and Winky Ward
    • Hill Clears Campaign Trail by Susan Lane
    • Students ‘Taking Care of Business’ by Susan Lane and Missy McMahon
    • Miss Stone, In Retirement, Goodwill Ambassador by Martha Constable
    • 308 Cards to Create ‘Wonderland’ by Brian Donofree
    • Girl Gymnasts End 10-1 Season, Place Fourth in State Tourney by Berry James
    • Hoopsters End with Losing Season by Todd Burger
    • Wreckers Ruin Girl’s State Basketball Hopes by Sally Martin
    • Skiers Have Impressive Season, Victorious Over Unbeaten Cards by Weird and Gilly
    • Late Defeats Hurt Matmen by Jim Clark
    • Hockey Team Completes 12-8-1 Record with State Loss by Ziggy Stardust
    • Track Girls Finish Second in Counties by Marry McGoldrick

    Neirad for April 18, 1975

    • ‘Positive’ Attendance Policy Allows For Greater Flexibility by Martha Constable
    • Seniors Exempt From Exam Schedule by Missy McMahon
    • Friday 13 To Be Lucky Day for Seniors by Missy McMahon
    • Spring Weekend Boosts Spirit by MJ Jones
    • Winter Chills = Smoking Thrills by Laurie O’Neil
    • Coming of Age by Garry Leonard
    • Home Again, I. S. Participants Recount Adventures
    • Communist Expresses Doctrines by Susan Lane
    • Seminar Views Alcohol Aspects by Garry Leonard
    • Theatre 308 Applies New Dimensions to ‘Alice’ by Bob Jefferson
    • Casanovas Seek Drinks, Dancing, Romance by Paul Newman and Robert Redford
    • ‘Chinatown’: Triumph of Taste, Truth by Kurt Jackson
    • Nelson Resigns as Girls’ Coach by Julie Hendrickson
    • Linksters Show Depth and Experience by Matt Clinton
    • Girls’ Track Gains New Talent by Mary McGoldrick
    • Himebauch Quits Football Post by Todd Burger
    • Horan Enters Golden Gloves at Forum by Jim Clark
    • Tennis Teams Set High Goals for ’75 by A. Young American and Sally Fly
    • New Faces Join Baseball Team by Larry Cusack

    Neirad for May 9, 1974

    • Renovations near Final Stage Although Reduced In Scope by Mary McGoldrick
    • Do Tuxedoes Suit This Year’s Prom? by Sue Allard
    • DHS Anthropologists “Dig” Site, Reston by Meg McGoldrick
    • Eighth World Wonder Of The World by Garry Leonard
    • Women’s Status Recent Topic Of College Lecture Series by Susan Lane
    • “Neirad” Breaks A Leg by Tom Gammill
    • College Scene: Freedom Land Or Sweatshop
    • Diamond Dudes Sparkle, Sputter by Larry Cusack
    • Cindermen Waver At MidbySeason by Todd Burger
    • Nesters Commence Season Victoriously by Frank Bucko
    • Linksters Lag In First Four Matches by Matt Clinton

    Neirad for May 30, 1975

    • Catania Examines Year In Retrospect – Mary McGoldrick
    • Seniors, 308 To Wind Up Season; One-Act To Be Featured – Missy McMahon and Brian Donofree
    • Music Career Ends On Happy Note – Garry Leonard
    • Heavenly Stairway Deemed Dreamy But Steamy – Martha Constable
    • Prom Guidelines Insulting – Hank Stanton
    • A Legalized ‘Skip’ Day?
    • Graduation – Who Needs It? – Garry Leonard
    • Election Changes Emphasize Spirit
    • Junior High Alumni Hit Dead End On Memory Lane – Two Retiring Reporters
    • Racketeers On The Romp – Kathy McGuire and Frank Bucko
    • Bat Babes Off Base, Foul Up – Betsy Sullivan
    • Tracksters Plagued By Injuries – Todd Burger

    Neirad for June 13, 1975

    • School Community TO Experience Budget Crunch – Sue Allard and Winky Ward
    • Exchange Students Taste Americana – Rick Ainsworth
    • DHS Students “Wowed” By Lock Business World – Susan Lane
    • First Period Freeze Changes Schedule
    • The Survival Of The Fittest – Katharine Bullock
    • Newcomer Finds Niche
    • Senior Class Play Termed A Delight, Viewed As Model For Future Classes
    • Farwell Message
    • Morning Consideration
    • Senior Class Play Investigates ‘Battle Of Sexes’ – Brian Donofree and Bob Jefferson
    • Vaudeville Show: Immaturity, Talent Clash – Brian Huber
    • Roll Out Those Lazy, Hazy Crazy Days… - Sue Allard
    • Baseball Men Even Record 9-9; Strike Out In Post Season Play – George Johnson
    • The Thrill Of Victory ‘Defeets’ Agony – Todd Burger and Mary McGoldrick
    • Linksters Get The Axe In Country Tourney – Matt Clinton
    • Wavers’ ’75 Motto: To Serve With Love – Frank Bucko and Sally O’Connor
    • Mautte Receives Pass, Ready To Win – Todd Burger

    Neirad for September 27, 1975

    • Principal Observes: Spirits Rise To ‘Positive High’ – Sue Allard and Matt Clinton
    • Bandmaster, AV Man Among New Staff
    • Robbins Raps About Marriage, Goals, Sports, School – Missy McMahon
    • Special Ed Button Business Booming
    • Pep Rally: Chaos As Therapy – Susan Lane
    • Is It Great To Mediate?
    • Last Will, Testament Of ’75 Alumni
    • Write On For ‘Neirad’
    • ‘Neirad’ Gets The Scoop
    • Foreign Exchange Students Discover Darien – Lisa Emmons and Matt James
    • Hockettes Find New System; Driving Toward Many Goals – Betsy Adams
    • Waver’s Upset Ends Greenwich Streak – Paul Hemous
    • Booters Kicked In Openers, Start Off On Wrong Foot – Berry James
    • Gymnasts Tumble Towards Winning Season – John Nelson

    Neirad for October 20, 1975

    • Council Branches Out To Students – Bill Helman
    • Down Memory Lane With A Maine Man – Cindy Tower
    • Conscientious Students Heed Community Need – Betsy Adams Karen Echrich
    • Rally For Pedagogue Pep!
    • Students Knocks Teacher Apathy – Kelley Clough
    • Lights Go Out In Darkroom – Lisa Emmons and Freddie Millet
    • Alumni Rep Promotes Pep – Todd Burger
    • ‘Neirad’ Examines Ice Cream Pros And Cons
    • Summer Expeditions: Sculpting, Hiking, Biking – George Garfield
    • Pom-Pon Girls To Spice Games
    • Seniors Teach First Aid Course – Jay Cook
    • Swimmers Take Their Mark – Sally Speed
    • Field Hockettes Continue Wining Ways – Mary McGoldrick
    • Gymnasts Make State Champs Tumble – Sue Allard
    • Booters Stumble, Drop Three – Berry James
    • Rams Bomb Blue; Wavers Bounce Back – A. Youn Gamerican
    • Bad Start Humbles Hustling Harriers – Jay Cook

    Neirad for November 3, 1975



    Neirad for November 25, 1975

    • Drinking: Staff Members Voice Concern by Missy McMahon and Mary McGoldrick
    • “Viewpoint” Causes Controversey by Susan Lane
    • Faculty Member Bids Fond Farewell by Mary McGoldrick
    • Neirad Surveys DHS Students on Drinking Habits compiled by Missy McMahon
    • Gymnasts Whipped Yet Become Cream of Crop by John C. Nelson and Karen Eckrich
    • Basket Babes’ Hopes High by Bettie Hoop
    • Mermaids Submerge at Trumbull, Surface in Finals by Karen Eckrich
    • Gridders’ Title Bid Foiled, End up 7-3 by Hum Phrey
    • New Hockey Coach Expresses Optimism by Peter Puck
    • Ski Team Looks for Promising Year by Sam Slush

    Neirad for December 19, 1975

    • Construction to Expand Building by Sue Allard and Matt Clinton
    • Danzberger, Leonard Express Opinions by Susan Lane
    • Alternative Learning Program “Constantly Making Progress” by Karen MacMurdy and Cindy Tower
    • Cliques Click Out? by Greg Reilly
    • Board of Ed Members Speak out on Cuts, Curriculum, Concerns by Betsy Adams
    • Christmas Chimes Ring Spending Times by Julie Brotherton
    • “Neirad” Explores American Studies by Karne Eckrich and George Garfield
    • Do Students Have “County,” Red and White Blues? by Tom Crotty
    • Jamaican Reggae Rock Moves Modern Music by Dave Brown
    • Novice Skier Hits Slopes by Jean-Claude Helman
    • Library Implements Heavier Fines by Susan Lane
    • Theater 308 Goes A-Caroling by Julie Brotherton and Melissa Janicke
    • Reporter Sights Wild DHS Amazon by Sue Allard
    • Jackasses Shoot Some Hoop; Sophomores Emerge Unblocked by Lisa Emmons
    • Tracksters on the Move Again, Sprinting for Successful Season by Winifred Williams
    • Star-Spangled Sports Banquet Scintillates by Betsy Adams
    • Will Basket Babes’ Hopes Dribble Away? by Bettie Hoop
    • Hoopsters Knock off Knights by David Bauder
    • Frozen Wave Drops Two, Ices Catholic by Pierre Puck
    • Returning Lettermen Bolster Strong Swimming Squad by Bill Helman
    • Grapplers Hope to Pin Down Victories by Bugsy McGraw


    Neirad for 197604.pdf

    Neirad for April 1, 1976

    • Pot Legit; DHS Bong Society Formed by Al Lowdere
    • Classics Return to DHS Curriculum by Suzette Evert
    • Name Change Brings New Game by Gabe Bevener
    • 'Frisky' Alumnus Totters Home
    • Exchange Student Touches Down by Mark Tire
    • Rebels Toss Pie Party by Alice Street
    • Pain in Neck Cured by Guns by Mark Tire
    • Hot in the Cot; George Washington by Molly Picture
    Neirad for 197611.pdf

    Neirad for November 18, 1976

    • Rock Concert to Hit DHS First Time in Six Years by Marian Davis

    • Opening in Sight for New Library/Media Center by David Bauder

    • Bargains Abound at Winter Sale by Karen MacMurdy

    • Catania Takes Consulting Post by Mark Clowes and Peter Francesconi

    • Faitth Expressed in Student Body ‘Doc’ Lauds Student Behavior by Donald C. Robbins

    • Crowd Noise Mars Coffee House by Nina Sawicki

    • Long Weekend out of the Ordinary Charlie Charms Audience by John W. Harding

    • Carter, Ford Stumble, Fumble, Bumble, Mumble by Jack Low

    • Neirad Staffers Survey Area Hot Spots by

    • Bud Weiser, Tom Collins Ravenous Thieves Sought by Matt Nichols and Erica Van Wagener

    • Mermaids Submerge Twice by Philippa Bowley

    Neirad for January 23, 1976

    Neirad for January 23, 1976

    • Council in Confused Condition? by Sue Allard

    • Early Grads Make Plans, Participate in Ceremony by Betsy Adams and Mary McGoldrick

    • Viet Student Settles in Darein, Starts New Life by Cindy Tower

    • Slow Economy, Lack of Jobs A Problem for Work-Study by Cindy Tower I.S.

    • Trends Reflect Student Interests by Karen Eckrich, George Garfield, Cindy Tower

    Neirad for February 10, 1976

    Neirad for February 10, 1976

    • Faculty Senate Convenes by Sue Allard
    • Will Your Love Life Bud?by Debbi Dolcetti
    • Opinions Stir in Open Forumby Greg Reilly
    • Theatre '76 Production to 'Ease On Down The Road' by Mary McGoldrick
    • Viewpoints: Vice Principal Replies to Editors byGerard Coulombe Assistant Principal
    • Teachers; Snowed Under by Elaine Fattibene
    • Five-Minute Day Set For June By Susan Lane
    • 'Neirad' Seeks Remedies For Those 'Boredom Blues'by Betsy Adams and Lisa Emmons
    • Hoopsters Eye Playoffs by David Bauder
    • Icemen Bounce Back, Slash Staples by Jonathan Dahl
    • Basketball Babes' Hopes Fade by Leslie Evans
    • Wave GrapplersPin Opponents
    Neirad for March 18, 1976

    Neirad for March 18, 1976

    • Teachers React To Attack on Current Salaries by Sue Allard and
    • Mary McGoldrick
    • Spring Carnival to Relive Good Ole Days by Lisa Emmons
    • Faculty Responds to Board of Ed’s Request by Greg Reilly
    • Viewpoints: Hoopsters Hurt by Low Turnout by Three DHS Hoopsters
    • Junior Senior Prom Site to be Greenwich Civic Center by Karen Eckrich and Nancy Norton
    • Hustle Puzzle Resolved by William Grega
    • Helpful, Yet Expensive ‘Neirad’ Speedreads by John T. Cook
    • Hindenburg Flick Termed an ‘Amazing Disaster’ by John T. Cook
    • ‘Oz’ Enchants Audience by Besty Adams and Mary McGoldrick
    • Wave of Fads Hits DHS Campus by Shelly Hoglund and Jack Low
    • Female Gymnasts, Tracksters Capture FCIAC Titles, Gymnast Take Second in State by Besty Adams
    • Tracksters Sprint for County Title by Leslie Evans
    • Cagers Gain Honors by David Bauder
    • Swimmers Sink Records, Capture State Crown by Susan Lane
    • Ottavi Quits: Skiers Third In State by Jonathan Dahl
    • Pucksters Edged In State Tourney, Call Foul Play
    Neirad for April 1, 1976

    Neirad for April 1, 1976

    • Budget Cuts Eliminate Teachers, Coarse Offerings
    • Lunch Funds Donated to Sewers
    • Teacher Found With Exotic Dancer
    • Heffernan Termed ‘A Pusher’; Connected with Drug Charge
    • Library Scanner Dangerous Research Organization Says
    • Former Faculty Find New Careers, Jobs
    • Groups to Tour Foreign Lands
    • DHS Prepares for Bicentennial
    • Physics Teacher to Drive for Cause
    • Five Pronounced Dead In Physicals
    • Citizens’ Committee Presents Student Reduction Proposal
    • Darien High To Be Location for All-Star Movie

    Neirad for April 15, 1976

    • DHS Drama: to be or by Susan lane
    • Youth Committee Role Discussed by Mary McGoldrick
    • Pre-Registration Will Reveal Changes by David Bauder
    • Should the Senior Commons Become a School Commons by Sue Lane and Besty Adams
    • Juniors, Council Fight It Out
    • Coulombe’s Corner
    • DHS Wavers to Flood Florida, Review Russia by Lisa McCay and Nancy Nortong
    • ‘Neirad’ Quenches Thirst, Samples School Water Fountains by Jay Cook and Missy Mcmahon
    • Battle of the Burgers McDonals’s vs. Burger King by Holly Wood
    • An Outlook for Youth: Young Life by Nancy Norton
    • Early Decision; One of your College Choices by Missy McMahon
    • Eager Rackettes Ready to Rally by Sally O’Connor
    • Girl’s Track Team Hopes for Good Start by Lisa Rich
    • ’76 a Rebuilding Year for Golfers by Peter Romanos and Jonathan Dahl
    • Lack of Depth Could Hinder Racketeers’ Championship Goals by Jack Low
    Neirad for May 14, 1976

    Neirad for May 14, 1976

    • Superintendent Porter Assesses DHS Atmosphere by Greg Reilly
    • Activities Council Balances Uncertain Budget by Susan Lane
    • Construction Workers Tell No lies by Peter Daniel and Lisa Emmons
    • Council Merger Proposal
    • Task Force to be Formed to Improve DHS climate
    • ’Mame’ Curtain to Rise Soon by David Bauder
    • DHS Staff, Students, ‘In the News’ by Susan Lane and Karen Eckrich
    • Excuses, Excuses Would you Believe? By Shelly Hoglund and Jack Low
    • May Day: Schwartz Bids Farewell by Sue Allard
    • Lobsters Slam Foes, Net Consistent Victories
    • Batmen Slide into Victory
    • DHS Tracksters Get Off Their Marks Quickly
    Neirad for June 18, 1976

    Neirad for June 18, 1976

    • Beachsters Pose Problems; Police Are Prepared for All by Jack Low and Greg Reilly
    • Honor Roll, New Faculty: Changes Planned for ’76-77
    • Poll Reveals Students Know Little About School Councils by Nancy Norton and Mary McGoldrick
    • There’s Always Room for Improvement
    • Committee Seeks to Improve Climate
    • ’Mame’ Delights Packed Houses
    • Class of ’76 Gains Independence, Proclaims Plans Compiled by Missy McMahon and Jack Cook
    • Good Times Shine as Promsters ‘Dance in Moonlight’ by John Smith and Mary Jones
    • Independent Study Students Featured
    • ALP Sees Some Success in First Year by Debbi Dolcetti
    • Writing Continues As English Goal
    • ’Mame’ Gets ‘Plantation Humming’ by Sue Allard
    • Survive the Summer Doldrums by William Grega
    • Party Fears Grip Host by Polly Party Goer and Tap A. Keg
    • ‘Neirad’ Visits Bridgeport Jai-alai; Reporters Cash in on Gambling Action by Susan Lane
    • Netmen Ace Class L Crown by Paul Hemus
    • Golfers Cop Crown by Matt Clinton
    • Rackettes Tops in State; Donna, Diana Burn Foes by Sally Lobster
    Neirad for October 4, 1976

    Neirad for October 4, 1976

    • Administration Changes at DHS; Robins, Matheson Appointed by Jamie MacKenzie and Karen MacMurdy
    • New Members of Faculty Introduced
    • Construction Progresses on Campus by Jack Low
    • Musicals Set for ’76 by 77 by Marian Davis
    • Students, Faculty Report Unusual Summer Travels
    • Hockette Plan: Back to Basics by Mary Ellen Kiggins
    • Barrett Brady Boost Booters by John C. Nelson
    • Greenwich Edges Gridmen in Opener by David Bauder
    • Aquamaids Afloat Despite Early Losses by Philippa Bowley
    Neirad for October 22, 1976

    Neirad for October 22, 1976

    • Students Favor Ford; Staff Picks Jimmy by David Bauder and Greg Reilly
    • Alumni ‘Homeward Bound’ by William Grega and Shirly Hoglund
    • Senior Monitors Helping Promote Cafeteria Calm by Jamie MacKenzie
    • AFS Girl Enjoys Darien Scene by Barbara Dolan
    • Change in DHS Climate? by Pippa Bowley and Marian Davis
    • High School Heavis Haunt Halloween Hobgoblins by Jack Low
    • Hot in the Lot: ‘Spirit of 56’ Rusting but Running by Dan Grady
    • Hockettes Still Hope to Make States by Leslie Evans
    • Harriers Hurry after Slow Start by Matt Nichols
    • Female Spikers Join Fall Sports Line by Up by Mary Ellen Kiggins
    • Wavers Wham Rams, Torn By Tigers by David Bauder
    • Battling Booters Drawl to Scoreless Tie with Andrew Warde by John C. Nelson
    Neirad for December 9, 1976

    Neirad for December 9, 1976

    • Doc Remains Principal, Ready to Accept Input by Greg Reilly
    • ‘All School Workshop’ Planned for December 15 by Jamie MacKenzie
    • Black To Leave, Take Greenwich Post by Leslie Evans
    • Xmas Trees are Coming to Town by Karen MacMurdy
    • Figure on Being Late to Class by Glenn Heitsmith
    • Pssst … What’s the Answer? by Shelly Hoglund and Jack Low
    • Did You Hear About…? by Bill Blabbit
    • Warning Words Offered to College Bound by Robin Bennett
    • Blue Wave Teams Combine for 52 – 38 – 4 Record by David Bauder and Mary Ellen Kiggins
    • Pucksters Promise Positive Results by Peter Puck III
    Neirad for December 23, 1976

    Neirad for December 23, 1976

    • Negotiations Resume: DEA vs. Board by James MacKenzie
    • Parents Express Concerns by David Bauder
    • CAP Students Volunteer While Earning Credit by Leslie Evans
    • Faculty, Students on the Move by Nina Sawicki
    • 308 Produces Second Musical Hit by Sally Terhune
    • Christmas Vacation: Where to Find the Action by Marian Davis
    • Yule ‘Have a Heck of a Christmas’ After All by Jack Low
    • Wonder, Browne: Good Tunes by David Bauder and Heidi Frankie
    • Tracksters Aim for Counties by Jeanne Mueller
    • Fedyn Takes Coaching Position by Marian Davis
    • ‘High Hopes’ Held for Girls’ Hoop Team by Mary Ellen Kiggins
    • Kratky, MacDonald Lead Youn Wrestling Team by John C. Nelson
    • Hoopsters Hoping for Hot Season Under Ericson by David Bauder
    • Icemen Break Even In Early Action by Ken Carella


    Neirad for 19770401.pdf

    Neirad for April 1, 1977

    • “I Was Attacked By Rude Alien Beings”
    • How to Cure Weight Lost Effects
    • Racquet Gives Extra ‘Sykic’ Powers
    • Coach Admits: “I Was a Female Sumo Wrestler”
    • Key To College Admission Lies in Creative Essay
    • Krebs Exposed As Handwriting Theorist
    • Skateboarding ‘Tawny’ Top Dog
    • Starsky, Hutch Will Investigate In-School Partying
    • Harmful Asbestos May Raise Grades
    Neirad for 19770422.pdf

    Neirad for April 22, 1977

    • Assigned Studies, No Cars For Future Sophs by Keren MacMurdy
    • Computer Replaces Arena Scheduling by David Bauder
    • Financial Woes, Personnel Conflicts Trouble 308 by Jamie Mac Kenzie
    • Seaworthy Students Study Biology by Alex Andriuk
    • DHS Hobbies Weird, Exotic, Bizarre by Jamie MacKenzie and Jeanne Mueller
    • All-School Musical ‘My Fair Lady’ Set For Early May Showing by Mary Ellen Kiggins
    • ‘Slumpo’s Diseasee’ Runs Rampant Through Halls by Jack Low
    • Tracksters Break School Records by Jeanne Mueller
    • Mittmen Open, Top Rams by David Bauder
    Neirad for 19770531.pdf

    Neirad for May 31, 1977

    • DEA, Board Reach Truce; Contract Wins Approval by Jamie MacKenzie
    • ’78 Schedule Possibilities: More Frozen Periods by Karen MacMurdy
    • Graduation Ceremony To Include Weicker As Guest Speaker by Sarah Slocum
    • Clough To Propose New Government by Leslie Evans
    • Will Cops Crack Down On Boisterous Beachsters? by John Kratky
    • ‘A Night To remember’ That You’d Like To Forget by Jack Low
    • Teachers Look Back, Compare Students, School by Bob Ferguson
    • Sophomore Girls Excel On Track Team by Philippa Bowley
    • Lobsterettes Drop Racket To Greenwich by Mary Ellen Kiggins
    • Blue Netmen Remain Unbeaten, Bury Staples by John Tibbetts
    • DHS Ultimate: New Game In Town by Tom Constable
    • Tracksters Sprint To Flying Finish by Josh Moltz
    • Golf Team Hits Rough In Early Going by Josh Moltz
    Neirad for 19771012.pdf

    Neirad for October 12, 1977

    • Familiar Faces To Local System Among New Darien High Faculty by Tony Derbyshire
    • Spring Recess Cut; June Curtailed by Jeanne Mueller
    • Addition Opens: Was it Worth the Wait? By Bill Waggener
    • New Aides UConn Alumni by John Reichart and David Wilk
    • Exchange Students Active at DHS by Jamie MacKenzie
    • Sophomores Splashed By New ‘Wave’ of Rules; Advisory Program Established
    • Where It’s At? By Matt Nichols
    • Wavettes Wait For States by Philippa Bowley
    • Strategy Adds Spunk to Volleyball by Philippa Bowley
    • Hockettes Return to Tough Season by Beth Torpey
    • Cross Country Extends Winning Streak to 18
    • Jackson Slashes Old Team Mark by 25 Seconds by Tim Sellew and Doug Stevenson
    • Charles Avedisian- Who Is He? By John Tibbetts
    • Gridders Win First, Slide in Second by John Tibbetts
    Neirad for 19771104.pdf

    Neirad for November 4, 1977

    • 308 Premiering With “Showcase”; “Antigone” To “Alice” Featured by Matt Nichols
    • New School Government To Offer Wider Representation by Mark Clowes
    • M*A*S*H Wins Favorite Program
    • Alcohol Discussion Airs Views On Teenage Drinking Habits by Kelly Black
    • Task Force Will Examine Present Family Studies Program by Bill Waggner
    • Newcomer’s Club “Breaks The Ice” by Marylynn Slattery
    • Daring Baton Twirler Ignites Half-Time Show by Leslie Anderson
    • Green Thumb Club Growing As Football
    • Players Sign Up by Jeanne Mueller
    • Girls’ Cross Country On the Right Foot by Robin Crawford
    • Senior Girl Gridders Win by Philippa Bowley
    • Coach’s Optimism Spurs Field Girls to Three More Wins by Philippa Bowley
    • Booters Pick Up Speed; Playoffs Within Reach by Tony Derbyshire
    • Mautte: Good Attitude Helps Good Execution by John Tibbetts
    • Gymnasts Unbeaten, Roll Toward State Title by Chris Pace
    Neirad for February 10, 1977

    Neirad for February 10, 1977

    • January Grads Disclose Plans by Sarah Ambrose, Peter Francesconi and Karen MacMurday
    • Newcomers Receive Cold Shoulder by Jeanne Mueller
    • Guidance Argues No Counseling From Outsiders by Jamie MacKenzie
    • Tumblers: High Rollers by Mary Ellen Kiggins
    • Lack of Depth Plagues Grapplers by Doug Stevenson
    • Skiers Work to Support Team by Greg Reilly
    • Swimmers Seek Class L Title by Kelley Clough
    • Streaking Icemen Bidding for Playoffs by Mark Clowes
    • Hoopsters Stumble Off Starting Mark by David Bauder
    Neirad for February 18, 1977

    Neirad for February 18, 1977

    • Robbins Reviews Results of All-School Workshop by Karen MacMurdy
    • Council’s Progress, Roles Explained by Leslie Evans
    •  Coulombe Discusses New Administration, Contract Bargaining by Greg Reilly
    • Tracksters Monopolize FCIAC Title Meet by Jeanne Mueller
    • Frozen Wave Clinches Divisional Championship by Josh Moltz
    • Jenny Doble: Queen of the Ski Slopes by Jeanne Mueller
    • How To Survive Winter Vacation in Darien by Cheri Abernathy and Shelly Hoglund
    • Carnations Catch Cupid by Jack Low
    • Talented Stage Band Emerges From Obscurity by Ziggy Stardust
    Neirad for March 24, 1977

    Neirad for March 24, 1977

    • Coulombe Quits DA Post; Voluntary Work ‘Ceases’ by Jamie MacKenzie
    • E-Wing Partially Open Despite Various Problems by David Bauder
    • Variety Show, Casino Night to Highlight 1977
    • Spring Carnival by Philippa Bowley
    • Black Settles In At New Greenwich Job by Bill Dobbs
    • Senior Class Will Display Antics of 4077th M*A*S*H* by Josh Moltz
    • What FM Stations Do You Turn On? By Shelly Hoglund
    • Hoopsterettes’ Hopes Deflated Despite Pollard’s Points by Mary Ellen Kiggins
    • Male Skiers Third In Division; Girl’s Catch Crown by Trapper John Lennon
    • Gymnasts Lose to Top Teams by Shelly Hoglund
    • Sangster’s Swimmers Cop Another State by Josh and Clay Holtz
    • Hoopster Rally Turns Season Around by David Bauder
    • Himebauch Leaves for New Post by Josh Moltz
    • Tennis Mentor Finally Chosen by John Tibbetts
    • Dave MacDonald: Dedication Pays Off by Pat Brady
    Neirad for December 14, 1977

    Neirad for December 14, 1977

    • Committee Studies DHS Schedule, Offers Findings to Board of Ed by Jamie MacKenzie
    • DHS Students to Visit Red China by Tim Sellew and John Reichart
    • Directors, Producers Explain Difficulties and Pitfalls of “A Showcase” by Mary Lynn Slattery
    • “Neirad” Gourmets Rate Town Eateries: IHOP Best Bet With Varied Menu by Mark
    • Clowes, Christoper Pace, and Dave Wilk
    • Nicandros, Sabatier Editing Sports Book, Hope To Publish Soon by Christopher Pace
    • Local Drivers Reveal All: Kids Fuss, 'Cuss',On Bus by Jeanne Mueller
    • New Talent Emerges From Disappointing “Showcase” by Jamie MacKenzie
    • Church Leaders Discuss Youth Involvement by Jamie MacKenzie
    • Poll Results Reveal Attitudes Towards Church Attendance by Jamie MacKenzie
    • Youth Groups Strive To Give Students Christian Experience by John Reichart
    • Athletes Excel in US by Philippa Bowley
    • Gymnasts Win Everything by Christopher Pace
    • Potential Exists for Good Winter Sports Season
    Neirad for april 22, 1977

    Neirad for April 22, 1977

    • Assigned Studies, No Cars For Future Sophs by Karen MacMurdy
    • Computer Replaces Arena Scheduling by David Dauder
    • Financial Woes, Personnel Conflicts Trouble 308 by Jamie MacKenzie
    • Sea Level: Sweet Southern Rock by Tom Constable
    • Seaworthy Students Study Biology by Alex Andruik
    • DHS Hobbies Weird, Exotic, Bizarre by Jamie MacKenzie and Jeanne Mueller
    • All School Musical “My Fair Lady” Set for Early May Showing by Mary Ellen Kiggins
    • Bicyclists Take To Road by Noreen Tully
    • ‘Slumpo’s Disease’ Runs Rampant Through Halls by Jack Low
    • Rackettes Rally for Wins by Leslie Evans
    • Tracksters Break School Record by Jeanne Mueller
    • Softball Scrimmage Presages Successful
    • Season for Girls by Philippa Bowley
    • Sailing Team Captains Set Season’s Course by Craig Sinclair
    • Mittmen Open, Top Rams by David Bauder
    • Mixed Results for Cinderman by Bob Ferguson
    Neirad for December 14, 1977

    Neirad for May 31, 1977

    • DEA, Board Reach Truce; Contract Wins Approval by Jamie MacKenzie
    • ’78 Schedule Possibilites: More Frozen Periods? By Karen MacMurdy
    • Graduation Ceremony To Include Weicker as Guest Speaker by Sarah Slocum
    • Clough To Propose New Government by Leslie Evans
    • Senior Exam Schedule To Remain Unchanged by Greg Reilly
    • A ‘Loverly’ Musical by Noreen Tully
    • Will Cops Crack Down on Boisterous Beachsters by John Kratky
    • ‘A Night To Remember’ That You’d Like to Forget by Jack Low
    • Teachers Look Back, Compare Students, School by Bob Ferguson
    • Sophomore Girls Excel On Track Team by Philippa Bowley
    • Softball Coach Cites Pros, Cons by Jeanne Mueller
    • Lobsterettes Drop Racket to Greenwich


    february 8 1978

    Neirad for February 8, 1978

    • Elimination of X Period To Increase Class Time by John Reichart and Matt Maley
    • Soph Cupids to Deliver Love Buds by Matt Nichols
    • JADCO, Student Company, Seeks Business by Tony Derbyshire
    • Post 911, An  Auxiliary Of Darien Police Department, Hopes To Control Crowds At World Cup Ski Races
    • 'Neirad' Surveys Various Club Activities
    • Localites Have Close Encounters By Marylynn Slattery
    • Hockey, Wrestling, Basketball Teams Produce Mixed Results By John Tibbetis, Doug Stevenson and Bill Waggner
    Neirad for march201978

    Neirad for March 20, 1978

    • Polls Show Students Feeling X-Period, Homeroom Useful
    • New 50-Member School Government Functioning
    • Mid-Year Grads Tell Future Plans by Christopher Pace
    • Sophs Express Their Opinions in Survey
    • About Driving Policy by Bill Waggener
    • 'Thons' Becoming Common Place; Robbins Likes Service Fund-Raisers by Gail Bruggemeyer
    • Independent Study Gives Students Glimpse of Outside World by John Reichart
    • Over Forty Students Take Part in DHS Great Books Program by David Gurliacci
    • Jets, Sharks Click in 308’s ‘West Side Story’ by Jamie MacKenzie
    • Girl Tracksters Win Counties; Boys Take State Open by Maryllyn Slattery
    • Gymnasts Vault to 10-3 Record by Dorinda Hargreaves
    • Girl’s Basketball Team: ‘Deserved Better'
    • DHS Pucksters County Champs by John Tibbetts
    • Swimmers Win Class L Laurels by Doug Page
    • Why do Suburban Hoopsters Lose Against City Schools? By Larry Kelle
    Neirad for april11978

    Neirad for April, 1 1978

    • Maverick Teenage Gang Causes Public Concern
    • Jet-Set Journalist Judges Journey
    • English Department Axed; Teachers Disclose Future Plans
    • Police Blotter
    • Two Green Thumbers Swallowed Alive
    • Sunday Morning Fever
    • Robbins Admits Travel Agency Ties
    • New Grid Coach Resigns; Players Defect To China
    Neirad for 19780403.pdf

    Neirad for April 3, 1978

    • First World Week Set For April 3-9 by Linda Bornhuetter

    • Agreement Reached On New Senior Exam Policy by Joe Friedman

    • Speaker, Date Set For Graduation by John Tibbetts

    • Student Suggests Open Campus by Tom Cuddy

    • Do SAT Classes Better Scores? College Board Seeks an Answer by Greg Burns

    • Summer Program Offered in France by Mark Clowes

    • DHS Ecology Groups Form, Will Promote Recycling by Gail Bruggermeyer

    • Hot in the Lot; Syke’s Chevy ‘Wears it Well’ by Daid Nunez

    • Spring Teams Differ In ’78 Pre-season Outlooks by Larry Kelley, Matt Maley, Doug Stevenson, and Bill Waggener

    • Private Schools, Lack of Summer Leagues Head List of Woes for DHS Basketball Larry Kelley

    Neirad for may91978

    Neirad for May 9, 1978

    • DHS To Have New Schedule on Pilot Basis Next Year by Greg Burns and Doug Page
    • Student Firemen Reveal Hot Spots Around Town by Bill Wagner
    • Library Staffers to Seek Silent Students by John Tibbetts
    • Three Crazy Ways to Stay OK by Tony Shanahan
    • Seniors To Pull Prank by John Reichart
    • Brown, Cooke Lead Singers in Class Play by David Gurliacci
    • New Football Coach Davison To Implement ‘Wing-T’ Offense by Mark Clowes
    • Wave Runners Blow Ward, Wilton Off the Track by Paul Marlow
    june 13 1978

    Neirad for June 13, 1978

    • Norwalk Man Seeks Data Concerning Trip to China by Linda Bornhuetter
    • New Olympic Fitness Center Donated; Program Open to Interested Students by Greg Burns
    • Doherty Describes D.C. Duties As Senate Page by Mark Clowes
    • The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Outstanding Drama On DHS stage by David Gurliacci
    • Plight of the Jayvees: A Puka Shell in the Varsity Blue Wave
    • by the Cub
    • Racquettes Wrap Up 12-2 Season by Gail Bruggemeyer
    • Linksters Inconsistent All Season Long, Struggling to Maintain a .500 Record by Larry Kelle
    Neirad for 19780622.pdf

    Neirad for June 22, 1978

    • General Assembly Officers Elected by Bill Waggener
    • Burwell, Pepi, Rallo to Finish Careers at DHS
    • Guest Editorial: Outsiders Limiting DHS Students
    • Asaro, Davis, Herbert Among Departing Faculty
    • Student Reveals Lighter Side of ‘Born Winners’ by Tony Shanahan
    • Tips for the College-Bound Seniors by Jamie MacKenzie
    • Observer Rates Junior-Senior Prom by John Reichart
    • Male Trackstars #1 in FCIAC by Jeff Billings
    • Awards, Captains, MVP’s Named at Spring Banquet by Bill Waggener
    • Softballers Lament: Wait ‘Til Next Year by Gail Bruggemeyer
    • Court Crew Cops Crown by Jeff Billings
    • Girls Run to Track Championship, Stretch County Streak to 26 Straight by Gail Bruggemeyer
    • DHS’s Special Athletes Compete in Olympics
    Neirad for 19781004.pdf

    Neirad for October 4, 1978

    • Robbins States Goals, Policies for ’78-’79 By Bill Wagener
    • General Assembly Officers Start Year By Pete Croncota
    • Changes Around In Various Rules By JoAnne Kelley
    • New Faculty Additions at DHS; Fourteen Fill Vacant Positions By Kip Hashagen and Cathy Singer
    • Counciling Duo Offers Youth Option By Gail Bruggemeyer
    • Darien Indian Festival Nears By Linda Armstrong
    October 26 1978

    Neirad for October 26, 1978


    Neirad for November 22 1978

    Neirad for November 22, 1978

    • SAT’s On Board January Agenda; Local Citizen To Offer Presentation – Bill Waggener
    • Vandals On The Prowl – Pete Croncota
    • Thanksgiving Number 357 The Great Harvest Munch – Glenn Heitsmith
    • Letters to the Editor – Glenn Heitsmith, Pam Drugge, and Tom Raue
    • DHS Trackster Jogs With Author ‘Running’ Fixx – Mark Blackwell
    • DHS’s ‘Babes In Arms’ A Success – Lisa Leatham
    • Gymnasts Champions – Mark Seavy
    • Gridders Victory – Doug Page
    • Joggers Finish Second in FCIAC – John Marion
    • Girl Tracksters Twelfth in LL – Pam Drugge
    • Spikers Go To States – Gail Bruggemeyer
    • Booters Eliminated In 2nd Round – Gail Bruggemeyer

    December 21 1978

    Neirad December 21, 1978

    • DHS Parking Citations Said Null And Void – Greg Burns
    • Loughran Elected To Replace Dr. Porter – Rick Richardson and Tom Walsh
    • In Case Of A Disaster; Do Not Panic, Repeat – Peter Croncota
    • Foreign Students Share First American Christmas – Glenn Heitsmith
    • 1978: A Mixed Year For Movies – Kip Hashagen
    • Alumnus Shares University Life: Offers Personal Perspectives, Experiences – John Reichart
    • Burkhardt Elected to State Library Conference – Kathy Evans
    • Hoopsters Look to Better Season; Entire Varsity Team Returning – Gail Bruggemeyer
    • Grapplers Have Potential to Win – Rick Richardson and Tom Walsh
    • New Swim Coach Is Optimistic – Nelson Ehinger Jr.
    • Gymnasts Year Looks Promising New Members Exhibit Potential – Kathy Evans
    • Pucksters Drop To Arch Rival – Grisy Smith
    • Hoopsters Face Tough Competition – Gail Bruggemeyer
    • Lindy, Sats, Suds Lead Winter Tracksters – Pam Drugge
    • Fall Sports Banquet A Big Success – Gail Bruggemeyer
    • ‘Big W’ Ranks No. 1 Sportscaster – Rick Richardson and Tom Walsh


    Neirad for 19790209.pdf

    Neirad for February 9, 1979

    • China – U.S. Relations Recalled by Mary Metayer
    • Seniors Graduate at Mid-Year – Viviane Carley
    • Ms. Marshall Granted One of Two Darien Sabbaticals – Jennifer Eckrich
    • Student Voices Problem For Earlybirds – Nelson Ehinger
    • On Becoming a Second Semester Savant – Tony Shanahan
    • Senior Tells Up’s and Down’s of Shopping for a College – Peter Croncota
    • Tangled Teachers Trust Audio-Visual – Glenn Heitsmith
    • Small School Demands Big Work – John Tibbetts
    • Alumni Relate College “As It Is” – Linda Armstrong
    • Great Books Attracts Many – Lisa Evers
    • Fewer X-Periods Diminish Communicatiosn – Joanne Kelley
    • ‘Nutcracker’ Plays Over in Student’s Memory – Rosemary Keane
    • Fundraising Prospers – Pam Drugge
    • Speaker Search – Kathy Evans
    • Gymnasts Overcome Hardships – Kathy Evans
    • Tracksters Four Year Reign Ends - Pam Drugge
    • Hockey Team Wins Three To Stay On Top Of FCIAC East Division – Doug Page
    • Hoopsters Defeat Arch Rival – Linda Armstrong
    • Boy Cagers Hoping For States – Gail Bruggemeyer
    • Swimmers Remain Undefeated – Nelson Ehinger Jr.
    Neirad for 19790328.pdf

    Neirad for March 28, 1979

    • High School to Hold First Shakespeare Festival by Claire Keating
    • Action is GA Problem by Kathy Evans
    • Principal Reviews Good and Bad at Press Conference by Jay McMahon
    • New Schedule Announced by Gail Bruggemeyer
    • Survey Shows Some Students Study by Steve Olsen and John Marion
    • 308 Presents ‘Taming of the Shrew’ by Pam Drugge
    • Bike Race and Lottery Highlight World Week by John Roney
    • Swimmers Clinch Fourth by Nelson Ehinger Jr.
    • Hoopsters Just Miss State Tournament by John Marion
    • Trackettes Expect Excellence by Bruch MacBain
    • Wrestlers Gain Division Title by Gail Bruggemeyer
    • Tennis Team Tries to Retain State Title by John Neeson
    • Rebuilding Season Ahead for Girls Softball Team by Doug Page
    • Seven Wavers Qualify, Retain State Title by Pam Drugge
    • Pucksters Runner-Up in FCIAC, Bow to Hamden in State Tourney by John Neeson
    • Surpries State Win for Girls Indoor Track by Pam Drugge
    • Cindermen Courting Counties by George Zengo
    • Diamond Dudes Will Try Their Darnedest by Bruce MacBain
    • Dedication and Determination Prove Dynamic for Lyndel by Gail Bruggemeyer
    Neirad for 19790401.pdf

    Neirad for April 1, 1979

    Neirad for 19790608.pdf

    Neirad for June 8, 1979

    • Student Protest Leads to Traffic Re-Route by Doug Page and Greg Burns
    • Tu-Tu and Two Schools Not Too Much for Sophomore by Molly Telcott
    • Seniors to Receive Diploma June 15 by Judy Lemmis
    • Fewer N.C.’s Given This Year by Kathy Evans
    • Officers Elected to GA by Lisa Wetzell
    • Do We Have the Potential To Be a Progressive School?
    • Science Fiction Affects the Future
    • Mediators Eyes Opened Transcendentally by Greg Burns and Glenn Heltsmich
    • Lodge: Multi-Mediums by Andrew Fernon
    • Saturday? No It’s Thursday Night Live by Pam Drugge
    • Rosic Leads Wave Nine by Josh Marrion
    • Netters Again Qualify For State Tourney by Josh Neeson
    • Satterley Leads Track Team to Winning Record by Doug Page
    • Tough Road Ahead for Trackettes by Bruce Macraei
    Neirad for 19791003.pdf

    Neirad for October 3, 1979

    • Robbins States Goals in Delayed Address by Nelson Ehniger, Jr.
    • Ten Students Go Abroad for Summer with AFS/YFU by Doug Page
    • Medical World Baffled by Outbreak of “Sophomorism” by Phil van Munching
    • AFS/YFU Students Add Foreign Touch to DHS by Allison Dutfield
    • New Faces Abound in Faculty, Staff by John Neeson
    • Critic Reviews Two Lemons by Mark Gleason
    • CAP Seeks Students by Vivianne Carley
    • Spirit Keeps Girls Running by Tom Daly
    • Kim Eckrich Excels as Swimmer by Kathy Evans
    • Hockettes Show Promise by Kathy Evans
    • Offensive Talents Abounds on Strong Soccer Team by Brent Eigelberner
    • Experience Makes Gridmen Competitive by Doug Page
    • My Very Own Column by Bruce MacBain
    Neirad for 19791109.pdf

    Neirad for November 9, 1979

    • Homecoming Celebrations of the ‘70s by Allison Duffiled

    • School Fuel Costs up, conservation needed by Nelson Ebinger Jr.

    • Bloodmobile established at DHS by Sue Reats

    • Should Athletes take PE?
      Open Campus Discussed by Vincent LaVersa

    • The Dining Car Rated “Very Good” by J. McMahon

    • Concert for “Boat People” by Linda Armstrong

    • Guide to Buying Wine n’ Cheese by Burna Flippo

    Neirad for 19791220.pdf

    Neirad for December 20, 1979

    • Tidal Wave Captures Class L State Title by Doug Page
    • DHS Tops County in SAT’s by Linda Armstrong
    • Holiday Spirit Grows in Christmas Concert by Rachel Murray
    • Christmas Tree Sales to Benefit Seniors by Pam Drugge
    • Jacobs on Semester Leave; Will Write Book No. 18 by Mike Moran and Mark Seavy
    • Reviewer Applauds Season First: 308’s ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’ by Pam Drugge
    • Kramer vs. Kramer: An Affecting Drama by Phil Van Munching
    • Neirad Recaps a Time of War, a Time of Scandal, a Time of Peace by John Neeson
    • Shoji Toots in All-American Band by Sue Reals
    • The 70’s: A Decade in Film by Mark Gleason
    • ACLU Threatens to Censor  Carols by Sandy Winship
    • Russian Virtuoso Adds Talent to DHS by John Hornbostel