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Neirad Archive for 1980-1989


Neirad for 19800227.pdf

Neirad for February 27, 1980

  • January Graduates Have Varied Plans By Linda Armstrong
  • Carter proposes registration of draft; students’ views mixed By Doug Page
  • Senior  Slump runs rampant By Philip Van Munching
  • Student advisers, aides, remain unpaid by school By Suzanne Beuchamp
  • Only personal values decide draft dilemma
  • Foreign Language Department makes blunder with Honors 5
  • To the editor: Good sportsmanship lacking at hockey game
  • Pep Club adds life
  • Dr. Robbins reveals his thoughts for the 1980’s By Bruce MacBain
  • News Briefs
  • Tutors ‘reach out’ with some encouragement and enthusiasm By Allison Duffield
  • Charming Heights is inexpensive By Jay McMahon
  • Ski team jumps over hardships By Linda Armstrong
  • Aquamen end season on high note By Nelson Ehinger Jr.
  • Icemen win FCIAC east title; Aim for county championships By Mark Seavy
  • ‘Should the U.S. boycott the Moscow Olympics?’
  • Gymnasts tumble to states By Kathy Evens
Neirad for 19800325.pdf

Neirad for March 25, 1980

  • Connecticut set for Presidential primary By John Penrose
  • Thoreau star hopes for Broadway future By Suzanne Beauchamp
  • Robbins, Saburn speak on issues in school address By John Neeson
  • New library policy causes controversy
  • Lazy students must fight for their rights and use resources available to them
  • News briefs Parents donate their time to increase efficiency By Sandy Winship
  • Political parties to hold primary today
  • Ten year school accreditation begins with self evaluation By Nelson Ehinger
  • Special Education offers many types of services By Sandy Winship and Allison Duffield
  • Students participate in House and Senate By Daphne Moon and Wendy Hester
  • All That Jazz: artistic triumph By Mark Gleason
  • Knicks and One-Hitters Lead Intramural league By Tom Kelley
  • Sports banquet ends successful season By Linda Armstrong
  • Hoffman: ‘The best wrestler at DHS in 13 years’ By Mark Seavy
Neirad for 198004.pdf

Neirad for April 1, 1980

  • EPA or Chivalry; You Can't Have 'Em Both, Girls
  • Religion Club: Can You Measure Up to John Paul's Polish Popping Style?
  • DHS Seniors Live Fantasies; Replace Stars on Television Show- Start Next Season
  • DHS Seeks New Rival
  • Librarian Power-Hungry; School-Wide Control in View
  • Carter Names DHS Olympic Site
  • Co-Ed Wrestling Comes to DHS; Sex Not a Factor
Neirad for 19800516.pdf

Neirad for May 16, 1980

  • Senior Class Play Uncovers New Talent by Sandy Winship
  • Junior-Senior Prom to Present ‘Double Feature’ by Vincent Versa
  • National Honor Society Inducts New Members by Suzanne Beauchamp
  • Graduation Festivities Lead to June 17 by Pam Drugge
  • Aides to be Paid ‘Slowly but Surely’ by Doug Page
  • A Wish to Die: Suicide Victims: Students Crying for Help by Pam Drugge
  • Budget Loses Inflation Race; Forces Athletes to Pay Price by Nelson Ehinger, Jr.
  • Darien Nine Off to Blazing Start by Tom Kelley
  • Spring Tracksters Look for Victorious Season by Mark Gurliacci
  • Jay Chandler: A Winner by Andrew Bella
  • Jeff Bruce Leads Linksters by Mark Seavy
Neirad for 19800610.pdf

Neirad for June10, 1980

  • Faculty, staff to leave school to pursue other interests- by Suzanne Beauchamp
  • Departing Faculty Profiles- by Steve Pace, Wendy Pugh, and Tom Kelley
  • Scholarships Awarded- by Doug Page
  • 414 to Graduate June 17- by Linda Armstrong
  • Plans Underway for New Seniors- by Janet Baker
  • Sex Education: How Well is it Taught- by Doug Page
  • Outward Bounding from Darien- by Janet Baker
  • ‘The Shining’: A Calculated Scare- by Mark Gleason
  • Darien Leads County in Time Spent at School- by Bill Taylor
  • Melodious Mark Masters Music- by Kathy Evans
  • 9th Graders to Play on Varsity Level- by Mark Seavy
  • Best Season in 10 Years: Mittmen start fast, slump in playoffs- by Tom Kelley
  • Harvard Bound Rob Loud All-American- by Linda Armstrong
Neirad for 19800912.pdf

Neirad for September 12, 1980

  • Robbins Relays Recent Regime- by Janet Baker
  • Coulombe Moves Up, Up, and Away- by Maura Sullivan
  • DHS Offers ‘Most Everything for Fun in the Afternoon- by Jack McDonald
  • Know Your Key Administrators- by Bill Taylor, Lynne Ward, and Chrissy Wold
  • DHS Matures with its Students- by Mark Seavy
  • Gridders Gear for Opener vs. Catholic- by Tom Kelley
Neirad for 19801029.pdf

Neirad for October 29, 1980

  • Hollywood Feature for Homecoming; Many New Events Planned by Jack McDonald
  • GA Off and Running Despite Early Criticism by Rosamary Keane
  • “Ordinary People’ Rates Extraordinary by Scott Schofield
  • Will Honor System Help Stifle Cheating? by Steve Gillmore
  • ‘Mousetrap’ to DHS by Tish Huber
  • New Faces Join Faculty, Staff by Lynne Ward
  • Darien vs. New Canaan; The Rivalry Continues by Andrew Bello
Neirad for 19801125.pdf

Neirad for November 25, 1980

  • GA Attempts to Overcome Slow Start, Lack of Support by Chrissey Woid
  • SATs Hit All Time Low; Reasons Questioned by Sally Krawlec
  • Vandals Hit Hard by Bill Taylor
  • Computer Wiz Kid Calculates on New System
  • Dr. Higgins Reveals His Side on Issues Facing Student Body by Scott Mackenzie
  • Doors Open for ABC Students in Darien Community
  • Look Out, World, Here Come the '80 Graduates
  • Music-Loving Band Director Notes Versatile Background
  • Casual 'Rap' Sessions at Youth Options Aid Teens by Karen Kilnefelter
  • Spikers Ranked Second by Bonnie Metzger
  • Scott's Scoreboard by Scott MacKenzie
  • Stickers Shoot into Quarters by Lisa Stewart
  • Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Mac Budd by Scott Staff
Neirad for 198012.pdf

Neirad for December 1980

  • Swimmers Break Marathon Record by Donald Tower
  • Winter Graduates Plan Work, Study, Travel for Future by Lisa O'Bryon
  • Is School Heating Reaching 65 Limit? by Maura Sullivan
  • Post 53 Wins AMA National Award by Lock McDonald and Mike Patemiti
  • A Personal Guide to Student Vocabulary by Donald Tower
  • Hoopsters Optimistic by Bill Taylor
  • Wrestlers Ready by Steve Gilmore
  • Banquet Honors Fall Sports by Scott Staff
  • Scott's Scoreboard by Scott MacKenzie


Neirad for 198103.pdf

Neirad for March 1981

  • Board of Ed Reviews '81 Budget; May Cut Faculty, Electives by Steve Gilmore
  • Going, Going, Gone by Charles Crawford
  • Student Government Remodeled, Looking for New Beginning by Lisa Stewart
  • Beef stew, Grenades, Latrines and John Tyler by Scott MacKenzie
  • School Goes to Dogs by Lisa O'Bryon
  • Raging Bull - a Stunning Film by Andy Bowley
  • Palmer Excels in Wrestling by Steve Gilmore
  • Squash is a New Swinging Racket by Andy Bowley
  • Hoopsters Gain Respect by Tom Kelley
Neirad for 198104.pdf

Neirad for April 1981

  • Budget Axe Falls by Sharon Aulenti
  • New Schedule to Begin in Fall by Bryan Hochstein
  • Springtime Slide Sacks Seniors by Rosemary Keane
  • Students Learn Secrets of Becoming Chieftains by Bonnie Metzgar
  • Graduation Plans Set by Ellen Croncota
  • English Teacher McCarthy Finds New Meaning for ABCs
  • 'Humanists' Bite the Big Apple by Phil Hilderbrand
  • Lax Finds New Home by Lisa Stewart
  • Chicks Chop Chumps by Amy Craig
  • Mitmen to Defend Divisional Crown by Tom Kelley
Neirad for 198110.pdf

Neirad for October 1981

  • Savarese and Joy Named Merit Semi-Finalists by Paul Rowan
  • Four-Year School Calls for Change by Jeff Jones and John Mongillo
  • Computer System Converts, Upgrades by David Dhunjishaw
  • Student Advisory Council Aims for 'Better Student Life'; Activities Council and Class
  • Leaders Plan for '81-82 by Chris Wold
  • Thrillers Draw Seasonal Crowds by Scott Schofield
  • Punk Colors Rave It Up by Cella Cuddy
  • Go 'Grease'd Lightening by Brian McNicholl
  • New Teacher Reflects on Her Iran Ordeal by Mike Betty
  • The Winner Is... Carolyn Krebs by Anne McGoldrick
  • The Wave: Can They Still Pull It Off? by Paul Rowan and Brian McNicholl
  • Boy Gymnasts Seek 12th State Crown by Neil Cicero
  • Swimmers Show Depth by Stephen Paterniti
  • The ABC Girls are Here! by Amy Craig
Neirad for 198111.pdf

Neirad for November 1981

  • World-wide program to give DHS new curriculum by Grace Barteis and Mike Betty
  • Gates close on open campus by Bonne Metzger
  • Student SAT rituals revealed by Anne McGoldrick
  • Greasers rock, shock, and sock it to DHS by Amy Craig
  • It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your SAC is? By Chris Wold
  • Spikers salvage season by Katy Richter
Neirad for 198112.pdf

Neirad for December 1981

  • All I want for Christmas is…. By “Peach” McGoldrick
  • Drinking and driving; the answer may be only a phone call away
  • Open campus: Volume II
  • Russia beware! DHS to invade Soviet Union by Mike Betty
  • Tree-ific sale by Anne McGoldrick
  • Hockey player wins gold in figure skating by Cindy Dale


Neirad for 198203.pdf

Neirad for March 1982

  • 308 ‘Dream’ Brings Tights, Fairies Onstage by Drew Clark
  • Student Government in ‘Holding Pattern’ by Scott MacKenzie
  • Room for Thought to be Added by Peter Taylor
  • Is DHS Promoting Smoking? –editors
  • Mid-Year Grads Bid Farewell by Chris Wold
  • Joe Ursone Wings it to College Interviews by Tara Kilbane
  • New Head Coach Hopes Team Will Continue Old Winning Tradition by Nell Cicero
Neirad for 198205.pdf

Neirad for May 1982

  • Dr. Robbins to Take Leave by Steve Paterniti
  • Graduation, ‘Moondance’ on Minds of Seniors by Scott MacKenzie
  • Darien Ambassadors Look Through Iron Curtain by Kate McKeown
  • Student Paintings Rock Cafeteria by Greg Lang
  • Independent Studies Offers New Experience by Lee Asher
  • Hitmen Guard FCIAC Title by Greg Lang
  • Lacrosse Club Itensifies ; Players Seek Varsity Statusby Peter Taylor
Neirad for 198209.pdf

Neirad for September 1982

  • Dr. Velma Saire: The lady in the driver’s seat by Scott MacKenzie
  • New Officers to stress Reform by Sharon Aulenti
  • Neirad Interview by Paul Newman
  • Wave Football ’82: Bak Attack by John Mongillo
Neirad for 198210.pdf

Neirad for October 1982

  • Homercomers Saddle up for Wild, Wild West by Kate Mckeown
  • Safe Drivers Bummed by Abuse by Robin Marchesi
  • ‘Life is a Cabaret by Sean Feeney
  • Whiz Kids Whale on PSAT by Kelley Gordon
  • SAT’s Hazardoue to Health by Neli Cicero
  • Test your TV IQ by Brian Mcnicholi
  • DHS Snags Governor’s Award by Liz Roberts
  • Saire Explains Educational Views by Sharor Aulenti
  • Mist Departments Add Staff by Holly Brook and Tara Kilbane
  • Silence, SAT’s Debated by Council by John Fitzpatrick
  • Costello’s Contrived Bedroom by Sean Feeney
  • Rugger Bouvier: ‘This sporting Life’ by John Mongllla
  • Girl’s Soccer Club Kicks off by Eileen Cavanagh
  • Setters Strive to Place by Kent Wagner
  • Trackster Views Runner's Routine by Dave Lang


Neirad for 198304NewsReview.pdf

Neirad for April 1, 1983

  • Airport to Land at Mather
  • Students get High Watts going on?
  • No Blue Waive; list must stand
  • You Get what you Paid for Oooops!
  • Skin Mag Uncovers Shapiro, Board says ‘Can’t Bare It’
  • Off Drugs, Onto Podium
  • Geery, Avison nab 17 for Safe Rides
  • Leach Dumps in Cafeteria
  • Nuke Plan Mushrooms
  • N.J to import
Neirad for 198304.pdf

Neirad for April 1983

  • Airport to Land at Mather
  • Students get High Watts Going On?
  • No Blue Waive; List Must Stand
  • You Get What You Paid For
  • Skin Mag Uncovers Shapiro, Board Says ‘Can’t Bare It’
  • Off Drugs, Onto Podium
  • Geery, Avison nab 17 for Safe Rides
  • Leach Dumps in Cafeteria
  • Nuke Plan Mushrooms
  • N.J to Import
Neirad for 198309.pdf

Neirad for September 1983

  • Homecomers to Soar by Tara Kilbane
  • Talented Tro aces PSAT by Susan Mantel
  • Constitution Frames New Government by Michael Lebson
  • New ABC Girl Arrives by David Lang
  • DHS revisited: a History by Mark Seavy
  • 44 Welcomed by Wendy Dohm and Paul Rowan
  • Parking Issue Intensifies by Chris Mclkerman
  • School to Close to Give Test by Michael Labson
  • H. Patterson: Man behind the New DHS by David Lang
  • Additions Aid Library by Tara Kilbane
  • School Faces Most Changes Ever by Steve Walsh
  • An Insiders View: Field hockey Summer Camps by Anne Winship
  • Wave Remembers Hell Week by Paul Rowan
Neirad for 198310.pdf

Neirad for October 1983

  • ‘Oliver’ adopted by 308: by. Barbara Keasting
  • Teachers Pen Publications: by. Michael Labson
  • Blue List Fines Spent: by. Susan Mantel
  • New Trend: enrollment decreases: by. Jinny Scull
  • Garden Party Great for Deadheads: by. Dan Carson
  • Alumnus makes Carnegie Hall: by. Steve Walsh
  • Daniel questions death penalty: by. Suzanne Fogarty
  • A great season for pop music: by. Steve Walsh
  • PSAT is to October as…: by. Jonathan Karl
  • Overcommitter to be committed: by. Chris Mckieman
  • Sophomore hits target: by. Steve Mehos
  • Strength added to school: by. Mike McClain
  • Just one chance; they wait and watch: by. Anne Winship
  • Wave Hanging 10 on Opponents: by. David Lang
  • Athlete Psyche Jobs: by. Christine Gregory


Neirad for 198403.pdf

Neirad for March, 1984

  • Higgins Named Weston Principal by David Lang
  • Blue List Policy Questioned by Christine Gregory and Jinny Scull
  • Cafeteria’s Condition Provokes Opinions by David Lang
  • Teachers Struggle with 5-Class Load by Wendy Dohm
  • Merit Pay Not for DHS
  • Elderly Housing Needed for Town Prosperity
  • View of Model Graduate Through the Aperture by Kathy Goodall
  • 308 Presents ‘Whose life’ by Bill Clementa
  • Learn to Crawl with the Pretenders by Steve Walsh
  • Runaways Seek Shelter in Greewich by Becca Oresman
  • Special Students Win Medals by Laura Nelson
  • 21,000 in Scholarships Offered to Seniors by Steve Walsh
  • Jobs Office Reports ‘Best Year Yet’ by Stacey Roberts
  • Ski Team Rides on Downhill Note by Steve Mehoa
  • Putting it into Perspective by Tom Granata
  • Hoop Program Fouls Out by Michail Labson
Neirad for 198404.pdf

Neirad for April 1984

  • Higgins Loses Lighter
  • Krill Whips Wall Street
  • Freshman Horde Makes Life Hell
  • Talking Heads at DHS
  • The Many Moods of Puppy
  • Susie Sunshine
  • An Ode To a Brocken Heart
  • The Angry Sanoan
  • Geronimo Time for the Tap-Dance Fairy
  • Fun With Pets
  • Every Drug You Take
  • Ode to My Friend, the Soapdish
  • Mustard Queen Meets Pepsiface
  • A Stroll Through the Woodland
  • A Somersaut in Time
  • Food Processors: Astate of Mind
  • Prayer No, Barbque Yes
  • Krillies, Jacobites Clash
  • 1st Amendment Unconstitutional Student Government Gets the Cans
  • Spring Pigskin Fashions
  • Debate Squad Gets Tough
  • A Twist to Sport Violence
Neirad for 198405.pdf

Neirad for May 1984

  • Saire Reports on 4 Year High School by Mike McClain
  • Crowds Cause Controversy by David Lang
  • Lefferts, Downey Resign by Wandy Doham and Jon Karl
  • Writing Center has the Write Stuff by Allison Armour
  • X-Period: Use It; Don’t Abuse It
  • Losers Find PA Appeals Worthwhile
  • Drunk-Driving Laws Lenient; Per Se Offers Hope
  • Viewpoint: Café Clutter Not Just Student’s Fault
  • Closed End Issue Examined After One Semester by Susan Mantel
  • In-School Inebriation: Why Can’t Johnny See? by William R. Clements
  • Psychologists Say… by Wendy Deham
  • Marvin Says… by Steve Walsh
  • Colleges Say… by Laura Nelson
  • Students Say… by Jinny Soufi
  • Teachers Say… by Laura Nelson
  • At the Back of the Bus by Christine Gregory
  • Wave’s Loss in State Championship Continues Frustration by Steve Mehos
  • Wavers Eye Successful Campaign by Thomas Granata
  • Computer Curriculum Increases by Mike McClain
  • Blue List Policy Altered by Wendy Dohm
Neirad for 198410.pdf

Neirad for October 1984

  • Meritorious Mentors Divide Laurels by Mike Labson
  • 3 Out of 5 Granted Summer Reading Credit by Dale Miller
  • Host Families Difficult to Find  by Jimmy Scull
  • Erudites Excel by Mike Nauen
  • Sophomores Break Traditions
  • Teen Stress: Dangerous Implications by Wendy Dohm
  • Senior Prank Defined
  • Alumnus Sets Freshmen on Road to Right by Thomas J. Granata
  • Alumnus Returns as Administrator by Jonathan Karl
  • Staff Arrives for 8 Departments, Administration by Susan Deaninu and Mike McCrudden
  • Speakers, Wall, Apples by Jodi Rex and Kathy Goodall
  • 82 Per Cent Say No to Summer Reading by Daie Millier
  • Critics Say ‘Ole’ to Mexican Menus by the Taste Buds
  • Flicks to Hit Silver Screen by Skeff Blasset
  • Actors, Actresses Hop on Merry-Go-Round by Bill Yelverton
  • With Tooch, Mad Dog and Jughead How Can Team Possibly Lose by Steve Mehos
Neirad for 198411.pdf

Neirad for November 1984

  • Parents’ Report Card: High Marks for School by John Patermiti
  • Athletes Face Tougher Requirements by Kathy Huth
  • Pupils to Peddle Pines by Jedi Rex
  • Law Broadens Building Access By Susan Burmester
  • Skiers Face Uphill Course
  • Senior Officers Came to Me
  • Higher Salaries Merited
  • Little White Lies and Worse by Allison Armour
  • Teachers Negotiate Contract by Caryn Bull
  • Rockefeller Fund Names DHS Semi-Finalist by Amy Tyler
  • Reagan Triumphs by 59 Points by Kathy Huth
  • Senior Class: Soda and Cash by Dave Miller
  • Student Government: in School and Out by Mike Nausen
  • Social Scenes Set on Stage by Brenda Hill
  • If Unlucky at Love… by Drew Mawiche
  • International Scholars Enroll by Mandy Barker and Suzanne Fogarty
  • History of Rivalry Revealed by Steve Mehos
  • Puckmen Poised to Take Titles by Drew Mawicke
  • Too Much Time? Players Say No by Bob Valaadra
Neirad for 198412.pdf

Neirad for December 1984

  • Message of Fellowship Echoes Holiday Spirit by Nelson Sult
  • Curriculum, Staff Cuts Projected by Michael Labson
  • Librarian Leaves after 24 Years by Jinny Scull
  • Passing Mourned by Allison Armour
  • Dubious Coincidence
  • Better than Average
  • 308’s Effort Deserves Support (Letter to Editor)
  • Bruised Children: Silent Crimes
  • Colleges Question SAT Value by Bill Yelverton
  • Bright Future for Auditorium by Jodi Rex
  • Offbeat Films play at Sono by Brenda Hill
  • Gourmand Reviews Native Cuisine by Vishul Makhijani
  • Skiers Ready to run Gates by Jonathon Karl
  • Athletes Quill Contracts by Bob Valandra
  • On Sports by Drew Mawicke
  • New U2 Album Fires up Fans by John Paterniti


Neirad for 198502.pdf

Neirad for February 1985

  • Dance Dilemmas Diminish by Kathy Huth
  • Kids and Cops: Mutual Respect? by Dale Miller and Amanda Barker
  • Evening Philosophers Unify Knowledge in New Course by Nelson Sult
  • Personnel Changes Bring New Faces by Amanda Barker and Nick Sebrell
  • 308 Applauded for Theme
  • Darien Goes Conservative by Drew Mawicke
  • ‘Thank You For Teaching Us” by Kathy Goodall
  • Weston ‘A Challenge’ says Higgins by Bill Yelverton
  • Silver Seniors Graduated by Kathy Huth
  • Classic Cast for Theater 308 by Brenda Hill
  • Old Rocker, New Tunes by Jonathon Karl
  • ‘Dune’ Lost in Film Translation by Allison Armour
  • Hoopsters’ Hopes High by Steve Mehos
  • Swimming: the Submerged Sport by Drew Mawicke
  • Waves Tumble Agilely Through Winter Season by Christine Gregory
  • Ping-Pongers Pound Plastic by John Paterniti
Neirad for 198503.pdf

Neirad for March 1985

  • First Lady’s Press Secretary to Speak at Graduation by Caryn Ball
  • Proposal May Ban Smoking Area by Patricia Mulqueen and Susan Bermester
  • State Cup Slides by Again by Steven Mehos
  • Senior Class Presents Sculpture to School by Wendy Dohm and Skeff Bisset
  • Thesbians Deliver ‘Forceful’ Performance by Nelson Sult
  • C-6 Applied for Applelab by Bill Yelverton
  • DHS Dropout Rate Below Nation Average by Stacey Roberts
  • Industrial Arts Suffers as School Requirements Increase by Nick Sebrell
  • Bill Aimed at Drinking Age by Becca Oresman and Dale Miller
  • Music Melodies Scale D-Wing by Suzanne Fogarty
  • Now Legal to Search Students by Ted Slowik
  • Two Travel to Special Olympics by Gus Antonioni
  • Women’s Sports at DHS: ‘You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby’ by Caryn Ball
  • Sluggers in Swing for Season by Steve Mehos
Neirad for 198505.pdf

Neirad for May 1985

  • New Officers Begin Work, Set Dual Fall Goals Early by Bill Yelverton
  • Safe Homes Sought for Party-Goers by Wendy Dohm
  • History Faculty Broaden Vision by Nelson Sult
  • Safe Homes Controversy: Point, Counterpoint by Kathy Huth and Amanda Barker
  • Letter to Editor: Ruling Unfair to Actors by Becca Oresman
  • Faculty to Abolish Student-Run Annual Distinguished Teacher Award by Brenda Hill
  • Renowned Actress Directs New Play- ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ by Caryn Ball
  • Ages of Minors Fluctuate by Susan Burmester and Patricia Malqueen
  • Reconstructing the Written Word by Kathy Huth
  • Fewer Subs a Result of Low Pay by Stephanie Shea
  • New Graduation Requirement Creates Course Encompassing Research, Speech by Margaret Mordy
  • Town Strives to Improve Gifted Students Program by Wendy Dohm
  • Students Seek Support by Suzanne Fogarty
  • State Stretches Summer School by Brenda Hill
  • Looking into the Crystal Ball by Steve Mehon
  • Lower School Shakeup Affects Future Athletics by Christine Gregory and Drew Mawicke
Neirad for 198509.pdf

Neirad for September 1985

  • Semifinalists Announced by Kathryn Nanovic
  • Mercurio Takes Over Head Guidance Seat by Wendy Dohm
  • Changes Dealt in Policies by Kathryn Nanovic and Stephanie Shea
  • Students Arrive from Overseas by Suzanne Tole and Christine Smith
  • Helpful Hints from ‘59
  • Additions to Faculty, Staff by Caryn Ball and Joan Mitchell
  • Student Activities Planned by Jeff Howie
  • Junior Says ‘Best Years’ at American School of Paris by Mike McClain
  • Freshman Sail Away with Jay Win; Four Compete at Sailing Nationals by Vishel Makhijani
Neirad for 198510.pdf

Neirad for October 1985

  • Homecoming: Traditional Events Spark Enthusiasm by Wendy Dohm and Mike McLain
  • Increasing Class Sizes Expand into Controversy by Stephy Shea
  • Great Books Cut Stirs Concern by Nelson Suit
  • Editor’s Notebook: Moment’s Reflection by Nelson Suit
  • Misinformation Causes  AIDS Scare by Kathrya Nanovie
  • Funding Cut Ends Great Books
  • Class Size Initiates Questions
  • SAT Scores Rise to New Heights by Christine Smith
  • Library Extends Hours by Jeffrey Howie
  • Homecoming: Culinary Delights by Visbai Makhijani
  • Pippin: ‘We’ve Got Magic to Do’ by Suzanne Tole
  • Book Review: Townshend: Life after The Who by Ptotr Madej
  • Sophomore Equestrian, Third in East, To Travel to Garden by Matt Manero
  • Powder Puff: Junior/Senior Girls Set for Gridiron Showdown by John Pateriti
  • Athletic Training Rules: Are You Real? by Jeffrey Howie
Neirad for 198511.pdf

Neirad for November 1985

  • Committee Formed to Deal With Declining Enrollment Problems by Christine Smith
  • Literacy Volunteers Aid Others; Caryn Ball
  • Students Not Eligible for Class in English as Second Language by Wendy Dohm
  • Ceramic Mural Distinguishes Darien by Stephy Shea
  • Budget Knowledge Lacking
  • Lab Needs Supervision
  • Letters: Rambo Photograph Sparks Criticism
  • Foreign Students Denied ESL
  • Volunteers Tutor Area Residents
  • Cheating: ‘It is a Tangled
  • Bishop Tutu’s Daughter Visits St. Luke’s to Issue Challenge by Nelson Suit
  • Software Copying Poses Dilemma by Mike McCain
  • Blue Wave Van Causes Heads to Turn in A-wing Lot by Kathryn Nanovic
  • Frosh Teams, Gymnasts Unbeaten by John Paternaiti
  • Lighted Field ‘Well Worth It’, but Funds, Efforts Needed; Matt Manero
Neirad for 198512.pdf

Neirad for December 1985

  • Krill to Leave in January by Wendy Dohm
  • Parent Volunteers to Revive Cut Great Books by Stephanie Shea
  • 8 to Graduate Mid-Year by Mike McClain
  • Tribute to Boosters
  • Graduates Wished Best
  • Restroom Rhetoric
  • Developmental Skills Program Enables Work Study Experience by William Kranz
  • IB Compute Students Excel by Mike McClain
  • Christmas Depression: Why Isn’t Everyone Caught up in Spirit? by Wendy Dohm
  • Fairfield County Abounds With Views of Halley’s Comet by Jeffrey Howie
  • Bakers’ Delight Tempt Cookie Lovers by Kathy Huth
  • Japanese Invasion Successful by Visabel Makhijani
  • Theatre 308 Exudes Energy; ‘Pippin’ draws admiration by Kathrya Nanovk
  • Dancers Add New Moves to Games by Carya Ball
  • ‘Showtime’ Band Members Perform at Halftime by Wendy Falconer
  • Wavers: Give me a DbyAbyRbyIbyEbyN by Carya Ball
  • Sophs Excel in State, Nation by Matt Munero
  • Hoopsters Prepare with new Skipper by John Paterniti
  • Underclassmen Spark Winter Athletics


Neirad for 198603.pdf

Neirad for March 1986

  • Student Body Focuses on World Issues for Human Rights Day April 24
  • DHS hosts State Drama Festival by Jen Nehro
  • Teacher Tells of Shuttle Calamity by Wendy Falconer
  • Classes Require Computer Usage by Stephanie Shea
  • Spring Through March Blues
  • Jocks Score in Academics
  • Parent Advocates ESL Reinstatement
  • Student Views Mixed on Space Program by Robin Russel
  • Tragedies Reveal Priorities
  • New Beat Heard in Cafeteria Music by Brenda Hill
  • Philosophical Wanderings by Nelson Suit
  • Stew Leonard Jr: A Force Behind ‘The World’s Most Innovative Market’ by Geneve Ehlinger
  • Work Abounds at JOBS Office by Mindy Good
  • Computer Award Creates Bonds by Christine Smith
  • Sophomore says, ‘It was Just a Picture by Just like Tootsie’ by Mike McClain
  • Males Dominate in Leadership by Julie Armour
  • Pain is Beyond Physical
  • Simple Minds Lives Up to its Name by John Davis
  • Students Nominate Academy Winners by John Paternalti
  • Theatre 308 Presents Rashomon by Kathryn Nanovk
  • Intermural Program Fake, Gym space, Student Support Needed by John Paterniti
  • Troubled Pucksers Stumble But Don’t Fall by Jay Frazier
  • Senior Boys add New Spirit to Cheerleading Squad by Joan Mitchell
  • Lady Hoopsters Win FCIAC by John Paternati and Matt Munero
Neirad for 198605.pdf

Neirad for May 1986

  • Press Banned from Campus Interviews by Ben Battenmaker
  • Telethon Boosts Scholarships by Steve Bocach and Tori Miller
  • Terrorism Threat Cancels Trips by John Brawley
  • Darien Buckles Down by Ian Lang
  • Concert to Aid African Villages by Stephanie Shea
  • Year-Round School Trend Grows by Mindy Good
  • Administration Says Lack of Chairs ‘Student Problem’ by Lia Mehon
  • Spring Previews: Optimistic Athletes Offer Season Predictions
  • Athletes Face Tough Choice: Taking Vacation or Team Play by Jay Franker
  • Athletes View Leadership: Motivation, Charisma, Goals
  • Philosophical Wanderings by Nelson Suit
Neirad for 198610.pdf

Neirad for October 1986

  • Smoke area to remain open, Saire says by Vishal Makhijal
  • Four get a better chance by Stephanie Shea
  • Homecoming helped heighten holiday spirit by Ken Smoltz and Christine Smith
  • Peer Tutors move by Colby Grimes
  • Carl Smith unveils the man behind the Presidency by Jen Nehro
  • Poll unravels Statistics regarding Students’ smoking habits by Nyake Dekker
  • New AFS students discover U.S. by Sharon Smith
Neirad for 198611.pdf

Neirad for November 1986

Neirad for 198612.pdf

Neirad for December 1986

  • Team Wins States and GPA Award by Elizabeth Morton
  • Letter Appeals for Senior Privilege by Stephanie Shea
  • Library for Study by Tom Wragg
  • Storm Brews Over South African Essay by Markus Bates
  • …Students Set the Record Straight by Hannah Ross
  • Anorexia in Darien? by Tricia Tierney
  • Christmas Concert Welcomes Holidays by Nyake Dekker and Sharon Smith
  • Students Question Homework’s value by Patricia Tierney
  • New Student Senate Election Procedure Favored by Students by Jason Demark
  • Foreign Students Recapture Christmas Memories by Sharon Smith
  • Air by Tavis Allison
  • A Day In the Life of Archie… I Don’t Know a Kind of
  • Dream by Louis Miceli
  • A Room by James Meyer
  • Kimberly Lizzie Missouri, July, 1985 (An Unfinished Poem)
  • Excerpt by Charles Terhune
  • The Cigarette is Frank’s Companion by Will Jacobs
  • A Single Tear by Trinette Vanderpoel
  • Rock Musicians Crack-Back by Julie Magreth
  • ‘Ransom’ Explores Oriental Philosophy by Gerald Campano


Neirad for 198703.pdf

Neirad for March 1987

  • Darien High Nominated For States, National Awards by Mindy Barton and Jessica Papazion
  • Budget Cuts Will Threaten Five Faculty by Stephanie Shea
  • Human Rights Day Slated For April by Ben Wattenmaker
  • Racism of Howard Beach in Darien by Ben Wattenmaker
  • Role of the Press: Investigate--and Infuriate by Rebecca Schilling
  • South Africa- The Sequel: an Author’s Rebuttal by Joseph Ditkoff
  • Students Help Homeless at Stamford Soup Kitchen by Matt O’Connor
  • Dance, Auction to Benefit Scholarships by Robin Russel
    April Vacation to Stay by Jason Demark and Steve Patterson
  • International Night’s Food, Entertainment Draw Large Crowd by Mindy Good
  • Neirad Wins National Award, Travels to Washington by Sharon Smith
  • Battle of the Bulge by Mindy Good
  • Free Press Rights Questioned by Tom Davidson
  • Theatre 308’s ‘Fiddler’, Explores Jewish Traditions by Caryn Ball
  • A Great Guru Reveals the Order of the Fates by Stephanie Deville
  • Oscar-Nominee Platoon Ignites Visions of Terror by Josh Davis
  • Ritz: Not Just an Ordinary Cracker by Lars Scofield
  • ‘Van Gogh in Saint-Remy and Auvers’ at the Met by Josh Davis
  • 12-inch Mixes Leave the Club Floor by Ross SantyPrivate
  • Revolution Scores Few Victories by Charles Terhune
  • Is the Risk of Injuries in Athletics Worth it? by Andy Schoppa
  • Junior Runner Shows Varsity Leadership on Asphalt Track, in Concrete Classroom by Jay Frazier
  • Six Darien Juniors To Compete in High School Sailing Nationals by Raph Hurwitz
Neirad for 198704.pdf

Neirad for April 1987

  • Moral Concerns Expressed by faculty by Caryn Ball
  • New Budget to Force Course Cuts by Ben Wattenmaker
  • Teacher Support Gained for Senior Privilege by Jesse Schmidt
  • Trust: Who deserves it?  By Tom Davidson
  • Hockey Turns Blue: Bad Crowd- Bad Impression by Ben Wattenmaker
  • Folk Group from Yesteryear ‘Rocks’ the Palace by Ben Wattenmaker
  • Neirad Goes to Washington by Stephanie Shea
  • End of Year Activities in sight for ‘Slumped’ Seniors by Matt O’Connor and Jason Demark
  • Sophomore Actress prepares to appear before TV Cameras by Stephanie Shea
  • Group Helps Families of Alcoholics by Trish Tierney
  • Majority Agree to Adverting of Contraceptives on Television by Ruth Davies
  • Book Notes not a novel-ty to Students in Darien by Lars Scofield
  • News of Trendy Flattops Buzzes the School by Mindy Good and Melissa Lynch
  • IB Test Loom in the Near Future by Nynke Dekker and Trish Tierney
  • U2’s Long Awaited The Joshua Tree blossoms by Ross Santy
  • Captivating Plays about Six Friends by Trish Tierney
  • Teencenter, ‘Shack’, Shakes Friday nights boredom by Eric Lemoult
  • On-site Visit moves Darien one step Closer to Award by Ben Wattenmaker
  • Icemen Come up Short in Season Goals by Andy Schopps
  • On Beaches and Practice Fields by Ken Schmoltz  
  • Three Divers Springboard into Nationals by Trish Tierney
  • Nelson shows Longevity controlling diamond for 25 years by Andy Schopps and Jay Frazier
  • Students Split Opinions on Baseball Salary Arbitration by Raph Hurwitz
Neirad for 198705.pdf

Neirad for May 1987

  • Loughran Denies Support for Senior Privileges by Ross Santy
  • Faculty Members Fight to Save Courses, Sections Cut for All by Caryn Ball
  • Blue List: Criminal Injustice by Tom Davidson
  • Show Creates Forum to Display Array of Student Talents by Josh Davis
  • Skirts Shrink as Spring’ Mini’ Fashion Grows by Trish Tierney
  • Graduate Pens Novel by Lisa Russo
  • Tests Trap New Drivers by Susannah Donahue
  • Star Athlete Shimmers with Leadership by Mindy Good
  • Love Leaps Grade Gap at DHS by Ellen Harrel
  • Suzanne Vega Moves Uptown, Out of Obscurity by Josh Davis
  • Beastie Boys: The Apex of Tastelessness by Lars Scofield
  • Musical Chugs with Excitement by Caryn Ball
  • Netmen Stroke Through FCIAC by Jay Frazier
Neirad for 198710.pdf

Neirad for October 1987

  • Controversial Modifications Greet Returning Students by David Mordy
  • Students Celebrate Constitution’s Bicentennial by Trish Tierney
  • National Merit Semifinalists: Diverse, Active Scholars by Jen Nehro and Tom Ryan
  • R.E.M Gives up Stardom for Quality Rock and Roll by Rosa Santy
  • Summer Abroad - A Worldly Trip for Eight by Trikin Tierney and Marianne Stillwaggon
  • Fake IDs - 21 Proof by Perl Calvillo
  • Blue Wave Banded by Marchers by Bernie Smith
  • Fifteen Soccer Seniors Cut by Jeff Evers
Neirad for 198711.pdf

Neirad for November 1987

  • Industrial Arts Loses State Grant of $97,580 by Ross Santy
  • Faculty Council Proposal Gains Wide Approval by Ben Wattenmaker
  • SHAC Closed Temporarily by Tom Ryan
  • Iran vs. U.S: A Friendly War by Tom Davidson
  • Klanwatch Head Says Hate Violence is Up by Tarah Duffy
  • Proposal Made for New Computer Center by Jason Demark
  • Theater 308 Tunes Up for ‘The Music Man’ by Anne Edgerton
  • Sting’s New Album Burns… Nothing Like The Sun by Lars Scofield
  • Four New Teachers, Staff Join School Forces by Bernie Smith
  • Waver Gridmen Blitz Toward Championship by Randy Devere
  • Lady Pucksters Dodge Past Fairfield by Bill Martens
Neirad for 198712.pdf

Neirad for December 1987

  • Options Proposed for High School of 1990s by Ben Wattenmaker
  • WAP Serves Up Hunger Month by Tom Ryan
  • The Bored of Education by Tom Davidson
  • High School: Prison or Playground? by Kelly Browne
  • Mother Goose Learns to Fly by Peri Calvillo
  • Hear Ye, Hear Ye Tudor Singers by Meg Heuer
  • Biology Students Cruise Atlantic by Bernie Smith
  • Santa Says Sing Like the King by Ed Hirsch Jr.
  • MacBain Honored by U.N. for Human Rights Work by Trish Tierney
  • Murder Wave Hits School by Ross Santy
  • Swimmers Dive for New Depths in Record, Image by Mindy Good


Neirad for 198803.pdf

Neirad for March 1988

  • Science Teacher Dies at 32 by Meg Heuer
  • New Options Submitted for 90’s School by Matt O’Connor
  • Scheduling: a Fight to the Death by Tom Davidson
  • Other Than a Club Med and Weed Beach… by Marie Resnansky
  • Weedstock Bands to Benefit Children by Melissa Lynch
  • Amica Says ‘Slave’ to Newcomers by Kristen Ball
  • Foreign Language Classes Go Hollywood by Brigitte Barton and Makie Kenyon
  • The Godfathers - Angry Music for Angry Times by Josh Davis
  • Theatre 308 Players Tackle ‘Equus’ by Nynke Dekker
  • Davis: A Stride Ahead of the Rest by Rebecca Ryen
Neirad for 198804.pdf

Neirad for April 1988

  • Condiments to be Handed Out at Health Office
  • Today’s Special: Rock
  • Theatre Teacher Nancy Herman Reveals Identity of Her Son
Neirad for 198805.pdf

Neirad for May 1988

  • Administration Offers Support of Free Time by Josh Raymond
  • Students to Dance in ‘City of Lights’ at 1988 Prom by Makle Kenyon and Colleen Moore
  • Study on 1990’s Calls for Course Cutbacks by Ross Santy
  • Personnel Reductions Projected by Matt O’Connor
  • 2090: The Land of Floz by Tom Davidson
  • Concert and Festivals Fill Musician’s Spring Season by Meg Heuer
  • Half of Students Polled Fail Test of Basic Knowledge by Ruth Davies
  • It’s a Fact; Students Want to Think for Themselves by Mindy Good
  • Study Criticizes National Curriculum by David Mordy
  • Tomorrow’s Apples for Today’s Students by Bill Martens
  • American Studies Presents ‘Other Side of History’ by Mindy Barton
  • Polka-Dots, Paisleys, Penguins and Plaids by Makle Kenyon and Colleen Moore
  • Sports teams threatened by declining student interest by Jason Denmark
  • Athletics: When ‘One of the Guys’ is a Girl by Meg Heuer and Bryan Smoltz
  • RollerBlades: New Wave in Off-Season Training by John Crawley
Neirad for 198809.pdf

Neirad for September 1988

  • Bush’s environmental speech turns into rally by Meg Heuer
  • Changes alter student life by Josh Raymond
  • Student Government Amends Stereotype by Rebecca Ryen
  • SAT’s: the epitome of fraudulence by Tom Davidson
  • Croquet is OK to play by Joseph M. Ditkoff
  • Students look beyond beach by Caroline Parker
  • Spectators see only half the action by Steven Kreuch
  • Wave looks to continue winning ways in ’88 by Randy Devere
Neirad for 198810.pdf

Neirad for October 1988

  • Loughran To Take Proposals To Board of Education by Matt O’Connor
  • School Trip Takes 18 To Dukakis Rally by Charissa Babe
  • Students Smoke Despite ’87 Law by George Smirnoff
  • The Sound of Music Rings Through the Halls by Lone Benjamin
  • Fourth ABC Student Leaves Darien Program by Bill Martens
  • Ako, Ako All Day by Caroline Parker
  • Election ’88 by Mindy Good
  • Steroids: A ‘Straight’ Athletes View
  • Field Hockey’s New Wave Breaks the Ice by Whitney Ball
Neirad for 198812.pdf

Neirad for December 1988

  • A Tribute to Matt Kelsey (After Every Storm)
  • Graduation in January Questioned by Rebecca Ryen
  • Freedom of Student Expression Limited by Charissa Babe
  • 1990's Vote Sparks Student Protest by Tom Ryan
  • Cross-Dressing Not Just a Laughing Matter
  • Junior Leads Ski Team in its First Varisty Season by Leah Conte


Neirad for 19890202.pdf

Neirad for February 2, 1989

  • Theater 308 Cancels Censored Spring Production by Charissa Babe
  • Tempers Heat Ice Rink by Kathleen Taylor and Dave Johnson
  • Athletes Have No Excuse by Matthew Garnett
  • Ranger Defenseman Michel Petit
  • Croquet Club Set to Begin First Season by Joseph Almond
  • Boys Swimming Hoping to Fill the Speedos of Last  Year by Chris Wertz
  • Girls Gymnastics Rebuilding Strength With Underclassmen by Jason Denmark
  • Davis Qualifies for World Championship by Matt O’Connor
  • ESL Students Learn Their ABC’s by Megan Heuer
  • The Fall Presents a ‘Kurious’ Ballet by Marten Mengwall
  • Hassel Free Murder Mysteries: A Taste of the Unexpected by Bill Martens
  • Andy Warhol by Megan Heuer
Neirad for 198902Issue5.pdf

Neirad for February 1989

  • Theater 308 Cancels Censored Production by Charissa Babe
  • Representative Group Explores Possibilities by Tom Ryan
  • Tempers Heat Ice Rink by Kathleen Taylor
  • Ranger Defensemen Michel Petit
  • Croquet Club Set to Begin First Season by Joseph Almond
  • Boys Swimming Hoping to Fill the Speedos of Last Year by Chris Wertz
  • Athletes Work Hard Off-Season by Andy Wright
Neirad for 198904.pdf

Neirad for April 1, 1989

  • Theatre 308 Gets the Axe:Hall Orders the Butchering
  • Saire to Leave DHS
  • Depot Does Crack
  • Missing Stall Door Causes Controversy
  • Traffic Safety for Animals: 'Necessary'
  • Duchess Syndrome: An Epidemic?
  • DHS Partiers Seek Calcium
Neirad for 198905.pdf

Neirad for May 1989

  • Sports Funding to Increase by Kieran Cavanna
  • AP Slated; IB to Close by Julie Papzian
  • Juniors' College Hunt Commences by Jamie E. Evans
  • VIDEO Machine Keeps School on Schedule by Marie Reskansky
  • Librarians Get Excited About Unusual Things by Carolina Parker
  • Freshman Sports Suffer by Dave Johnson
  • Lacrosse Team Achieves Record-Setting Season by Andy Wright
Neirad for 198910.pdf

Neirad for October 1989

  • Theatre 308 and Moscow Children's Theater Negotiate Change by Rebecca Ryen
  • New Schedule Creates Controversy by Connie Finnegan
  • ABC-AFS Sends New Students to DHS by Chris Gage
  • Stones Return on Steel Wheels Tour by Jamie Ford
  • Athletes Run, Bike, and Swim to Victory by David Johnson
Neirad for 198912.pdf

Neirad for December 1989

  • Six Seniors Slated for Early Graduation in January by Connie Finnegan
  • Required Senior Seminar Course Takes Shape by Bill Martens
  • College Board Plans to Change SAT by Connie Finnegan
  • Politics Influence Board of Education Election by Lori Robertson
  • Shortliffe Named Acting Chairperson by Chris Gage
  • Rockcliming and Abseiling by Dave Johnson