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Neirad Archive for 1990-1999


Neirad for 199002.pdf

Neirad for February 1990 Vol. 51 Issues 5

  • Summer Oprotunity Sends Theater 308 to USSR by Kathleen Taylor
  • English Department Suffers Budget Cuts by Finley Oakley
  • Human Rights Day Slated for April By Julie Papazian
  • Open End Opinion Piece
  • R-Rated Movies in School
  • Roaming Reporter: Is there a Drug Problem at DHS?
  • School System Gears Up for Accreditation by Tom Ryan
  • ‘Our Town’ Comes to Our School by Morgan Goulet
  • Open Ends Re-Opened by Katie Fogarty
  • Soup Kitchen Closed; Homeless Left without Shelter by Cara Meinke
  • Student Voulenteer Firemen Excel with Dedication by Loren Scharbach
  • Depot Dream Becomes Reality by Kaitlen Cavanna
  • Peer Leadership Strikes Success by Finely Oakley
  • Mentor Program Accomplishes Goal by Amy Saalwachter
  • “R”-Rated Movies Cause Controvery in School by Lori Robertson
  • Youth Commission Offers to Fund Community Projects by Eric LeMoult
  • ‘Built to Last’ Won’t Stand the Test of Time by Wendell Alcorn
  • Sidewalk Stories: Silent Tales of the Homeless by Betsy Carlson
  • Joe Satriani Redefines Rock Guitar Exploration by David Trenk
  • One of DHS’s Unique Graduates, Tim Maul by Lorie Robertson and Cone Finnegan
  • Tom Cruise ‘Reborn’ as Ron Kovic by Wendell Alcorn
  • DHS Students Experience ‘Women and Wallace’ After All by Kate Fogarty
  • 1990 Oscar Nominations
  • Writing Center May be Written Off by Chase Toogood
  • Seniors by Sara Nance
  • Juniors by Kristen Daly
  • Sophomores by Kate Barry
  • Freshmen by Erik Mengwall
  • Students and Faculty Seek Common Ground by Liz Howard
  • Earth Day Takes Shape by Topher Carnes
  • Roberto Pozzi: The Swim Team’s ‘Gift from Italy’ by Ingrid Lang
  • Girls’ Lacrosse Club to Begin by Liz Howard
  • Indoor Track Team Runs for Children’s Hospital by Loren Scharbach
  • Boys Swim Toward Victory by Ingrid Lang
  • Ski Team Proves Its Varsity Status by Betsy Carlson and Leah Conte
Neirad for 199004.pdf

Neirad for April 1990

  • Faculty Gives New Schedule a Thumbs Down by Amy Saalwachter
  • Theatre 308 Boosts Benefit for Moscow Trip by Katie Fogarty
  • Say Goodbye to the Old Mr. DHS by Chask Toogood
  • Viewpoints… by Connie Finnegan and Dave Trenck
  • Curriculum Changes Affect the School of the 90’s by Rebecca Ryen
  • Students Boogie for Charity by Katie Fogarty
  • ‘French in Action’ Under Scrutiny by Amy Saalwachter
  • Pran Slated as Key-Note Speaker for Human Rights by Connie Finnegan
  • Are they Kidding us with a “Stress Free SAT”? by Loren Scharbach and Betsy Carlson
  • Volunteers Source of “Thousand Points of Light” by Eric LeMoult
  • Take Advantage of this Summer’s Opportunities by Cara Meinke and Chase Toogood
  • Youth Groups Slated for Success by Eric LeMoult
  • Youth Group Appalachia Bound by Elizabeth Howard
  • ‘Freedom’ is a Rock and Roll-er Coaster by Tom Ryan
  • Language Students Head Over to Greece by Ingrid Lang
  • Theatre 308’s ‘Our Town’: a Piece of Americana by Lori Robertson
  • ‘The Hunt for Red October’ is Unsinkable by Wendell Alcorn
  • Journey Into the ‘Phil Zone’ by Finley Oakley
  • Springtime Second Semester Senioritis Strikes by Lori Robertson
  • DHS Wants to “Pump…You Up!” by Loren Scharbach
  • Taste a Different Culture by Lori Robertson
  • Health Programs Shape Up by Finley Oakley
  • Indoor Track Team Stars Shine at Yale Invitational by Leah Conte
  • 1990 DHS Blue Wave Spring Sports Preview by Elizabeth Howard and Kaitlin Cavanna
Neirad for 199010.pdf

Neirad for October 1990 Vol. 51 Issue 7

  • Theater 308 Return Trip to Russia Refused by Liz Van Loan
  • Crackdown Begins on Student Smoking by Chase Toogood
  • Homecoming Tradition Lives on by Katii Cavanna
  • Commitment Opinion Piece
  • 308 Russia Trip Opinion Piece
  • M.A.C. Period Opinion Piece
  • Did You Know That Mr. Hall is Also a Novelist? by Amy Saalwachter
  • Del Mautte Trades in Gym-Whistle for Walkie-Talkie by Wendell Alcorn
  • Return to Middlesex-M.A.C. Period by Evonne Carroll
  • DHS Opens its Doors to Project L.I.T.E. by Cara Meinke
  • Sid Returns to Campus by Chris Wallhagen
  • New Teachers Welcomed by Students at DHS by Walter Norman
  • AFS Brings New Faces to DHS by Katii Cavanna and Jen Hogan
  • Rape: Don’t Think it Couldn’t Happen to You by Finley Oakley
  • Survey Says? Tim Dutton by Kevin Cunningham
  • Horse Power by Cara Meinke
  • “Composing Ourselves” Takes a Stand by Bettina Bepler
  • Sea Monsters Found in Norwalk by Evonne Carroll
  • Teacher Assigned Homework by Betsy Carlson
  • Computers Can Kill by Cara Meinke
  • Al Smith Hits the Campaign Trail by Kevin Cunningham
  • Welnik Wows Many Head at The Garden by Wendell Alcorn
  • Cafe Helps Set a Brand New Pace by Betsy Carlson
  • Faith No More Exposes “The Real Things” by David Trenck
  • Recent Mafia Movies Receive Mixed Reviews by Chase Toogood
  • But What About the Freshmen? by Jane Rand
  • Update; What the Student Government is Up To by Amy Saalwachter
  • Blue Wave Fall Sports Review by Liz Howard
  • Boys Soccer Off to Good Start by Todd Armstrong
  • Are Your Parents Nacs? by Todd Armstrong
  • Cheerleaders Cheer No Longer by Marisa O’Conner


Neirad for 199101.pdf

Neirad for January 1991

  • World Games: Around the World in 80 Seconds by Jane Rand and Amy Saalwachter
  • Snow: A Possibility for this Graduation by Finley Oakley
  • Teacher Positions Axed for 1991 by Kevin Cunningham
  • Seniors Sing Out for Access to Tape Deck
  • Complacency Abounds at Darien High School by Cara Meinke
  • Conflicting Opinions on School Dances by Todd Armstrong
  • Proposal Supported by Liz Van Loan
  • Light Dawns on Awareness by Marisa O’Connor
  • Blue Bins to the Rescue by Cara Meinke
  • Resolutions Kick Off the New Year by Kaitlin Cavanna
  • DHS’s Picks and Pans of 1990 by Betsy Carlson
  • January Remembers Martin Luther King by Evonne Carroll
  • DHS Senior Runs Lights, Camera and Action
  • Vai Experiments with the True Passion and Warfare by David Trenck
  • Lobos, Rated a Good Value by Jen Hogan and Marisa O’Conner
  • Oakley Picks Top Four Videos by Finley Oakley
  • Where to Find the Best Skiing in New England by Chase Toogood
  • Icemen Strive for Championship by Wendell Alcorn
  • Ski Team Prepares for Upcoming Season by Todd Armstrong
Neirad for 19910401.pdf

Neirad for April 1, 1991

  • Student Government Scandals
  • Top 10 List: Today’s Topic…Why are Freshmen Lame?
  • Cop R.O.C.K.
  • Spencer Markatos’ Senior Prank Training School
Neirad for 199105.pdf

Neirad for May 1991

  • New Human Rights at DHS by Amy Saalwachter
  • Harrassment issue hits DHS by Laura Barret and Malou Frederikson
  • Schedule Slated to Remain Unchanged by Evonne Carroll
  • Roving Reporter: What are your feelings about any aspect of animal rights? By Evonne Carroll
  • Decision for Chair Cuts Finalized by Jen Hogan
  • Lock it up Tight by Jessica Brown
  • Weedstock 1991 Planned by Liz Van Loan
  • Youth and Government Debate Issues in Hartford by Karen Davis
  • Students Take a Step Towards Animal Liberation by Sarah Rivett
  • Should Standardized Tests be Eliminated? By Ryan Gray
  • New Committee Respects Differences by Wilson Cleveland
  • New Opportunities to Beat the Summer Blues by Meg Allen and Karen Davis
  • Darien Family Sees First Hand Account of Arab World by Marissa O’Connor
  • AFS…There’s Room For Improvement by Ryan Gray
  • Theatre 308 Makes Dramatic Landing at Festival by Lisa Bennett
  • The Dead: Are Their Fans Loving Them to Death? By Eric Pirritt
  • IMAX Takes Flight by Amy Saalwachter
  • Watching “Real Life” in Darien, 06820 by Wilson Cleveland
  • Record Reviews by Kevin Cunningham
  • Girls Lacrosse Shows Promise for Advancement by Lucy Peglar and Sarah Rivett
  • Laxers Expect Championship by Jared Demark
  • Special Stars Shine Brightly by Sarah Rivett, Lucy Peglar, and Brian Merritt
  • Baseball Team Swings Into New Season by Brian Merritt
  • Strom Retires by Aimee Prezzano
  • Kristen Daly Named Valedictorian 1991 by Aimee Prezzano
  • Seniors Stress Over New Class by Laura Barrett and Lucy Peglar
Neirad for 199110.pdf

Neirad for October 1991

  • Gone But Not Forgotten by Mike Twardy
  • Long Lines, Chaos, and Construction Found in the Cafeteria by Evonne Carroll
  • WDHS…To be or Not to be by Jen Hogan
  • Library Closed During Common Time by Aimee Prezzano and Victorie MarkAnthony
  • Opinions Differ on Animal Rights by Wilson Cleveland, Alexa Damon, and Lucy Peglar
  • Darien Runs for A Better Chance by Aimee Prezzano
  • Students Form New Writing Group by Carly Burton
  • Firsthand View of the Russian Coup by Jim Sykes
  • Summer Reading Results are in by Marissa O’Connor
  • Booster Club Funds Athletic Teams by Liz Howard
  • Someone Needs Your Friendship by Jen Hogan
  • College Crime Uncovered by Elizabeth Howard
  • College Freshmen say goodbye to Short and Sweet by Hilary Roxe
  • Students Stess DHS Style by Meg Allen
  • Science Greets New Face by Lucy Peglar
  • Eight Bands Jam in New Jersey by Jim Sykes
  • Sting Buzzes at Jones Beach by Jessica Brown
  • Coming This Fall Season to a Theater Near You by Wilson Cleveland
  • TX & AZ Voted Top Rate by Karen Davis and Meg Allen
  • Theatre 308 to Perform Into The Woods by Hilary Roxe
  • Book Review: Fulghum’s new book puts everything into a new perspective by Mike Twardy
  • Pre-Season Pays Off for Sangster’s Squad by Alexa Damon
  • Meet Drowns Simmers of Homecoming by Carly Burton
  • Field Hockey Takes on New Coach by Lucy Peglar and Alexa Damon
Neirad for 199112.pdf

Neirad for December 1991

  • Genetic Engineering is Explored Beyond Textbooks by Elizabeth Howard
  • DHS Students Reach out to Community by Jenny Axt, Evonne Carroll, and Debbie Loomis
  • Bring Back American Studies by Lucy Peglar
  • Theatre 308 Exemption Unfair by Aimee Prezzano
  • Roving Reporter: Who is Your Hero by Evonne Carroll
  • Senior Senior Prom Provided Recreation for All Ages by Carly Burton
  • Student Government 1991 Projects a New Image by Jim Sykes
  • 1991 Homecoming Photos by Evonne Carroll and Erica Wald
  • Political Correctness Sweeps College Campuses by Jessica Brown
  • Mothers Fight Battle Against Drunk Driving by Karen Davis
  • Homecoming 1991 Was a Mix of Joy and Pain by Alexa Damon and Karen Davis
  • Border Crossing Gains Momentum in New Canaan by Carly Burton and Debbie Loomis
  • DHS Student Takes Top Honors in Writing Contest by Evonne Carroll
  • Norwalk Befriends Nagarote by Hilary Roxe
  • Beatlemania Twists and Shouts at DHS by Jenny Axt
  • Pizza isn’t Just Pizza by Meg Allen and Karen Davis
  • Music Saves Walden Woods by Marisa O’Connor
  • Book Review: Dreams of Glory by Alexa Damon
  • Concert in the Park is Now Available on CD by Jessica Brown
  • Theatre 308 Goes “Into the Woods” by Jenny Axt
  • Volleyball Captures Second FCIAC Crown by Elizabeth Howard
  • New Club Rows Into Darien This Spring by Debbie Loomis
  • Sailing Team Becomes a Reality by Jim Sykes


Neirad for 199201.pdf

Neirad for January 1992

  • DHS Students Advance into the Future by Marisa O'Connor
  • New Group Guides Teens by Debbie Loomis
  • Assistant Principal Position Cut by Debbie Loomis
  • New Committee Works for Better DHS by Jim Sykes
  • New Approach to Teaching Motivates Students at DHS by Jenny Axt
  • Heating Problems Frost DHS by Aimee Prezzano
  • New Science Wing in 1993 by Elizabeth Howard
  • AIDS Precautions Taken in Darien by Elizabeth Howard
  • Tudors Sing Madrigal Style by Meg Allen and Carly Burton
  • DHS Students Hold Five-Year Reunion by Carly Burton
  • Monster From Young Frankenstein Haunts DHS by Karen Davis
  • St. Luke’s Provides Temporary Shelter for Area Homeless by Hilary Roxe
  • My Girl Brings on the Winter Blues by Wilson Cleveland
  • Rolling Stones “Concert” Held in Sono by Karen Davis
  • New Release: U2’s Achtung Baby Proves to be Just as Popular as Joshua Tree by Jim Sykes
  • DHS Swimmer, Jad Finck, Shines Among Athletes This Winter by Alexa Damon
  • Athletes Excel on and Off the Field by Evonne Carroll
  • Stefano Ghirardini Brings Boys’ Volleyball Club to Darien by Debbie Loomis
  • Student Trainers Assist Darien Sports Teams by Aimee Prezzano
Neirad for 199203.pdf

Neirad for March 1992

  • School Braces for Evaluation by Karen Davis
  • Town Lines are No Longer Barriers by Debbie Loomis
  • Matt Tirrell (1934-1992) by Jim Sykes
  • Winning Isn’t Everything by Aimee Prezzano
  • Lumper Hangs Up Lab Coat by Dave Tobin
  • Curtain Rises on Talent Show by Catia Nystrom and Catie Winebrenner
  • “April in Paris ” Becomes a Reality by Jenny Axt
  • Alcoholism? You Don’t Have to Suffer Alone by Catia Nystrom
  • MacNeil-Lehrer Hosts Brancale and McClure by Meg Allen and Mallory Morgan
  • Ballard Reveals Deep-Sea Secrets by Catia Nystrom
  • Divorce Court DHS Style by Stephanie MacDonald
  • The Paper Chase is on for World Reformers by Evonne Carroll
  • DHS Students Miss the Orient Express by Mallory Morgan
  • Communiqué: Students Exercise Freedom of Speech by Erik Campano
  • SAT’s: Do they Measure Test Wiseness or Learned Abilities? By Aimee Prezzano
  • If You Could Vote for Anyone in the World to be President, Who Would it be? By Erik Campano
  • How to Cure those Summertime Blues by Anna Hamlen and Michele Sproviero
  • He’s No “Mystery Man” Anymore by Blaire Osgood
  • A Call for Help by Jane Southey
  • Happy New Year! By Anna Hamlen
  • A Closer Look at the Spin Doctors by Aimee Prezzano
  • Restaurant Review: Li’s Brothers’ Inn by Debbie Loomis
  • Bring a Fat Wallet to the “Un-Diner” Diner by Jared Demark and Tucker Greene
  • Theatre 308 to Host Drama Festival by Jenny Axt
  • Crooks Delivers the “Male” by Michele Sproviero
  • Winter Sports in Shorts by Jared Demark and Tucker Greene
  • Icemen Excel by Stephanie Macdonald and Catie Winebrenner
Neirad for 19920401.pdf

Neirad for April 1, 1992

  • Darien Playhouse Opens
  • Sam Hougas’ Psychic Predictions
  • Tsongas Out; Tsykes In
  • The S.S. Minnow Sails from DHS
  • Set My Fruit Flies Free!
  • Police Reports…
  • Rath Quits Math to Jive with New Kids
  • Straight from the Vick…:Love Advice from Vicki Mark Anthony
Neirad for 199205.pdf

Neirad for May 1992

  • Activity Period Approved: Hall and Loughran Give the “O.K.” by Mallory Morgan
  • “Community Council” in School’s Future? by Jane Southey
  • How Far is Too Far with Parental Advice? by Aimee Prezzano
  • What Would You Add to or Take Away from DHS by Tucker Greene and Stephanie MacDonald
  • NEASC Evaluation Due This Fall by Debbie Loomis
  • Tete-a-tete with the Pirouette by Jane Southey
  • Demi Moore, Donald Sutherland, Ralph Chianelli… by Catie Winebrenner and Catia Nystrom
  • Exclusive Interview with Tom Wolfe by Anna Hamlen
  • Darien Police Protect and Serve the Community by Meg Allen and Anna Hamlen
  • How to Write Right by Jane Southey and Michele Sproviero
  • Ed Reilly Elected Secretary of State by Mallory Morgan
  • Joint Together with the Bands: Local Groups Interviewed by Karen Davis
  • For Great Food, Wok This by Jenny Axt and Jim Sykes
  • Quality Franks at Swanks by Jared Demark and Tucker Green
  • Book Review: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape by Jessica Brown
  • Is Jane All She’s Cracked Up To Be? by Jessica Brown
  • Laxmen Stand Atop Prestigious ‘Trifectus’ by Tucker Greene and Jared Denmark
  • Girard Deflates Men’s Volleyball by Debbie Loomis
  • Olympic Hopeful Glides to Greatness by Michele Sproviero
  • In Memory of Samuel Hougas by Evonne Carroll
Neirad for 199211.pdf

Neirad for November 1992

  • Activity Period Wins Approval by Debbie Loomis
  • NEASC Releases DHS Report by Greg Walsh
  • Russians Perform at DHS by Samantha Davis and Kristen Busskohl
  • School System Searches for New Leader by Greg Walsh
  • History Department Welcomes New Faces by Fritz Fritzpatrick
  • Election ’92: The Choice is Yours by Mallory Morgan
  • DHS Welcomes Enthusiastic New Band Director by Craig LeMoult
  • AFS Students “Catch the Wave” by Jenny Axt
  • Chesley says, “Sayonara” by Debbie Loomis and Amy Roth
  • Pavia Returns to DHS by Hilary Roxe
  • Pizza Takes Over the Station by Colin Dwyer
  • Fall Athletes Speak Out by Mallory Morgan
Neirad for 199212.pdf

Neirad for December 1992

  • Administration See’s the Light by Debbie Loomis
  • Stamford Exchanges with Darien by Hilary Roxe
  • Roving Reporter: What Do You Look for in a College/Have You Used the College Career Center by Craig LeMoult
  • R.E.M. Causes Automatic Boredom by Jessica Brown
  • Reviews to Go by Colin Dwyer
  • All “Cool” on the Western Front by Mallory Morgan
  • Writing Center Goes to Press by Jenny Axt
  • Seniors Shake a Leg by Colin Dwyer and Pat McClure
  • Student Interest Wanes for Depot by Samantha Davis
  • Dreary Hallways Lack Artwork by Fritz Fitzpatrick
  • Students Respond to Clinton Victory by Kristy Crooks
  • Neirad Talks to Singles Assistant by Jocelyn Cavanna
  • Students Reach Out to Hurricane Victims by Hilary Roxe
  • Dutton Moves On by Katie Murray
  • Go Behind the Scenes of West Side Story by Brendan Cusack
  • Blue Wave Rams New Canaan by Craig LeMoult
  • Swimmers Drown Competition by Leslie Graham and Liz Matthews


Neirad for 199301.pdf

Neirad for January 1993

  • Adieu Magoo by Jenny Axt
  • Norwalk Offers Desegregation Plan by Debbie Loomis
  • Letters to the Editor by Tracy Miller and Nora Kassis
  • Roving Reporter- What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? by Katie Murray
  • Trip Scheduled to the Land of the Pharaohs by Debbie Loomis
  • Students Band Together at DHS by Brendan Cusack
  • Darien Playhouse to Open Soon by Mark Fallon
  • Goodwill Abounds Among Students by Craig LeMount
  • Darien Graduate has “Gotta Go” by Samantha Davis
  • Blue Wave Winter Sports Clips by Liz Matthews and Carolyn Sclafani
  • DHS Wrestles Its Way to the Top by James Ray
Neirad for 199303 Issue 4.pdf

Neirad for March 1993

  • Bomb Threat Paralyzes School by Debbie Loomis
  • Roving Reporter- If You Could Give Advice on How to Live a Good Life What Would it Be? by Jocelyn Cavanna and Michelle Stelben
  • Student Government Finds Equality in Community Council by Amy Roth
  • Students Reach a Con “Census” by Sam Davis
  • Health Issues- Peer Players Raise Awareness by Jocelyn Cavanna
  • Should Marijuana be Legalized? by Colette Martin
  • SAT Team Seeks to Support Students by Debbie Loomis
  • Colin and Mal Pick the Oscars by Colin Dwyer and Mallory Morgan
  • Aspen Extremely Excellent by Kristin Busskohl
  • Crew Goes Blue this Spring by Debbie Loomis
  • Winter Season- Ski team by Carolyn Sclafani
  • Wrestling team by James Ray
Neirad for 199303.pdf

Neirad for Maypril Fools 1993

  • Students Seize Control of the Building
  • Vicki the Vixen
  • The Faculty Poetry Corner- Neil Matthews, Lynn Carlson, Dr. Jeff Bouvier
  • Non-Stop Party!!
Neirad for 199305.pdf

Neirad for May 1993

  • Human Rights Day Returns by Kristy Crooks
  • Wavefest Washes Over DHS by Amy Roth
  • Roving Reporter- Would You Attend a Regional High School if You Had the Chance? by Colette Martin and Liz Matthews
  • Students Show-Off in Talent Show by Colin Dwyer
  • What Are Your Views on Governor Weicker’s Proposal to Redistrict the System? by Ralph E. Sloan- Norwalk, Len Tomasello- New Canaan, Paul Kelleher- Westport, Peter Horoschak- Stamford, Robert K. Laber- Darien.
  • New Attitudes Prevail for DHS Alumni by James Ray
  • SAT’s Weighted Unfairly in Admissions Process by Vince Childers
  • AmeriCare Comes Home by Sam Davis
  • Tennis Team Serves it Up in Florida by Carolyn Sclafani
Neirad for 199306.pdf

Neirad for June 1993

  • Mr. Rath Bids Farewell to DHS by Greg Walsh
  • The Way I See It by Vince Childers
  • Students Shine at Awards Assembly by Greg Walsh
  • New Schedule Seeks Approval by John Dunwoody
  • New Voices Speak Out by Debbie Loomis
  • Date Rape by Jenny Trygg and Colette Martin
  • Mark Martini… He’s Back!! by Michelle Stelben
  • Achievers’ Night Wins Mixed Reviews by Sarah Geyer
  • Students Plan Summer Fun by Jocelyn Cavanna
  • Buy Your Tickets Now!! by Jessica Brown
  • Spring Sports Wrap-Up by Carolyn Sclafani
Neirad for 199310.pdf

Neirad for October 1993

  • Devils and Dancing Haunt Homecoming by Dave Selkowitz
  • Board Reviews Senior Privileges by Craig LeMoult
  • Student Government Reborn by Amy Roth
  • Viewpoint by Mandy Gauss
  • Roving Reporter by Brian Bieluch
  • Foreign Students Bring Global Perspective by Alan Pan
  • Students Begin Japanese Journey by Alan Pan
  • New Service Club Lends a Hand by Katey Tone
  • Technology Predicts Wave of the Future by Alan Pan
  • Read to Succeed on SATs by James Ray
  • Students Speak Out About New Schedule  by Kristy Crooks and Pieter Van Winkle
  • Aspiring Students Involved in Independent Studies by Ryan Harvey
  • Lollapalooza Crosses the Plaid by Jim Sykes and Alex Ivey
  • Dining at its Very Finest…In Darien by Jenny Axt and Amy Roth
  • Movie Theater Becomes Music Fest by Brendan Cusack
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll: is it Live or is it Dead? By Mark Fallon
  • Blue Wave Fall Sports Shine High and Bright by Erik Osberg and Lindsey Perret
  • Florida Surfer Beached by Blue Wave by Debbie Loomis
Neirad for 199312.pdf

Neirad for December 1993

  • Blue Wave Sets a Perfect Season by Justin Calmello
  • Float Trashing Dampens Spirits by Kristy Crooks
  • Vandals Trash DHS Trust by Craig Lemoult
  • To Censor or Not to Censor? By Alan Pan
  • Vail Weymann Named State MVP by Ryan Harvey
  • Students Appreciate Japanese Culture by Jenny Axt
  • When Bodies Cry for Help by James Ray
  • Students Critique Seventeen by Jenny Axt and Mandy Gauss
  • Marvin’s Room Heralded as 308’s Best by Craig Lemoult
  • Metal “Versus” Pearl Jam by James Ray
  • Kalish and Simpson Gain Wide Recognition by Jenny Axt
  • Blue Wave Winter Sports Ride High on the Surf by Alan Pan
Neirad for 1993Mayprill.pdf

Neirad for 1993 Maypril Fools

  • Students Seize Control of the Building
  • Police Reports
  • Privileged few to be Desegreated
  • Marching Band Wallops Football Team 70-9
  • Vicki the Vixen: Love Advice from Vicki MarkAnthony
  • The Faculty Poetry Corner


Neirad for 199401.pdf

Neirad for January 1994

  • January Graduates by Alice Martin
  • Year in Review by Erin Stinchfield and Adam Reider
  • Common Cents Makes Sense by Adam Reider
  • Teenage Violence Explodes by Bobby Daly
  • Iceman Slide to Inauspicious Start by Chris Blackman
  • Wrestlers Hurt by Lack of Depth by Chris Blackman
  • James Ray: The Man Behind the Machine by Scott Goodwin
  • Is That Nancy Kerrigan? No, It’s Lisa G! by Bobby Daly
  • Beth Huntley: The All American Girl by Christy Huntley
  • Nobody’s Fool? By Alice Martin
Neirad for 199403.pdf

Neirad for March 1994

  • Board to Determine Seniors’ Fate by Debbie Loomis
  • Early Grads Look to Future by Jenny Axt
  • Community Calls for Conditional Senior Privilege
  • Students Need an Attitude Adjustment
  • Controversy Surrounds Exemption Decision by Craig Lemoult
  • School Pulls Together to Bring Artwork to DHS by Fritz Fitzpatrick
  • Middlesex Tightens its Belt by David Selkowitz and Brian Newman
Neirad for 199405.pdf

Neirad for May 1994

  • Students Sit in for Empowerment by Debbie Loomis
  • Weather Boy Takes DHS by Storm by Brian Newman
  • Roving Reporter - If You Could Borrow any Teacher’s Wardrobe, Whose Would it Be and Why? by Erick Osberg
  • Free Periods: Good or Bad? by Brian Bieluch and Dave Selkowitz
Neirad for 199406.pdf

Neirad for June 1994

  • Sweeping Changes Come to DHS by Fritz Fitzpatrick
  • Attendance is Mandatory by  Debbie Loomis
Neirad for 199409.pdf

Neirad for September 1994

  • Blue Wave Volleyball: Tidal to Tide by P. White
Neirad for 199410.pdf

Neirad for October 1994

  • DHS Cracks Down by  James Ray
  • Roving Reporter: What Do You Think of the New Freshman? by Conor McAuliffe
Neirad for 199410Issue3.pdf

Neirad for October 20, 1994

  • Swimmers Edged by Lauralton Hall by P. White
Neirad for 199411.pdf

Neirad for November 1994

  • Homecoming Brings Out BWP by James Ray
  • Tom Callahan Brings Perspective to DHS by Alex Ivey
  • Neirad Announces Technological Goals by Brian Bieluch
  • Anna and the King of Siam at DHS by Christy White
  • Mrs. Homes’ Finds New Home by Maura Cahill
  • Teacher Day, Ru Star After School by Alex Ivey
  • Chiara Ghirardini “Sets” the Pace by Maura Cahill
  • REM Evolves with MONSTER by Conor McAuliffe
  • Clerks: Low Budget, High Quality by Richard Johnson
  • Pulp Fiction Dazzles by Richard Johnson
  • Wave Sneaks Past Norwalk by Chris Blackman
  • Wave Defeats Staples to Claim FCIACs by Dave Selkowitz and Doug O’Malley
Neirad for 199412.pdf

Neirad for December 1994

  • No Community Support for Re-Proposal of CSP by Christy White
  • Future Juniors to Face Six Course Requirement by Brian Bieluch
  • Teacher Brings About Cleaner Cafe Movement by Alice Martin and Erin Stinchfield
  • Neirad Polls DHS Students on Government by Christy White
  • Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy by Conor McAuliffe
  • Amateur Attempt at Action by Conor McAuliffe


Neirad for 199502.pdf

Neirad for February 1995

Neirad for 199504.pdf

Neirad for April 1995

  • Co-ed Naked Sports Program Bared at DHS
  • Fire Drills at Darien High School
  • Boys’ Gymnastics back, Better Than Ever!
  • Police Reports
Neirad for 199505.pdf

Neirad for May 1995

  • CAP Test: IT COUNTS! By James Ray
  • The Midnight run against hunger by Sanae Kurota
  • Childhood treatment creates monsters by James Ray
  • Homosexuality at DHS: Author of anonymous viewpoint should be commended by Alex Ivey
  • Four Juniors to spend week in Washington by Maura Cahill
  • Post 911: Not just “the other post in town” by Ali Tajdar
  • Boy’s lax powering to the finish by Erik Osberg
  • Boy’s tennis striving to repeat by Doug O’Malley.
  • DHS rowers post admirable results by Brian Newman
  • Two DHS students to travel on Field Hockey to Australia team
Neirad for 199506.pdf

Neirad for June 1995

  • The Run for the Homeless by Lesley Roxe
  • Accomplishments of 1994-1995 by Matt Shepherd
  • Four Darien Students Dazzle in ‘The Fantasticks’ by Blake Polett
  • A New Course At DHS by Lindsay Benton
  • Human Rights Day Starts with Silence by Laura Hummel
  • Community Council Elections a Tough Fight by Noreen Gillespie
  • Cafeteria Bacteria by Zach Lauckhart
  • Pianist Tickles the Ivories by Betsey Garvin
  • Wavefest 1995 by Betsey Garvin
  • Men’s Volleyball Descends on DHS by Carson Sohroeder
  • Field Hockey Stars Earn International Experience by Noreen Gillespie
Neirad for 199506Issue 7.pdf

Neirad for 199506Issue 7

  • not working
Neirad for 199509.pdf

Neirad for September 1995

  • Homecoming Committee, Community Council “Tackle the Issues” by Dave Selkowitz
  • DHS ’95-’96 Activities Begin by Maura Cahill
  • DHS Athletes Survive “Heck” Week by Matt Shepherd
Neirad for 199510.pdf

Neirad for October 1995

  • “NO MORE” to ‘Innuendoes’ Field Hockey Poster-Makers by Maura Cahill
  • Victory in the Streets of New Orleans by Maura Cahill
  • Get Out of the Intersection by Maura Cahill
  • O.J. Simpson: Innocent? Or Simply Not Guilty? by Horeen Gillespie
  • Homecoming Parade Gains Senior Float by Kate Powell
  • DHS Students Explore New Horizons by Blake Polett
  • Faces in the Crowd: New Teachers at DHS by Rosemary Benton, Bobby Daly & Noreen Gillespie
  • Peter Gogolak by Bobby Daly & Scott Goodwin
  • The Return of the 70’s by Bobby Daly
  • The ABC’s of A Better Chance by Kate Powell
  • Strecker Creates Architects by Ali Tajdar
  • Liz Merritt & Lauren Dudley: Athletic Success by Kate Watts
  • Socker’s Socko Season by Scott Goodwin
  • Victory Over New Canaan! by Kate Golden
Neirad for 199511.pdf

Neirad for November 1995

  • ABC News Crew Bounced from DHS by Betsy Garvin
  • And They All Laughed… by Noreen Gillespie
  • DHS Coxswains Travel to the Charles by Brian Newman
  • Sangster Leads the Wave to Success by Tory Holot & Kate Watts
  • Wave Crests at FCIAC’s, States by Noreen Gillespie
  • Stte Champs! by Ali Tajdar
  • FCIAC Champions…Again! by Kate Pwell
Neirad for 199512.pdf

Neirad for December 1995

  • Weymann Creates Splash on WNBC 4 by Maura Cahill
  • Pavia Book-Signing a Success by Moreen Gillespie
  • Keeping the Spirit Alive for DHS Volleyball by Ali Tajdar
  • Saving Lives and Goals by Bobby Daly
  • Damon Surpasses 1,000 Yard Mark by Tory Holdt & Matt Shepherd


Neirad for 199602.pdf

Neirad for February 1996

  • Unclear Commitment Causes Suspension
  • A Commemoration of Life by Erin McKenna
  • Winter Wonderland- Four East Coast Mountains by Mike Harrington-Howes and John Evans
  • Freshman Girls Make a Splash…  On the Boys Team by Sarah Matsuzatka
  • Indoor Track Inspired by New Coach by Matt Chiavaroli
Neirad for 199603.pdf

Neirad for March 1996

  • Six Graduate Early by Alice Martin
  • World Games Invades DHS by Erin McKenna
  • Bjornson Rivets Eyes as Cover Girl by Bobby Daly
  • Board of Ed Struggles to Fit in 180 Days of School Before July by Brian Newman
Neirad for 199604.pdf

Neirad for April 1996

  • A Tribute to Led Zeppelin by Connor McAuliffe
  • DHS Sailing by Matt Sheperd
  • Girls Tennis by Maura Cahill
  • Board Questions Community Council by James Ray
Neirad for 19960406.pdf

Neirad for April/May 1996

  • DHS Alum Goes “From Darien to Seinfeld” by Dave Selkowitz
  • Sophomore Western Civ Classes Venture to Nation’s Capitol by Noreen Gillespie
  • Neirad Staff Tours CBS Studios by Alice Martin
  • DHS Teachers Tie the Knot Over Vacation
Neirad for 199605.pdf

Neirad for May 1996

  • Community Council Board Elected by Betsy Garvin
  • 1996 Prom Blasts Off with Stars, Sequins, and Sparkle by Doug O’Malley
  • Roving Reporter: What Do You Think of All the Drug Programs the School Has Presented to the Student Body this Year? compiled by Jen Costa
  • Systems of Tech Students Harness Solar Energy, Compete in Alternative Energy Competition by Erin Stinchfield and Tracy Smith
  • Neirad Staff Dines with Tom Gammill by Alice Martin
  • Sophomores Dance with the “Stars”
  • Junior Laxers Compete in National Tournament by Emil Corsillo and Bill Massie
  • Sophomore Western Civ Classes Participate in Mock United Nations Event by Scott Goodwin
  • Ms. Herman Deals with Drama of Motherhood by Maura Cahill
  • DHS Connects with its Own Satellite Dish by Carson Schroeder
  • Breakfast Club Survives as Hallmark of Fathers, Food, and Football by Bobby Daly and Kate Golden
Neirad for 199606.pdf

Neirad for June 1996

  • Girls Lacrosse: Laxers Outduel Rams in Shootout for State Title by Alicia Martin and Kate Watts
  • Girls Tennis: Girls Capture State Crow for Second Consecutive Year by Tory Holdt and Kate Watts
  • Boys Tennis: 3-Peat! by Zeke Hawkins
  • Girls Track: Runners Post Personal Best Times; Holdt Places High by Kate Golden
  • Golfers Place Sixth at FCIAC’s, tenth at States by Emil Corsillo
  •  Girls Compete in FCIAC Tournament for the First Time Ever by Erin Stinchfield
  • Wave Toppled by Rams in 7th Overtime by Bill Massie
  • Anderson and Hawkins Compile Two Year Record of 37-3 by Scott Goodwin
  • Boys Finish With 13-7 Record, Fail to Capitalize in Postseason by Scott Goodwin
Neirad for 199606Issue8.pdf

Neirad for June 1996 2

  • Cahill, Yezzie, Greenspon Named Valedictorians by Bobby Daly
  • Franzis to Leave DHS for Brookefield by Noreen Gillespie
  • Russo Selected as New Assistant Principle After Extensive Search by Noreen Gillespie
  • PROUD Badminton Tournament Tests Titans by Bobby Daly
  • Talent Show Delivers Laughs and “Brain Damage” by Alice Martin
  • The List of Most Likeliest
  • Parlez-vous Wolof?
  • Food Fair Culminates Successful Memorial Day Weekend by Tor Holdt
  • Freshman Class Swarms to End of Year Dance by Jen Costa
  • AP Physics Projects Demand Sweat and Brain Power by Betsey Garvin
  • War Veterans Honored at Veteran’s Symposium by Erin McKenna
  • DHS Oarsman Capture Sixth at Nationals by Betsey Garvin
  • Tri-M Ends Year With a Bang by Erin Stinchfield
  • Videos Highlight Jockers’ “Unorthodox” but Effective Teaching Methods by Carson Schroeder
  • Klein Performs at Carnegie Hall by Kate Golden and Kate Watts
  • Congratulations to the Class of 1996: compiled by Erin McKenna
Neirad for 199609.pdf

Neirad for September 1996

  • Homecoming ‘96: Dancing by the Seine by Dave Selkowitz and Doug O’Malley
  • Mossa to Lead Strong Squad   by Scott Goodwin
  • Volleyball: Girls Have Tough Act to Follow by Doug O’Malley
  • Boy’s Soccer: New Corps Set Sights High by Scott Goodwin
  • Girl’s Swimming: Girls Hoping to Start Season with a Splash by Noreen Gillespie
  • Field Hockey: Seniors Hope to Spark Team by Bobby Daly
Neirad for 199610.pdf

Neirad for October 1996

  • BWP Rallies for Homecoming by Dave Selkowitz
  • 308 Selects “Guys and Dolls” for Fall Musical by Audrey Droesch
  • Homecoming Heats Up by Rachel Rhein
  • Roving Reporter: What’s Your Biggest Fear for the 1996-1997 School Year
  • Blue Wave Pride Bursts into the Halls of DHS by Tracy Smith
  • Pep Rally Boosts BWP by Kate Watts
  • Pavia Tackles New Challenges at Stamford HS by Rachel Rhein
  • New Teachers Roam the Halls of DHS by Lisa Klein and Jen Costa
  • 1996 Homecoming King and Queen: Denise Penny and Emil Corsillo by Bobby Daly
  • Schoknecht “Sets” Heights High by Bobby Daly
  • New Students Adjust to and Change DHS by Rachel Rhein and Audrey Droesch
  • REM’s “New Adventures” Hit a HiNote by Blake Pollet
  • Man or Astroman Out of this World by Kimi Hodges
  • Centro Receives Rare Reviews by Bobby Daly and Audrey Droesch
  • Beautiful Biopic: “Basquiat” by Blake Pollet
  • The Best of Darien by Nick Ferrer
  • Boy’s Cross Country: Team Benefits from Increased Size by Brian Dimenna
  • Football: Wave Led By Dominating Defense     by Scott Goodwin
  • Volleyball: Spikers Still Undefeated by Jen Costa
  • Boy’s Soccer: Young Squad of to Quick Start by Scott Goodwin
Neirad for 199610Issue2.pdf

Neirad for October 1996 2

  • BWP Rallies for Homecoming by Dave Selkowitz
  • 308 Selects “Guys and Dolls” for Fall Musical by Audrey Droesch
  • Homecoming Heats Up by Rachel Rhein
  • Roving Reporter: What’s Your Biggest Fear for the 1996-1997 School Year
  • Blue Wave Pride Bursts into the Halls of DHS by Tracy Smith
  • Pep Rally Boosts BWP by Kate Watts
  • Pavia Tackles New Challenges at Stamford HS by Rachel Rhein
  • New Teachers Roam the Halls of DHS by Lisa Klein and Jen Costa
  • 1996 Homecoming King and Queen: Denise Penny and Emil Corsillo by Bobby Daly
  • Schoknecht “Sets” Heights High by Bobby Daly
  • New Students Adjust to and Change DHS by Rachel Rhein and Audrey Droesch
  • REM’s “New Adventures” hit a HiNote by Blake Pollet
  • Man or Astroman Out of this World by Kimi Hodges
  • Centro Receives Rare Reviews by Bobby Daly and Audrey Droesch
  • Beautiful Biopic: “Basquiat” by Blake Pollet
  • The Best of Darien by Nick Ferrer
  • Boy’s Cross Country: Team Benefits from Increased Size by Brian Dimenna
  • Football: Wave Led By Dominating Defense     by Scott Goodwin
  • Volleyball: Spikers Still Undefeated by Jen Costa
  • Boy’s Soccer: Young Squad of to Quick Start by Scott Goodwin
Neirad for 199611.pdf

Neirad for November 1996

  • Sillars Leaves Depot After Six Years of Service by Bobby Daly
  • DHS CAPT Scores Still Comparatively High by Noreen Gillespie
  • Trial After School Activity Period Implemented by Jen Costa
  • Bealer “Heading” for Bright Future by Lesley Roxe
  • Kappler Returns from Year Long Atlantic Voyage by Noreen Gillespie
  • Freshman Prodigy: Kilanowski Reaches for the Stars by Tracy Smith
  • Senior Friendships to Last a Lifetime by Audrey Droesch
  • Kitty Badass: Not Just Some Band by Blake Polett and Kimi Hodges
Neirad for 199611SportsUpdate.pdf

Neirad for November 1996 Sports Update

  • Volleyball Wave Washes Over Bunnell by Jen Costa
  • Swimmers Capture 3rd in States by Noreen Gillespie
  • Football Wave Rolls, Rams Up Next by Scott Goodwin
  • Soccer Boys Finish Tough Season, Bealer Honored by Scott Goodwin
  • Soccer Girls Struggle to Break .500
Neirad for 1996SportsReview.pdf

Neirad for 1996 Sports Review

  • The Young and the Restless: Laxers Aim for State Crown by Bill Massie
  • Golf Hits the Links by Scott Goodwin
  • Tennis Girls Shoot for “Two Pear” by Tory Holdt
  • Runners Aim High by Betsy Garvin
  • Girls Looking for Revenge on the Diamond by Erin Stinchfield
  • Lacrosse Shooting to Recapture the FCIAC Crown by Erin McKenna
  • Baseballby Boys Swing for the Fences by Scott Goodwin
  • Tennis Boys Prepare to “Bust it Up” by Scott Goodwin


Neirad for 199702.pdf

Neirad for February 1997

  • Attempted Male Account of the Snowball Dance by Jon Dunn
  • A Speed Bump in Path to Getting License by Watson
  • Really Bad Female View of Snowball by Jenny Harvey
  • Deepo Shmeepo by Tom DiMenna
  • Problems with the Café by Greg Grambling
  • Zach Greene, a Changed Man by Chris Mears
  • Snow Day Fun by Emily Stevens
  • A View from the Bench by Chris Mears
Neirad for 199702Issue5.pdf

Neirad for February 1997

  • Three Graduate Mid Year by Dan Mahoney
  • Unsigned Letter Sparks Controversy by Noreen Gillespie
  • Café Shutdown Threatened by Community Council by Noreen Gillespie
  • Ebonics Threatens to Divide Education by Audrey Droesch
  • Bright Ideas Sparked in Freshman Class by Jon Dunn
  • DHS Lacks Student Parking Space by Liz Rivers
  • Band to Travel to Walt Disney World by Jen Costa
  • DHS Junior Earns Jeopardy Stardom by Bobby Daly
  • Rory’s Declared a Delicious Dining Delight by Nick Ferrer and Brian DiMenna
Neirad for 199704.pdf

Neirad for April 1997

  • Hall Condemns Illicit by Noreen Gillespie
  • Theatre 308 Claims CDA Crown by Audrey Droesch
  • Human Rights Day Modified by Chrissy Armstrong
  • UN Trip Gives History Club International Experience by Blake Polett
  • Juniors Dig Up Ancestral Roots At Ellis Island by Blake Polett
  • Thirty Years And A Legacy: Dr. George Sykes by Noreen Gillespie
  • Jeff Cashman: King of The Ice by Lesley Roxe
  • Sweet Rock Bliss For Ani DiFranco by Blake Polett
  • Thornton and Sling Blade Slice Into Theaters by Jacqueline Smith
  • Selena’s Brilliant Rise and Tragic Fall Captured on Film by Blake Polett
  • Lady Laxers To Repeat State Title by Liz Rivers
  • Boys Tennis Squad Looks For A Rebuilding Year by Jonathan Powell
  • Horoscope Boy Interprets Your Dreams
  • Darien High School Remembers Buening by Noreen Gillespie
  • Three Lunch Shift Schedule for Crowded Cafes in ’98 by Shain Anderson
Neirad for 199706.pdf

Neirad for June 1997

  • Roth, Stisser Named Top In Class of 1997 by Bobby Daly
  • “Silhouettes” A Smash by Bobby Daly
  • Cusack Accepts Young Playwrights Honor by Noreen Gillespie
  • New Faces, New Agenda: Community Council Agenda Needs Revamping
  • Class of ’96 Mourns Second Alumni Loss by Jonathan Powell
  • Freshmen Show Off Bright IDEAS at Achievers Night by Jon Dunn
  • Strecker’s Electric Car Competes In Alternative Energy Races by Mike Harrington-Howes
  • Buffet Wraps Up Tour at Meadows, Music Characterizes Summer by Bobby Daly
  • Girls Tennis Takes Home FCIAC Trophy by Lesley Roxe
  • Softball Makes State History by Jen Costa
  • Boys Lacrosse Claims FCIAC and State Crowns by Nick Ferrer
  • “Shoeless Ken” Takes It Away Single Footedly by Doug O’Malley
  • Baseball Climaxes Season At States; Best Season In History by Bobby Daly
  • Wave Rams New Canaan To Claim FCIAC, State Championship by Liz Rivers
  • Unsung Seniors
    • Dave Selkowitz by Noreen Gillespie
    • Toni Ann Conetta by Tracy Smith
    • Trish Watkins by Bobby Daly
    • Adam Alexander by Noreen Gillespie
    • Jason Oda by Jon Dunn
    • Lisa Klein by Audrey Droesch
    • Dan True by Lesley Roxe
    • Alex Bisset by Conor McAuliffe
  • Prom Pictures 1997
Neirad for 199710.pdf

Neirad for October 1997

  • The Voters Say “Yes!” by Noreen Gillespie
  • Oresman, Harrel to Vie for Selectman’s Seat by Shain Anderson
  • Valuing Education Over Taxes
  • Everyone Can Participate by Jon Dunn
  • Jamboree Features Olympic DHS Grad Dr. Leslie Milne by Jen Costa
  • Homecoming Preparations Already Underway by Brian DiMenna
  • Touchdown Thomas DiMenna by Bobby Daly
  • Two Teachers Awarded Fulbright Scholarships by Blake Polett
  • Eight Spanish Students Travel To Spain by Tracy Smith
  • Welcome New Faces To Darien High School
  • She’s So Lovely: Not Much To Love
  • Having The “Time of Your Life” …..Again by Noreen Gillespie
  • Girls Suffer Loss In Season Openers
  • Air Attack Grounded By Falcons 22-14 by Scott Goodwin
  • A Centennial To Remember by Tracy Smith
Neirad for 199711.pdf

Neirad for November 1997

  • Homecoming History In "The Secret Garden" by Tim Pearson
  • Overpopulation Affects Learning Experience by Tracy Smith
  • Unfair Conviction: Darien Residents Struggle To Evade Poster-Boy Alex Kelly Opinion Piece
  • Roving Reporter: How Do You Think DHS Can Improve? by Jon Dunn
  • Protect The Children by Blake Polett
  • "Get Out Of The Way!" by Jon Dunn
  • Pep Rally And Spirit Days Create Unity by Zack Greene
  • Science Scores Boast Improvement; Interdisciplinary Scores Decline On 1997 CAPT by Noreen Gillespie
  • Homecoming Pictures
  • Courtney Smith: Older Than Her Years by Jen Costa
  • Unconventional Driver: Hutter's Blue Whale by Zack Greene, Jeff Watson, and Brian DiMenna
  • Jamie Johnson Makes Waves by Shain Anderson
  • Friends, Runners, Compatriots: Jen Bosich and Vanessa Fjelldal by Audrey Droesch
  • Finnegan And Lawrence Highlight Homecoming Court by Bobby Daly
  • Sweet Lyrics And Blissful Harmonies by Blake Polett
  • Brian Revisits Vanilla Ice by Brian DiMenna
  • Danbury Crushes Wave; No State Spot by Jen Costa
  • Soccer Strives For First State Berth by Jeff Watson
  • Remaining Runners Stay Strong; Cruise Into Championships by Joe Breitwiser
  • Homecoming Massacre: Wave Wipes Out Wilton 47-0 by Scott Goodwin
  • Volleyball Eclipses Challenging Games; Fuels For Post-Season by Tracy Smith
Neirad for 199711SpecialIssue.pdf

Neirad for November 1997 Special Issue

  •  Shutout Series Propels Wave Football To FCIAC Championship by Scott Goodwin
  • Danbury Denies Girls Soccer State Berth by Jen Costa
  • Baigert Emphasizes Defense For Wins by Jon Dunn
  • State Dreams Crushed In Second Round For Soccer by Jeff Watson
  • Elizabeth McIntyre Makes Waves At International Synchro Competition by Noreen Gillespie
  • Crew Earns Respect With Solid Finish by Craig Currier
  • It’s Over: For Darien Volleyball Dynasty, No Streak Means Less Pressure by Tracy Smith
  • Class S Runner-Up A Team Effort From Swimmers and Divers by Noreen Gillespie
Neirad for 199712.pdf

Neirad for December 1997

  • Students for Students Opens Communication by Blake Polett
  • Volunteer Council Kicks Off in Time for Holidays by Jeff Watson
  • Education a Dual Responsibility by Jon Dunn
  • Give Kids a Chance by Bobby Daly
  • Duncan Calls for Other Forms of Media Attention by Craig Currier
  • Harrel Stresses School Enrollment by Shain Anderson
  • Freshmen Send Music to Bosnia by Erik Ramos
  • Latin American Studies Class Heads South of the Border by Blake Polett
  • Down South is the Place to be for Vanderbilt-Bound Osberg by Bobby Daly
  • A Fond Farewell and Adios to Nina Henderson by Blake Polett
  • Lauren Ross Kicks it Up with a Funky Zine by Kimi Hodges
  • 308’s Matress a Magical, Mystical, Whimsical, Fantastical Ride by Audrey Droesch
  • 2 + 2 = More than Talent for Musical Quad by Abby Tracy
  • Blizzard of Controversy in Ice Storm by Tracy Smith
  • Entertainment Buzz by Jacqueline Smith
  • World Wrestling Federation Sure is Great by Brian DiMenna
  • Top 10 Shows You Should Try to Miss by Jacqueline Smith
  • How Do You Live Without LeAnn Rimes? by Blake Polett
  • Grammar Master Finds Fouls in the Classroom and on the Field by Scott Goodwin
  • He Keeps Them Pinned Down: Wrestling Star Jason Cucolo by Zack Greene
  • Senior Hoopsters Strive for Second State Berth by Jen Costa
  • Gymnastics Poised for Strong FCIAC Stance by Ten Swanson
  • Basketball Feeling Pains of 97 Graduation by Tracy Smith
  • Show Me the Money by Pat Moore
  • Darien-New Canaan Rivalry More than Just a Game by Zack Greene



Neirad for May 7, 1998

  • Stopped at the Gate by Noreen Gillespie
  • Poll Reports 83% of Students have Plagiarized by Shain Anderson
  • Cliffs Notes: a Tool, Not a Shortcut by Jon Dunn
  • Learn the Facts of Lice by Blake Polett
  • For Theatre 308, CDA is as Good as it Gets by Audrey Droesch
  • DPD Puts the Brakes on Speeding by Noreen Gillespie
  • Undefeated, Laxers Tuned Up to Head into Heat of FCIAC Schedule by Craig Currier
  • Softball Off to a Fast-Pitch Start by Joe Breitweiser
  • Despite Injuries, Girls Get Off on Right Foot by Audrey Droesch
  • Tri-Captains Search for Third FCIAC Eastern Crown by Jeff Watson
  • Boys’ Track Building on 97’s Success by Pat Moore
  • Offense the Key to Victories, Also the Key to Losses by Scott Goodwin
  • Girls Tennis Looks to Score in FCIAC, Class M Championships by Jon Dunn
  • New Blue Wave Team Calls “Buoy Room!” in a Crowded Seas of Spring Sports by Tim Pearson
  • Third Time the Charm? Girls’ Lacrosse Wants No. Three by Steve Prince
  • Powell Leads on State Quest by Tim Pearso

Neirad for October 5, 1998

  • Students Find New Prices Tough to Swallow by Abby Tracy
  • Faculty Friends Eases New Teachers’ Transition by Shain Anderson
  • Summer in Spain: Torros and Churros by Patrick Moore
  • The Truth is Humbling by Pat Moore
  • Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be by Zach Green
  • Grades, Attendencedon’t Mix by Patrick Moore
  • Ishii vs. DiMenna: Air Force One vs. The Silver Streak by Zack Greene and Chris Groppa
  • Norgren Throws in Goodwill Games by Chris Kelly
  • Game, Set, Match Powell by Brian DiMenna
  • Swing that Rocks 90’s Style by Steve Prince
  • Disco is Back by Tracy Smith
  • On the Town with Brian DiMenna by Brian DiMenna
  • Cusack Wins National Drama Competition by Steve Prince
  • Balance Will be Key to Gridiron Success by Gerard Gibney
  • Finlay, Higgins, Lead Best Squad Ever by Jeff Watson
  • And One by Patrick Moore
  • Volleyball Ignores Past, Concentrates on the ‘Now by Tracy Lynch
  • Underclassmen Lead Young Team by Craig Currier
  • Girls Soccer Takes Aim at Five Hundred by Chris Groppa
  • Swimming Cuts Wake with New Coach by Tracy Lynch
  • New Coach, New Hopes for Titles by Gerard Gibn

Neirad for November 6, 1998

  • Higher Fees Irritate Drivers by Lexi Deluca
  • New Ate Technology, Stone Age Internet Access by Tracy Lynch and Laura Macdonald
  • How Well Does DHS Recycle? by Joe Breitwieser
  • Four Students Suspended for Marijuana Usage on School Grounds by Gerard Gibney
  • The Effects of Marijuana by Gerard Gibney
  • Falcone Fills Vacancy by Shain Anderson
  • There’s Something About Josie by Abby Tracy
  • Leading the Way to 2002 by Tracy Smith
  • “I’m Putting My Hairstyle in Your Hands” by Craig Currier
  • 1998 Homecoming Photos
  • The Freak Show Comes to Town by Chris Kelley
  • Dizzy Up the Girl by Steve Prince
  • Eve 6 by Steve Prince
  • Brian DiMenna “On the Town”: A Carrot Top classic by Brian DiMenna
  • Ronin: Intense Car Chases, Violent Explosions, Complex Double Crosses, and DeNiro by Giles Mitchell
  • “Reign in Hell”,a Scorcher by Erik Ramos
  • “Spanky’s Farm” by Zack Greene
  • And One… A True Hero by Patrick Moore
  • Overcoming Injuries, Boys Soccer Makes States by Tim Pearson
  • Field Hockey Hold Winning Record Despite Losses to New Canaan and Greenwich by Hillary Megroz
  • Girls Overcome Injuries to End Successful Season by Craig Currier
  • Football Topples Greenwich and Ridgefield to Advance Towards an Undefeated Season by Gerard Gibney
  • Making History: Girls Soccer Earns First State Berth Ever by Chris Groppa
Neirad for 199802.pdf

Neirad for February 1998

  • Been Around the World: World Games and Global Experience for Seniors by Noreen Gillespie
  • Board Stomps Prerequisite Proposal from Teachers by Jonathan Powell
  • Board of Selectmen Forms Charter Revision Committee by Shain Anderson
  • Driving Through the Years on the Bus by Rahul Saksena
  • Cheerleading: Is it a Sport? by Tracy Smith
  • Questioning the Future: The College Admissions Struggle by Jen Costa
  • Innocent Until Proven Guilty: Local Businesses Discuss the Relationship Between Business and Teenage Patrons by Audrey Droesch & Shain Anderson
  • Sugar Bowl: Dishing Out Community for 50 Years by Craig Currier
  • From Russia With Love: Freshman Nina Babakhina by Laura MacDonald
  • More Than the Sum of Their Parts: Andrew Lom and Chris Degraw by Audrey Droesch
  • A Continuing Look at the Drivers of DHS by Jeff Watson
  • Film Favorites and Movie Massacres of 1997 by Jacqueline Smith
  • Television and Music of Note in 1997 by Blake Polett
  • Wag the Dog Yelps of Candid Political Humor by Giles Mitchell
  • Bad Boy Ma$e: He Makes Us Feel So Good by Blake Polett
  • Warriors Drown in a Wave Tumble: Wilton Win a Key FCIAC Victory for State-Bound Gymnasts by Ten Swanson
  • And One by Patrick Moore
  • Lupica’s Mad As Hell: Just Mad by Patrick Moore
  • To Read or Not to Read…The Availability of Cliffs Notes Forces Students to Ask the Question by Rahul Saksena
  • Krakauer Documents Man Versus Nature: Into Thin Air by Bobby McKeon
  • Into the Wild by Michelle Mandara
  • Avoiding the Increasing Tendency to Ban Books by Abby Tracy
  • The Books We Carry With Us Into Adulthood and… by Tracy Lynch
  • The Children’s Books We Love and Remember by Laura Belden
  • McCully Illustrates Dreams by Laura MacDonald
  • DHS Book News…Condition of Paperbacks Worsens by Bobby McKeon
  • 87 Out of 100 Did Not Like Summer Reading by Sarah Rivers
  • Protagonist Word Search by Kim Barker
  • Romance Draws a Different Kind of Reader by Michelle Mandara
Neirad for 199803.pdf

Neirad for March 1998

  • Town Looks to Solve Problem of Field Space by Pat Moore
  • Talent Show ’98: A Spectacle of Student Talent, or Tasteless Humor? by Audrey Droesch
  • Separating Truth from Terror in the Myths of Friday the 13th by Bobby Daly
  • Spiceworld: Taking the Pop Music World by Storm by Jacqueline Smith
  • Fifth in FCIAC’s, Gymnastics Hopes for Strong States by Ted Swanson
Neirad for 199806.pdf

Neirad for June 1998

  • Rubin Accepts Athletic Director Position at Wilton by Noreen Gillespie
  • Hard-Learned Lessons from Everest Survivor by Jen Hayford & Katie Zepede
  • Safe Rides: Used or Abused? by Scott Finaly
  • Baseball Falls One Short of Country Title by Craig Currie
Neirad for 199806SpecialIssue.pdf

Neirad Senior Issue 1998

  • Seniors Leave Their Mark on DHS Walls
  • Unsung Seniors
  • Who We Are
  • A Time to Remember
  • Darien Class of 1998
Neirad for 199808.pdf

Neirad for August 1998

  • Steve Falcone Returns to DHS: Replaces Mr. Rubin as Assistant Principal by Steve Prince
  • Freshmen Speak Out by Jen Costa
Neirad for 199812.pdf

Neirad for December 1998

  • Roaches Dine on What Kids Leave Behind by Gerard Gibney
  • Roving Reporter: What is Your Best Pick-Up Line
  • In Pursuit of the Perfect Tan: Are Students Going Too Far? by Tracy Lynch & Laura Macdonald
  • Best of 1998: Music, Movie, Television
  • Bigger Squad Expects Better Results by Laura Macdonal
Neirad for 199902.pdf

Neirad for February 1999

  • Darien Students Benefit from New Scout Cabin by Joe Breitweiser
  • The Relationship Between Kids and Cops by Hillary Megroz and Tyler Brownlee
  • Can Success be found in Powders and Pills?  Enhancers Use in Darien by Zach Greene
  • Ski Team Defeats New Canaan; Southington by Gerard Gibney
Neirad for 199904.pdf

Neirad for April 1999

  • Ritalin Use at DHS by Jessica Rhodes
  • Darien’s Own Beauty Queen: Konitshek: Miss Connecticut Teen by Tracy Lynch
  • Club Sports Looks For Varsity Status by Jen Ramsey
Neirad for 199906.pdf

Neirad for June 1999

  • SAT, Helping Kids in Need by Chris Famighetti
  • Opinion: Darien Holds Safer, More Sober Prom
  • Roving Reporter: What Are You Doing This Summer?
  • Open Campus: Is it Time? by Joe Breitweiser
Neirad 1999 Graduation Issue Neirad Graduation Issue June 1999
Neirad for 199909.pdf

Neirad for September 1999

  • The Annual Parking Problem: Shortage of Spaces by Joseph Breitweiser
  • Nobel Prize Winner to Visit DHS by Jonathan Dunn
  • New Era in Darien Football Begins by Samuel Fletcher
  • No Breathing Room in the Senior Café by Amanda Moseley
  • Thou Shall Not… by Gerard Gibney
  • Gibbon Addresses Lack of Heroes in Pop Culture by Patrick Moore
  • Hall Announces Plans for the First Year Assembly by Nisma Barz
  • CORE and ALP Combine Departments by James Smith
  • DHS Talks about Rigoberta Menchu by Deirdre O’Connor and Jen Ramsey
  • Appreciating Rigoberta by Amanda Moseley
  • Stories Behind the Stories by Jon Dunn
  • Inspiration for the Coming Millennium by Brian Lennon
  • Electives Lost and Found by Ed Briganti
  • New Wave of Technology Sweeps D-Wing by Amanda Moseley
  • Merluzzi: Leading DHS into the New Millennium by Tyler Brownlee
  • Do You Have ID? by Hillary Megroz
  • New Depot Director by Deirdre O’Connor
  • Peace, Love, Mosh Pits, Riots, and Extortion by J.J. Saur
  • Blair Witch vs. the Sixth Sense by Sam Fletcher and Bobby McKeon
  • Pavement’s Terror Twilight by Chris Famighetti
  • Rocking in the Swamps by Giles Mitchell
  • Spikers Set for Season by Tracy Mitchell
  • Turf Wars by Patrick Moore
  • Boys X-C Trains Hard for Season by J.J. Saur
  • The Run Towards FCIACs by Kendall Gilchrest
  • Boys’ Soccer Looks to Underclassmen by Tim Pearson
  • Girls Look to Sock ‘Em by Sarah Baker
  • New Coach, Same Results by Patrick Moore
  • Swinging Towards States by Deirdre O’Connor
  • Girls Swimming Makes Waves by Megan McKenna
Neirad for 199910.pdf

Neirad for October 1999

  • Shay’s Speaks Out: “Control Youth Violence” by Eddie Briganti & Kendall Gilchrest
  • Campus Security a Problem by Steve Prince & Torey Thelin
  • Roving Reporter: What Are You Going to Be for Halloween?
  • Homecoming Photos
  • Girls Soccer Heads into States With Win Over Staples by Sarah Baker