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Neirad Archive for 2000-2009


Neirad for January 2000

Neirad for January 2000

  • Darien High School Opens
  • Prohibition: When Liquor Went Bad by Andrew Elliot
  • From a Small Town…To a Sprawling Suburb
  • Army Air Corps Corporal Charles Gersternmaier by Edward Briganti
  • A Memoir From a Different Era: The Years of WWII by Ann Durland
  • The Swingin’ Music of the 40’s by Torey Thelin
  • From Weed Beach to Omaha Beach: Captain Morehouse by Edward Briganti
  • Remembering the Late 50’s: 1955-59
  • Espionage and the Cold War by Bryan Lennon
  • Volkswagon Cramming: 1950 Fads by Megan McKenna
  • Our DHS Arrives; Deemed a “Good Buy” by Jen Ramsey
  • Music of the 1960’s
  • When TV First Captivated America with Humor and Seriousness by Andy Mattison
  • Faculty Throwback; Then and Now
  • The Hippie Counter-Culture by Kendall Gilchrest
  • Hanging Around in the 60’s by Samuel Fletcher
  • Before there was Clinton: Our First Televised Presidential Scandal by Steve Prince and Joe Breitweiser
  • Oil Embargo Hits Home: The Gas Crisis by Giles Mitchell
  • The Draft: Reaction to Vietnam’s Reality
  • Yet Another Proposed Building Change…
  • James Gang Rocks DHS
  • Computer Use in 1980’s: Nothing like Today’s iMacs by Tyler Brownlee
  • Campus Closed December 17, 1982 by Chris Famighetti
  • ABC Program Founded
  • Options Proposed for High School of 1990’s by Ben Wattenmaker
  • Man on the Run: 1986-1995 by Jon Dunn
  • U2’s Bono Meets DHS Students by Becca Oresman
  • Air Force Pilot Makes DHS Proud by Erik Ramos
  • School Violence Plagues the 1990’s by Nisma Baig
  • “No Means No.” Date Rape in the Early 90’s by Tracy Lynch
  • Sounds of the Decade by J.J. Saur
  • Darien’s Teen Center by Deirdre O’Connor
  • Darien Scout Cabin: Fifty Years of Serving the Community by Joe Breitweiser
  • Looking Towards the Millennium

Neirad for October 2000

  • Architect Selected for New DHS
  • Firestone Tires: Recall Affects Many DHS Student’s SUVs by Andy Mattison
  • Who Watched the Olympics? by Julia Gibney
  • Subway Stops at DHS by Andrew Elliott
  • Blue Wave Pride? by Paul Carley
  • The World According to “raMOSES” by Erik Ramos
  • The Race for the White House 2000 by Bill Grimshaw
  • Its Not Easy Being Green by Chris Westhoff
  • Clement Miner by Laura Macdonald
  • Who Let the Dogs Out? by Simon Hawkins
  • A Golden Opportunity by Bryan Finkel
  • Radiohead Inaugurates the Millennium with a Musical Masterpiece by Chris Famighetti
  • Who’s in the Garden? Alex Larsen has the Answer by Alex Larsen
  • Can Television Possibly Get Any Worse? Bill Sez… by Bill Grimshaw and Alex Larsen
  • Up and Coming College Band, Dispatch, Plays the Wetlands by Kendall Gilchrest
  • Sameer Baig: “I can be a Psycho Runner” by Edward Briganti
  • Saving Lives as Well as Goals by Tyler Brownle
The Homecoming Insert for 2000

The Homecoming Insert for 2000

Various Photos from Homecoming 2000

Neirad for November 2000

Neirad for November 2000

  • Sports Rage: Why Are Parents Out of Control? by Andy Mattison
  • Craze of the Year by Paul Carley
  • Presidential Deadlock: Election Too Close to Call by Bill Grimshaw
  • Profit or Tradition? by Julia Gibney
  • U.S. Defense Department Revamps for the New Millennium by Edward Briganti
  • Junior CAPT Scores= Sophomore Pain by Simon Hawkins
  • The World According to raMOSES by Erik Ramos
  • Daria Knight: Does She Speak the Truth? by Lexi Deluca
  • Cars at DHS: The Breakdown by Kevin Costanzo
  • Paul Simon: Still Crazy After All These Years by Kerry McAuliffe
  • Theatre 308 Returns With Tartuffe by Julia Gibney
  • Spike Lee's Latest Joint: Bamboozled by Chris Famighetti
  • Rancid Rocks the Roseland Ballroom by Drew Lydecker
  • Darien Football Losing Streak at Six by Mike Sullivan
  • Different Strokes for Different Folks by Andy Mattison
Neirad for December 2000

Neirad for December 2000

  • Students are "Sleepless in Darien" by Edward Briganti
  • Ecstacy Use Rising to All-Time High by Lexi Deluca
  • Election 2000: A Recount of "The Recount" by Andy Mattison
  • Real World on the Way to The Depot? by Kerry McAuliffe
  • Yearbook Prices by Drew Lydecker
  • Eating Disorders: The Hidden Epidemic of DHS by Kendall Gilchrest
  • Taylor Davis: Master of the Air Up There by Taylor Brownlee
  • Pogs: Paul Carley's Look Back at a Fad Gone Wrong by Paul Carley
  • Neirad Picks Best and Worst of the Year 2000 by Tracy Lynch and Andy Mattison
  • Westhoff's Classic Reruns: Charles in Charge by Chris Westhoff
  • Jets vs. Giants, Who is The Better Team in New York by Sean Gillespie
Neirad for 200003.pdf

Neirad for March 2000

  • Panel Envisions Life for New School by Robert Bollman
  • Sport Utility Vehicles: Are They a Danger? by Gerard Gibney
  • Cellphones and Automobiles: Drive Now and Talk Later by Ed Briganti
  • Applying to College: The New Definition of Boredom by Sam Fletcher
  • Wading Through Political Stereotypes To Find a Winner by Erik Ramos
  • It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Computer Generated Image! by Andy Mattison
  • Athletic Traditions or Hazing? by Andrew Elliot
  • Nicaraguan Mudslides, Albania, DHS Spanish Club- All Visited by AmeriCares by Jon Dunn
  • Current Seeks Student Submissions and Contributions by Colleen Kapsimalis
  • Just Your Average Boy Scouts: Punk Band Troop 53 by Chris Famighetti
  • Bands, Skits, and God: Young Life at DHS by Amanda Moseley
  • The Dharma Bum; Jessie Lewis by Chris Westhoff
  • From Jail to School: Bars to Go with the Cinderblocks by Jen Ramsey
  • My Conversation with Oscar Nominee Chloe by Andrew Mattison
  • Shakespear for the Modern High School Student by Steve Price
Neirad for 200006.pdf

Neirad for May 2000

  • Smoke Stoppers Helps Students Become Sickened by Their Habits by Whitney Franklin and Kendall Glichrest
  • Forging the Way for the Future by Robert Bollman
  • The New Sports Pages: A Police Blotter for Athletes
  • Who Has the Best Egg and Cheese in Darien by Deirde O’Connor and Jessica Philips
Neirad for 200009.pdf

Neirad for September 2000

  • Back to the Future: Tidal Wave of Freshmen, New Computer System and Plans for a New Building Begin 2000 by Paul Carley and Chris Westoff
  • New Computers Cause Frustration by Ed Briganti
  • New Faces at DHS by Kerry McAullife
  • Hail to the Chief: President Stevie Kramer Looks Forward to the New Year by Tyler Brownlee
  • AC/DC Brings Some High Voltage to the Garden by Erik Ramos
  • Curtain Rises on a New Year of Theatre 308    by Julia Gibney
  • A Young Writer Becomes Almost Famous by Simon Hawkins
  • Nurse Betty: Dark Twist on the Romantic Comedy by Bill Grimshaw
  • Blue Wave Boys: A Look Ahead by Alex Laursen and Paul Carley
  • Girls Sports Maintaining Excellence by Taylor Brownlee and Andrew Elliot
Neirad for 200012.pdf

Neirad for February 2000

  • To Do-Stress Come to SFS by Megan McKenna
  • Y2K: A Survivor’s Tale by Erik Ramos
  • Portable Combat Overcrowding by Tracy Lynch
  • Where was “The Place to be” on New Year’s Eve 1999? by Sarah Baker, Tyler Brownlee, and Megan McKenna
  • Changes for DHS in 2000: Students and Faculty Speak Out by Amanda Moseley
  • DHS Brings Technology to the Community by Tory Thelin and Kendall Gillchrest
  • 32,000 Posters Riddle the School by Nisma Balg
  • Spring Drama: Theatre 308 to Perform Bard’s The Tempest
  • Dees Leads Fight Against Hate by J.J. Saur 
  • Motivational Mountain Climber Visits DHS by Stephen Prince  
  • Sign of the Times: A Capsule for 3000 by Amanda Moseley
  • Middlesex MS: State of the Art; DHS: State of Decay
  • Leap Year Bug Poses Threat by Andy Mattison
  • World Games 2000: Secession and Rebellion by Hillary Megroz and Sarah Baker
  • Darien’s Lifeline: The Students of Post 53 by Ed Briganti
  • The Dudley Down Project by Gerald Gibney
  • Windsurfing, National Lampoon’s, and Island Girls by Pat Moore
  • Troy’s Bucket—Rid of Stan and Ready to Jam by Deirdre O’Connor
  • “Enter Sandman” in G Major by Giles Mitchell
  • “I’m From Hollywood So I’m Smarter Than All of You by Joe Breitweiser
  • The Two Laziest Students at DHS by Bobby McKeon and Sam Fletcher
  • A Wrestling Fan Lives Out his Dream in a Sojurn to the Royal Rumble by Bryan Lennon
  • Mysticism, Monsters, and Magic by Chris Famighetti
  • Elementary School Students Captivated by Harry Potter by Jen Ramsey


Neirad for February 2001

Neirad for February 2001

  • Courts: Students Cannot Grade Other Students’ Papers by Mike Sullivan
  • Architects Avoiding Problems by Meghan Moore
  • Recycling: DHS at Odds with DEP by Patrick Fulton
  • State of DHS: The Administration by Edward Briganti
  • State of DHS: The Cafeteria by Kaitlin Blankemeier
  • State of DHS: The Gym by Alex Larsen
  • State of DHS: The Library by Paul Carley
  • World Games 2001 by Erik Ramos
  • Student Profiles: A Look into the People Behind the Scenes at DHS by Sarah Shimmel and Jessica Koontz
  • College Football: The Mattison Way by Andy Mattison
  • Pride and Honor: College Football by Derek Claiborne
Neirad for March 2001

Neirad for March 2001

  • Electives, Electives, Electives by Libby Golden
  • School Vouchers: Will it affect DHS? by Bryan Finkel
  • Four More Years by Erik Ramos
  • The World According to “raMOSES”: The Bathroom by Erik Ramos
  • Struggling to Survive Through the Desert of March by Paul Carley
  • A Storm of Propaganda, Not Snow, Swarms Darien by Julia Gibney
  • Piantadosi Pandemonium by Andy Mattison
  • The Kelly-Kelly Connection by Simon Hawkins
  • The XFL: A First-Hand Account of the NY/NJ Hitmen by Simon Hawkins
  • Napster: It’s Not Going Away without a Fight by Drew Lydecker
  • Eddie Winslow and 15 Minutes: Bill and Tom’s Take by Bill Grimshaw and Tom Nissen
  • Boys Swimming Dominates at State Championships by Bryan Finkel
  • Gymnastics Wins Third Straight State Championship by Paul Carley
Neirad for May 2001

Neirad for May 2001

  • Are DHS Grades Being Inflated? by Tom Nissen
  • Campaign Finance: What Every Kid Should Know by Mike Sullivan
  • The World According to raMOSES: Mexican Business by Erik Ramos
  • Knoxville Can’t Save MTV from Falling Flat on Its Face by Alex Larson
  • Drug Testing Could Come to DHS by Jessica & Sarah Shimmel
  • High School Juniors Meet Racism Head On by Paul Carley
  • UCal President Proposes End to SAT Use in Admission Process by Meghan Moore
  • Teen Violence: Can It Happen Here? by Kaitlin Blankmeier
  • Darien Playhouse Sold? by Andy Mattison and Bill Grimshaw
  • Living with Lyme: Lyme Disease Strikes DHS Students by Kaitlin Blankmeier
  • American League 2001: Pary One of the MLB Preview by Sean Gillespie
  • Extra Points: Taking the High Road Out by Sean Gillepsie
Neirad for 200108.pdf

Neirad for August 27, 2001

  • New Principal Looks Forward to Great Year by Mike Sullivan
  • The Brand New DHS Schedule by Bill Grimshaw
Neirad for 200109.pdf

Neirad for September 2001

  • Seniors Give DHS Much Needed Facelift by Greg Kelly
  • The Cookout that Never Happened by Julia Gibney
  • The Ultimate Summer Job by Alex Larson
  • New School Year Brings Parking Problems by Bill Grimshaw
  • Off to a Shaky Start by Paul Carley
  • New Schedule: Not as Easy as A-B-C, 1-2-3 by Patrick Fulton
  • Spencer Clark’s Next Role: DHS Freshman by Jessica Koontz and Sarah Shimmel
  • New Assistant Principal Takes Over at DHS by Kaitlin Blankmeier
  • From End to Beginning: Memento Works Backwards by Bill Grimshaw
  • Danny Almonte: The Liar Who Throws Fire by Andrew Lloyd
  • Blue Wave Football Looks Forward to a Winning Season by Tom Nissen
Neirad for 200110.pdf

Neirad for October 2001

  • Lottery Determines Student Parking by Sarah Shimell
  • Economy Recovers from Period of Freefall by Patrick Fulton
  • Middle School Memoirs by Jessica Koontz
  • It’s All About the Children by John Wheelock
  • Another Reaction to 9 by 11 –Tom Zawacki
  • Students Get Involved in Mentoring Program by Kerry McAuliffe
  • My Own Grenade Preps for Repeat of Homecoming Bonfire Performance by Meghan Moore
  • NEIRAD’s Tips for College Applications by Kaitlin Blankemeier
  • Who Ya Gonna Call?  Who do Ya Think? by Brill Grimshaw
  • Harry Potter Lights Up the Big Screen: Potterheads Get Ready by Kerry McAuliffe
  • College Football:  The Real Reason to Get a College Education by Tom Nissen
Neirad for 200111.pdf

Neirad for November 2001

  • Harrel, Republicans Retain Control of Board of Selectmen by Mike Sullivan
  • Investment Club Back in Full Force by Matt Kowalski
  • Darien Home to Accomplished Author by Julia Gibney
  • Stu Black is Chess Clubin’ by John Wheelock
  • Student Helps Design Website by Kerry McAuliffe
  • Shallow Hal Surprisingly Deep by Bill Grimshaw
  • Napster: The Next Generation by Patrick Fulton
  • National Lampoon’s Where Are They Now? by Andrew Lloyd
  • And One: Yankees Lose, Red Sox Fans Rejoice by Mike Sullivan
  • Fall Sports Come to a Successful Close by Meghan Moore and Sarah Shimmel
Neirad for 200112.pdf

Neirad for December 2001

  • Airport Security Becomes an Issue During Holidays by Derek Claiborne
  • New Computer System Creates Havoc for Students by David Hepburn
  • The Truth About Fur Farms by Julia Gibney
  • Taco Bell is Good for the Soul by Tom Nissen
  • Anthrax Scare Affects College Application Process by Kendall Gilchrest
  • DHS Holds First Annual Winter Pep Rally by Paul Carley
  • DHS Prepares for NEASC Evaluation by Mackenzie Millar
  • Teacher of the Month: Mr. Burnt by Jessica Koontz and Sarah Shimmel
  • Senior/Senior Prom Falls short of DHS Seniors by Kaitlin Blankemeier
  • Theatre 308 Presents “The Foreigner” by Bill Grimshaw
  • Ocean’s 11 Stays Afloat with an All by Star Cast by Bill Grimshaw and Melissa Abruzzese
  • The Clock is Ticking on 24 by Bill Grimshaw


Neirad for 200202.pdf

Neirad for January 2002

  • Foreign Exchange Program Sends Students to China by Jessica Koontz and Kaitlin Blackemeier
  • Are You Surfing or Studying? by John Wheelock
  • Connecticut: The State of Reason by Julia Gibney
  • Cheerleading: It’s A Sport by Alex Lay and Jessica Koontz
  • Cheerleading: It’s Dancing by Greg Kelly
  • Segway HT Revolutionizes Transportation by Bryan Flakel
  • Principal Search Continues by Billy Hogan
  • Terrorism and the Resulting Increase in Domestic Surveilance by Ian McGill
  • New Year’s Even 2001 by Kerry McAuliffe
  • Please Hammer Don’t Bore ‘Em by Bill Grimshaw
  • Lord of The Rings: Really Long But Really Good by Drew Lydecker and Patrick Fulton
Neirad for 200206.pdf

Neirad for May 2002

  • DHS Names Auclair New Principal by Meghan Moore
  • D.I.V.E. Day Lays Foundation for Future DHS Tradition by David Hepburn
  • Depot 2002 Year Comes to an End by Libbet Megroz
  • Teacher of the Month: Ms. Taylor by Christine Flynn
  • Spiderman Wraps up Moviegoers Everywhere by Brill Grimshaw
  • Spice World: A Relic from a Byone Era by Julia Gibney
Neirad for 200212.pdf

Neirad for December 2002

  • It Has Begun…Construction Returns to DHS   
  • Mr. Rubin Makes Active and Anticipated Return by Libbet Megroz and Sarah Shimmel
  • Roving ReporterHow has the Construction Affected Parking at DHS
  • Coleman, His Corolla, and the Open Road by Coleman Miller
  • War with Iraq: More than Just a Small Fight      by Ian McGill
  • Cafeteria Confrontation: No Relaxing Cup of Soup by Libbet Megroz
  • Concert Goers Beware: Ticketmaster has Relocated by Meghan Moore
  • Construction Begins, Parking Issues Surface      by Libbet Megroz
  • The Chance of a Lifetime: An Inside Look at the ABC Program and the Lives of Six Who Experience It by Kaitlin Blankmeier
  • GSA Enters Year Two by Erin Frasca
  • China Exchange Students Share Their Stories by Emily Gamble and Christine Flynn
  • Senior Prom Returns to its Former Success by Meghan Moore
Neirad for February 2002

Neirad for February 2002

  • DHS Offers Innovative Science Program by Bryan Finkel

  • DHS Institutes Teacher Nametag System by Paul Carley

  • Enron Collapse has Far Reaching Effects by Mike Sullivan

  • Pancake Palace of Darien by Paul Carley

  • Why Wear Pants by Julia Gibney

  • Gay-Straight Alliance Takes its Place in DHS by Drew Lydecker and Elvira Holguin

  • Zoning Laws Cause Legal Problems for Roxy Video by Witt Reese

  • Black Hawk Down: A Tribute to Modern War Heroes by David Hepburn

  • Student of the Month: Joanna Weiss by Gigi Kaufmann

  • Majestic Mountains Close to Home by Libbet Megrose

  • Detroit Auto Show 2002 by Patrick Fulton

  • Teacher of the Month: Mr. Clark by Olivia Mitchell

  • Finally, A Count that is Better than Chocula by Bill Grinshaw and Alex Larsen

  • Ice Ice Baby: Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure by John Wheelock

  • Super Bowl Commercials Return to Bathroom Break Status by Olivia Mitchell

  • Real World Chicago: Great Town Inherits Lousy Show by Kerry Mcauliffe

  • GTA 3: Crime Does Pay by Greg Kelly

  • U2 Makes Super Bowl Sunday a Beautiful Day by Billy Hogan

  • Kiss Me Kate: Theatre 308’s Next Musical by Christine Flynn

  • Pat McGee Band… Who are They? by Megan Moore

  • ‘Ed Gives Me Reason To Live’ One Seniors True Story by Tom Nissen

  • Bands Coming to DHS: Groupies Call Reserves by John Wheelock

  • Boys Wrestling Looks to the Future by Alex Lay and Erin Frasca

  • Cheerleading Struggles at FCIAC Competition by Kaitlin Blankemeir

  • DHS Student Has a Super Time at Super Bowl by Mellissa Aburezzese

  • And One… Tyson/Louis Brawl Caps off a Wild Month in Sports by Mike Sullivan


Neirad for March 2002

Neirad for March 2002

  • School Xerox Machine Bottlenecks Faculty by David Hepburn
  • Seeking Homer to Play DHS
  • Roving Reporter: What Would You Do if You Were NEASC by Alex Larsen and Greg Kelly
  • Banning Dodge Ball? by Tom Nissen
  • Yoko: Oh No! by Gigi Kaufman and Julia Gibney
  • Should Gym Class Be Co-Ed; Yes by David Hepburn, No by Julia Gibney
  • Surprise!  DHS Has a Mold Problem    by Kerry McAullife
  • NEASC Visit to DHS Comes to an End by Meghan Moore
  • Top 80 of the 80’s
  • Teacher of the Month: Ms. Sorensen     by Christine Flynn and Erin Frasca
  • What’s “Money,” What’s “Shwag” by Paul Carley
  • Student of the Month: Newland Baldwin by Paul Carley
  • The Delis of Darien Public Schools by John Wheelock
  • The Founding Father Darien Doesn’t Want You to Know About by Gigi Kaufman
  • Spring Break: Where Will You Go by Billy Hogan
  • Academy Awards 2002 Pick ‘em by Bill Grimshaw and Tom Nissen
  • Josh Hartnett Gives Up Sex For Lent: Guys Everywhere Rejoice by Mike Sullivan and Bill Grimshaw
  • The 2002 Grammy’s: Bluegrass’ Revenge by Drew Lydecker
  • Fox Gives Family Guy the Axe by Bryan Finkel
  • 2002 Winter Olympics Bring Entertainment to Salt Lake City by Mackenzie Miller
  • Winter Sports Wrap Up by Alexandra Lay
  • March Madness Hits DHS by John Wheelock
Neirad for April 2002

Neirad for April 2002

  • DHS Students Participate in Building with Books Program by Alex Lay
  • Prom 2002: It’s Time to Live “In the Moment” by Bryan Finkel
  • Open Campus: The Epic Struggle
  • Roving Reporter: What Are You Doing for Spring Break by Kaitlin Blankemeier and Erin Frasca
  • Homeland Security: Feeling Safe Yet? Drew Lydecker
  • State Involvement in Terrorism
  • Random Drug Testing: Is it Legal? by Patrick Fulton
  • College Board Cuts Score Choice from SAT II Tests by Kaitlin Blankemeier
  • Mayer Not Returning For Second Year by Bill Grimshaw and Erin Frasca
  • Human Rights Day Returns to DHS by David Hepburn
  • Youth and Law Travels to Bridgeport Superior Court by Members of the Youth and Law Class
  • Youth and Law Students React to Prison Visit by Members of the Youth and Law Class
  • Top 90 of the 90’s by Libbet Megroz, Meghan Moore, and Kerry McAuliffe
  • Teacher of the Month: Mr. Zawacki by Derek Clairborne
  • Student of the Month: Amanda Rich by Meghan Moore
  • ALP and CORE: An Inside Look by Kaitlin Blankemeier
  • The Pros and Cons of High School Relationships by Elvira Holguin
  • What Goes On After Dark on Weekends by John Wheelock
  • Self-Tanning Secrets by Alex Laursen
  • Clifford: A Lost Classic by Gigi Kaufman and Julia Gibney
  • Academy Awards Fashion: The Vain Get Vainer by Kendell Gilcrest and Olivia Mitchell
  • Move Over Addams Family: The Osbournes are The New First Family of Freakyness by Drew Lydecker and Olivia Mitchell
  • Get Out Your Glowsticks: Sound Tribe Sector 9 is Coming to Town by Kerry McAullife
  • National Lampoon Proves its Glory Days Are Over with Van Wilder by Bill Grimshaw and Tom Nissen
  •  Jesus Lives!  In Play Form by Greg Kelly
  • Student/Faculty Basketball Game: Youth Prevails by Billy Hogan
  • McDonald’s All American Game: Would You Like an Alley-Oop With That by John Wheelock
  • Darien High School Spring Sports Kick Off The FCIAC Prepares to be Dominated by Paul Carley
Neirad for September 2002

Neirad for September 2002

  • Leadership Day Trains Leaders of the Future by Meghan Moore
  • Year Commences: Senior Stress Begins
  • Roving Reporter: What’s Your Mom’s Name
  • College: Back Off by Gigi Kaufman
  • One Hit Wonders by Coleman Miller
  • DHS Cheerleaders Jump into the Fall
  • DHS Remembers 9/11 at Flag Raising Ceremony
  • Meet the DHS Community Council by Jessica Koontz and David Hepburn
  • September 11th Reflections: A student’s view by Allison Malecki
  • New Face at DHS: Principal Dr. Auclair by Sarah Shimmel
  • Neirad: Behind the Scenes by Coleman Miller
  • Celebrities among us? NEIRAD Tracks Own Student Look-Alikes by Emily Gambir and Erin Frasca
  • The Good Girl: Not So Good After All by Sarah Shimmel
  • Meg’s Concert Corner       by Meghan Moore
  • Summer Jobs by Gigi Kaufman
  • Blue Wave Ready for FCIAC Domination by Coleman Miller
  • Homecoming 2002: Was it a Ball by Sarah Shimmel
  • JOBS: Junkfood Offerings Bring Students by Gigi Kaufman
  • Pleasing the Masses: Music to One’s Ears by Olivia Mitchell
  • Roving Reporter: If you could make up your own Halloween candy, what would be? by Kaitlin Blankemeier
  • Old Spirits Move Aside for the DHS Traditions of Future by David Hepburn
  • Theatre 308 Set to Perform Miller’s The Crucible by David Hepburn
  • Clash of the Titans: The Truth About Davids            by Olivia Mitchell and Coleman Miller
  • Depot Preview by Libbet Megroz
  • Seniors vs. Seniors: A Comparison Between Last Year and This Years Seniors by Emily Gambir and Erin Frasca
  • Darien’s Favorite Eatery: The Sugar Bowl by Olivia Mitchell and Jessica Koontz
  • Meg’s Concert Corner: October 2002        by Meghan Moore
  • You Thought it was Over…Think Again!  More Celebrity Look-Alikes! by Libbet Megroz, featuring Olivia Mitchell
Neirad for October 2002

Neirad for October 2002

  • Was it a Ball? by Sarah Shimmel
  • JOBS: Junkfood Offerings bring Students by Gigi Kaufman
  • As Winter Approaches, A-Wing Braces for the Gold
  • Pleasing the Masses: Music to One's Ears by Olivia Mitchell
  • Old Spirit Days Move Aside for DRS Traditions of Future by David Hepburn
  • Theatre 308 Set to Perform Miller' s The Crucible by David Hepburn
  • Clash of the Titans by Olivia Mitchell and Coleman Miller
  • Depot Preview by Libbet Mégroz
  • Seniors vs. Seniors by Emily Gambir and Erin Frasca
  • Darien's Favorite Eatery: The Sugar Bowl by Olivia Mitchell and Jessica Koontz
  • Boy's Soccer - It's All About How You Play the Game by Kaitlin Blankemeier
  • Blue Wave Swimming: Let's Get a 3-peat! by Mackenzie Millar
  • Extra Bases: State of the American Pastime by Bryan Finkel
  • Girls Field Hockey Primed for a New Start by Meghan Moore
  • Blue Wave Looses Homecoming Football Game by Coleman Miller
  • Darien's Girls Diving Team Making a Splash by Christine Flynn


Neirad for January 2003

Neirad for January 2003

  • Construction Causes Graduation Issues by Meghan Moore
  • New Students at DHS by Erin Frasca
  • Coleman, his Corolla, and the Winter Rush by Coleman Miller
  • A Memorable New Year’s: Students Comment by Olivia Mitchell
  • Neirad Takes a Step Towards the Future by David Hepburn
  • ALP Update by Kaitlin Blankemeier
  • Mamma Mia by Libbet Megroz
  • A Night at Irving Plaza by Sarah Shimmel
  • Rushmore: Not Worth the Rush by Suzie Waller
  • The Two TowersRaise the Roof by Coleman Miller
  • Boy’s Basketball: A Fresh New Start by Kaitlin Blankemeir
Neirad for February 2003

Neirad for February 2003

  • China Students Share Shanghai Experience by Leslie Wald
  • DHS Celebrates Black History Month by Christine Flynn
  • Tight End? Don’t you mean, “Split End?” by Olivia Mitchell
  • Coleman, his Corolla, and a Pathetic Attempt to Write an Onion-like Article by Coleman Miller
  • Fabulous FRED: The New Bags in Town… by Emily Gambir
  • Collegiate Fraternities: Have They Gone Too Far? by Richard Kurth
  • And Nothing Has Changed: Inefficient Heating System Continues to Plague Darien High School by Meghan Moore
  • New Policy Tackles Bullying At DHS by Ian McGill
  • Rulers of the School: Second Semester Seniors by Coleman Miller
  • Local Bands: Not What They Seem by Nick Schaefer
  • High Kicks and Big Flips for Wave Cheerleading by Jessica Koontz
  • Gymnastics Tumbles into FCIACs and States by Kaitlin Blankemeier
Neirad for March 2003

Neirad for March 2003

  • DHS Adjusts to New Traffic Rules…Slowly by Jessica Ann Koontz
  • A Global Day of Protest Against War on Iraq by Ian McGill
  • Waiting for Senioritis to Kick In
  • A la Carte Ripoffs by Alexandra Lay
  • Coleman, His Corolla, and the Freshman Congestion by Coleman Miller
  • Mr. Vincent Reports to Texas for Reserve Duty by Emily Gambir
  • DHS…and Nation…Advocates GSA Cause by Leslie Wald
  • Freshmen Writes Profile Dr. Auclair by Emily Ferris, Sheila Michels, and Jessica Van Sciver
  • Memorable Times in Mali by Leslie Wald
  • Safe Rides: An In Depth Look by Libbet Mégroz
  • Opportunities and Oppositions of Open Ends by Kaitlin Blankemeier
  • French Students Visit DHS by Erin Frasca
  • Prom by David Hepburn
  • Who Is That Man in the Mirror? by Olivia Mitchell
  • Theatre 308 Hits a High Note by Sarah Shimmel
  • Truth About Charlie: It’s A Good Movie by Gigi Kaufman
  • Meg’s Concert Corner by Meghan Moore
  • Major League Baseball Preview 2003 by Bryan Finkel
  • NCAA Basketball Tournament Brackets Announced by Coleman Miller
  • DHS Students Row to the Finish Line by Christine Flynn
Neirad for 200304.pdf

Neirad for April 2003

  • Are Students Getting Enough Sleep? by Falsal Tajdar
  • Day of Silence a True Success by Christine Flynn
  • Is the War on Drugs Working? by Ian McGill
  • Graduation Location is Finally Selected
  • Prom: The Ultimate High School Experience or a Total Waste of Time? by Leslie Wald and Mackenzie Millar
  • Jess Koontz: A Diva in the Making by Libbet Megroz
  • Dive Day Attendance by Coleman Miller
  • ASR: Authentic Science Research by Emily Gambir
  • Dive Day: Definitely Worth It by Jessica Koontz
  • Head of State Turns Heads by Sarah Shimmel
  • And the Oscar Goes to… by Olivia Mitchell
  • A View from the Top… More Like a View from the Bottom by Alex Lay and Erin Frasca
  • Boys’ Basketball by Bryan Finkel
  • Girls’ Track by Sarah Shimmel
  • Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse by Kaitlin Blankemeier
Neirad for 200306GraduationIssue.pdf

Neirad for 2003 Graduation Issue

  • After the Rain by Emily Baker
  • Striving for Dominance: Dan Scheckler by Ian McGill
  • Chris Hancock Does More Than You’ll Ever Know by Bryan Finkel
  • Lizzie Klein: Not Your Typical Prom Queen by Olivia Mitchell
  • Jon Chen: Exceptional Musician by Meghan Moore
  • Stephen Rosati: Exceptional On and Off the Stage by Libbet Megroz
  • Greg Gennnattasio: Master of the Two-Wheeled Arts by Kaitlin Blankemeier
  • Lauren Vitti Holds Her Own Wrestlin’ Against the Boys by Emily Gambir
  • Alejandro Hernandez: International Man of Mystery (and Hockey Fan, Too!) by Coleman Miller
  • Emily Hargraves: Artist and Cake Gourmet by David Hepburn
  • Vanessa Leach: A “Truly Individual Spirit” by Gigi Kaufman
  • Katie Bell: Community Contributor and All-Around Good Person by Sarah Shimmel
  • Whitney Gropp: A Heroine in her Own Time by Jessica Koontz
Neirad for 200306JuniorIssue.pdf

Neirad for 2003 Junior Issue

  • War in Iraq by Leslie Wald
  • Colombia Disaster by Alex Lay
  • D.C. Sniper Attacks by Mackenzie Millar
  • Elizabeth Smart by Alex Lay
  • SARS Epidemic by Erin Fras
  • Neirad Senior Superlatives
  • Coleman, His Corolla, and the Road to Adulthoodism by Coleman Miller
  • Mrs. Hannon Says Goodbye to DHS by Christine Flynn
  • After 29 Years, Mrs. Johnson Retires by Mackenzie Millar
  • The Best and Worst of Entertainment
  • DHS Spring Sports by Alex Lay
  • NCAA Basketball Tournament by Mackenzie Millar
  • Fall Sports in Review by Erin Frasca
Neirad for 200311.pdf

Neirad for November 2003

  • Real Life: I’m a Campus Monitor by Cecelia Smith
  • RIAA Cracks Down on Music Sharing: Will You Walk the Plank for Piracy? by Matt Sara
  • Fresh Legs: 2003-2004 Weekend Alternatives in its Inaugural Stages by David Wheelock
  • Senior Slackers…Or Are They?
  • Open the Closed Campus Policy by Matt Sara
  • Standing in the Face of Tradition: Legacy by Avery Finch
  • Construction Workers Protest by Avery Finch
  • Tech Ed Class Devises New Direction for Intersection by Alex Lay
  • Uncovering the Local Band Scene by Alicia Conley
  • Hollywood Comes to Fairfield County: Local Area Chosen for Remake of Stepford Wives by David Wheelock
  • Boycott? What Boycott? by Leslie Wald
  • A Cause for Drama: The Hole in the Wall Gang by Cecelia Smith
  • Bowling for Answers in a Culture of Violence by Leslie Wald
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Erin Frasca
  • Lost in Translation by Alex Lay
  • Theatre 308 Says “Noises Off!” by Mackenzie Millar
  • Home Socialization Program Helps Train Seeing-Eye Puppies by David Wheelock
  • DHS Celebrates National French Week by Mackenzie Millar
  • College Admissions and the Sports Advantage by Christine Flynn and Leslie Wald
  • Sports Psychology: Inside the Mind of a Yankees Fan by Erin Frasca
  • The Turkey Bowl: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut by Alicia Conley
  • Cheerleaders Kick Off Year with School Spirit by Mackenzie Millar
Neirad for 200312.pdf

Neirad for December 2003

  • DHS Students Make Special Olympics Events a Success by Leslie Wald
  • Access Denied: An Inside Look at the Internet Filter at DHS by Matt Sara
  • DHS Students to Participate in French Exchange Program by David Wheelock
  • Notes on Crows Departure by David Wheelock
  • Gothika is a Scary Success at the Box Office by Alex Lay
  • A New Coach Steps up to the Plate by Erin Frasca
Neirad for 2003BaakToSchool.pdf

Neirad for 2003 Back to School

  • DHS Remembers September 11,2001 by Leslie Wald
  • The Construction 411 on the New DHS by Matt Sara
  • The Parking Lot Crisis by Erin Frasca
  • Old DHS Schedule Retained, Possible Modifications in Future by David Wheelock
  • On Senior Stress by Micheal Sinacore
  • School Cancellation Leaves Students in the Dark by Avery Finch
  • Big Changes Ahead for DHS Orchestra by Avery Finch
  • A China Exchange Update by Alicia Conley
  • Darien High School Real Life: I’m a Freshman by Cecelia Smith
  • Debate Team Makes Blue Wave Proud by Christine Flynn
  • DHS to Take New Measures in Combating Plagiarism by David Wheelock
  • The Making of the Video: Producer Rob Harris on This is Exciting
  • School Lunch Optimism by Matt Sara
  • New Teacher Profiles : Mr. Restrepo, Ms. Sala, Mr. Pavia, Ms. Smith, Mr. Janosco, Ms. Nelson, Ms. Kenny
  • A Look at Some of the New Faces at DHS: Mr. Nelson, Mr. Crowther, Ms. Rabine, Ms. Ginsburg, Ms. Burnell, Mr. Brooks


Neirad for 200402.pdf

Neirad for February 2004

  • Class of 2005 First to Take New SAT by David Wheelock
  • Moby Returns to Darien And Candidly Shares His Stories by Mackenzie Millar
  • What’s the Big Deal with Blogs Anyway? By Alicia Conley
  • Buddy Guy: A Man and The Blues by Jen Connetta
  • The Murder of Emmett Till by Katie Harrison
  • Book Reviews: Lies My Teacher Told me by Leslie Wald and The Language Police by Mackenzie Millar
  • The Road Less Traveled On: DHS Student Travels the World by Christine Flynn
  • DHS Tudor Singers 2003 End With a Bang by Mackenzie Millar
  • Is Classism a Factor in the Relocation of Elementary School Kids? By Leslie Wald
Neirad for 200404.pdf

Neirad for April 2004

  • Polo Collar Worn Flipped Down by Avery Finch
  • Chase Challenges Record to a Duel by Mike Pollock
  • Teacher Unleashes Pop Culture Reference During Class by David Wheelock
  • Black Market Trading Traced to DHS Bake Sale by Michael Sinacore
  • Local Guitarist Downloads Own Songs by Christine Flynn
  • Limo Service Seen As Possible Solution for Hallway Congestion Problem by Mackenzie Millar
  • Teacher Defends War of 1812 by David Wheelock
  • DHS Welcomes New Students, Overlooks Middle-Class Status by Leslie Wald
  • “Magic People” Now Number One Cause of Late Essays by Chloe Ettari
  • School Paper Completes Hostile Takeover of the Science Wing by David Wheelock
  • Darien High School Freshman Wears Winter Clothes by Christine Flynn
  • Darien Trades in “Blue Wave” For New Mascot by Avery Finch
Neirad for 200405.pdf

Neirad for May 2004

  • DHS Team Secures Win at Cyber Contest by “Mystery Mobile”
  • Hydrogen: From the Periodic Table to Your Car by Jen Lauro
  • Changing the Guard by David Wheelock
  • Shortchanged By Avery Finch
  • What About the Senior Caf? by Mike Pollock
  • Searching for Le Mot Juste by David Wheelock
  • DHS Students Learn About The “Long Walk To Freedom” by Leslie Wald
  • Mr. Pavia: The Man, The Myth, The Passion by Mackenzie Millar
  • Shanghai Students Arrive At DHS by Michael Sinacore
  • Chickaboom: The Newest Boutique in Town by Christine Flynn
  • My Run-In With the Law by David Joosten
  • Eating for the Benefit of Others: Lunchtime at the Café DCA by Leslie Wald
  • Coach Kaczmarek: Right On Track by Chloe Ettari
  • New Turf Field To Be Built by Alicia Conley
Neirad for 200406GraduationIssue.pdf

Neirad for 2004 Graduation Issue

  • From the Principal’s Desk
  • Mike Critelli: Director, Musician, and Caddy Extraordinaire by Christine Flynn
  • Jennie Lewis: Look and You’ll Probably Find Her in the Pool by Leslie Wald
  • Craig Campbell: The Music Man from Mixing to Mastering by Mackenzie Millar
Neirad for 200409.pdf

Neirad for September 2004

  • The High School Then and Now: A Look At The New High School by Michael Pollock
  • The Mandala: Back to Earth by Jen Lauro
  • An Intimate Chat with Bob Harrel: DHS Former Leader Reveals it All by Michael Pollock
  • Joshua House Fund: Building Houses, Changing Lives by Mike Sinacore
  • Helping Hands at DHS : Big Brother/Sister by Alicia Conley
  • Love: How Do You Like It by Natalie Rogers
  • A Capitalist Paradise: Jennifer Gov’t     by Mike Pollock
  • School Looks Back on 9/11 by David Wheelock
  • Girls Sports Teams at the Top of Their Games: by Avery Finch
Neirad for 200410.pdf

Neirad for October 2004

  • Barbarians at the Gate by Matt Sara
  • Election 2004: The Results are in by Avery Finch
  • Remarks from Community Council President by Adeela Tajdar
  • Getting the Know the New Teachers at DHS    by Alicia Conley
  • The Woman Behind the Depot by Jen Lauro
  • Overcrowded Buses?  Problem Solved by Mackenzie Horan
  • The Haunting of Darien by Brianna Mulligan
  • Rock and Roller Coaster by Chris Berry
  • Boy’s Soccer: Goal Orientated by Mackenzie Horan
  • Double the Size, Double the Effort, Double the Spirit, Double the Speed by Chloe Ettari
Neirad for 200411.pdf

Neirad for November 2004

  • Moby, Film Crew Visit DHS
  • New School Construction of Track by Mackenzie Horan
  • Border Crossings by Alicia Conley
  • Election 2004 Breaks Records (And Snaps Curses) by David Wheelock
  • The Locker Police by Courtney Rogers
  • Students, Teachers Gear Up For Journey Around the World by Avery Finch
  • Thanksgiving Myths: What the Pilgrims Didn’t Want You to Know by Matt Sara
  • Of Chalkboards and Backboards: DHS Teachers Hoop It With You     by David Wheelock
  • The God Squad by Chris Berry
  • Accessorizing For the Cause by Courtney Rogers
  • Soccer Ends the Season with a Kick by Chloe Ettari
  • Sox Fans Rule DHS by Avery Finch and Matt Muehring
Neirad for 2004HomecomingIssue.pdf

Neirad for 2004 Homecoming Issue

  • Homecoming 2004 a Success Around the Clock by Chloe Ettari

Various Photos from Homecoming 2004



Neirad for November 2005

  • Bluffing and Buying in by Jen Lauro
  • Students Take Charge Petitions Go Around DHS by Tierny Meehan
  • Mind Control? by Dory Giannos
  • Driving Laws Elicit Mixed Emotions by Elisabeth Tone and Jonathan Balloch
  • The Oreo Evolves by Katie Hill
  • Potatoes, Oil, and..Acrylamide? by Jen Lauro
  • The Traditional Turkey Day Feast? by Danielle Allen
  • Saying Good-Bye to Soda? by Julia Miller
  • Sleigh Bells Ring, But Is Anyone Listening? by Leah Lyden
  • Whether You like It or Not by Elisabeth Tone
  • Festival of Sound by Clay Bassford
  • Wave-Ram Showdown at Turkey Bowl by JT Peace
  • Space Lacking by Mackenzie Horan
  • Harsh and Hazy by Brianna Mulligan

Neirad for December 2005

  • Internet Restrictions- Has Censorship Extended Beyond Books? by Elisabeth Tone
  • Making the Call-Underage Drinking Tip Line by Brianna Mulligan
  • Laws of the Library by Brianna Mulligan
  • Upper Crust Keeps the Upper Hand? by Leah Lyden
  • Faking It? Teens Bend Time with Fake IDs by Danielle Allen
  • The Evolution of Designer Jeans by Dory Giannos
  • Discrimination Against Girls?-Swim Team Parents File Title IV Complaint by Mackenzie Hora



Neirad for February 2006

  • Heating Problem Should Cool Down by the Spring, School Administrators Say by Leah Lyden
  • Modesty Among Mansions by Katie Hill
  • Darien’s Dark Side- A History of Anti-Semitism by Nick Phillips
  • Playing by the Rules- Poll Reveals Athletes' Feelings About Commitment by Courtney Rogers and Anjali Lai

Neirad for October 2006

  • Technology Department Enforces Block As Security Measure -Students Denied Email Access by Carver Queally
  • DHS Teacher Brought North By Hurricane Katrina- Ms. McCammon Reflects On The Storm That Changed Her Life by John Bolton
  • An Opportunity For Open Ends? - DHS Seniors Fight For The Right To Come And Go During Free Periods by Margot Nevin
  • A Gold Star For Streck Technology Education Teacher Mr. Strecker Named Connecticut's Brightest Teaching Star For The Year 2006 by Margot Nevin
  • Cheerleaders Rally Football to 4-1- Think Cheerleading Is Not A Sport? Think Again by John Bolton
  • Flying High With Ultimate Frisbee- Club To Become A Varsity Sport? By Pat Luongo

Neirad for November 2006

  • Raising Awareness by Courtney Rogers
  • X Marks the Spot- Librarians' New Way to Monitor Computers by Allie Concannon and Annie Wilson
  • Underage Drinking Laws Tightened by Leah Lyden
  • From Qindao to Darien: Cultural Relatives by Lindsay Gordon
  • Changes in The Exchange: A New Connection by Nick Sauerberg
  • One Hundred Wins and Counting- Girls' Volleyball on Second 100-0 Winning Streak by John Bolton
  • F-Track Revealed- The Scoop on The Team Within The Team by Kevin Ramsey

Neirad for Late November 2006

  • Post 53 On CBS "Posties" To Appear In Katie Couric's Evening News by Elisabeth Tone
  • Facebook vs. Textbook -Are New Internet Advances Cutting Into Work Time? by Annie Wilson
  • Is Love Really All You Need?- Some Question Effects Of High School Relationships by Hadley Green
  • Flashback Article:What Goes On After Dark In Darien
  • Turkey Bowl Victory?-Fans Question If Blue Wave Will Defeat NC Rams by Charlie Nicholls

Neirad for December 2006

  • Dive Day and Laramie Project Join Forces by Leah Lynden
  • Delving into Disunity at DHS Opinion
  • A Wrestler In Pink by Nick Sauerburg
  • A Year in Pictures by Elizabeth Ton


03 2007

Neirad for March 2007

  • Prom Spirit Week in the Works by Jenny Large
  • Darien's Own Jimi Hendrix by Allie Concannon
  • Depot Opens Doors to Darien by Carver Queally
  • Principles for Principals by Meghan McEntire
04 2007

Neirad for April 2007

  • Otterspoor Seizes Power in Bloody Coup by Nick Phillips
  • Neirad Takes Down BWN by Jorden Cappiello
  • Library Trades Books for Bling by Allie Concannon
  • Page 5 Gossip Corner by Elizabeth Ton
05 2007

Neirad for May 2007

  • Putting the Y.O.U. in Uganda by Jenny Large
  • Day of Silence by Spencer Matson
  • The Face Behind the Facebook by Nick Phillips
  • Trackies Improve Laxers' Aim by Meg Shmurph
05 2007

Neirad Senior Issue 2007

  • From Music in Manhattan to Peace in the Middle East by Elizabeth Tone
  • Mr. Jones and Me Look into the Future by Brianna Mulligan
  • Running Life's Race with Patience by Courtney Rogers
  • Class of 2007
Neirad for September 2007

Neirad for September 2007


Neirad for October 2007

  • Homecoming Breathalized by Hadley Green
  • Narc Life by Spencer Matson
  • Darien Detox by Mike Klein
  • Opinion-"School Spirit"-Faculty and Students Disagree by Nick Phillips
  • Behind Smoke and Mirrors by Kim Michels
  • Ni Hao to Mandarin by Kevin Ramsey
  • 50 Cent vs. Kanye West by John Bolton
  • Star Sightings by Courtney Whiting
  • Switching Off Switchfoot by Patrick Smith
  • Panera Bread by Elizabeth Kirst
  • Another Round of Smoothies by Jordan Capiello
  • Battle of the Tourist Destinations by Nick Phillips
  • Varsity Field Hockey 2007 Season by Christy Lattimer
  • Wilton Sneaks by Wave by Pat Luong
Neirad Homecoming Insert 2007

Homecoming Insert for 2007

Various Photos from Homecoming 2007

Neriad for December 2007

Neirad for December 2007

  • Commitment To Be Mandatory For All Activities
  • What Do Students Say About Principal’s Controversial Reforms?
  • What Happened To “Merry Christmas”?
  • Free Thinkin’ in Darien High School
  • Theatre 308’s Shakespearian Modernization Exceeds Student Expectations
  • Art Spotlight: Adam Campbell
Neirad Holiday Insert for December 2007

Neirad Holiday Insert for December 2007

  • The Holiday Insert has Four Pages of Color
  • Darien Gets a Taste of Winter
  • Sinterklass: Back to Ole Europe
  • Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season


Neirad for February 2008

Neirad for February 2008

  • Why Do We Panic?
  • PDA Enough Already
  • 2008 Presidential Candidates Poll
  • Editorial to End the Black History Month Assembly
  • A response to the December Editorial
  • Academy Award Forecast 2008
  • Nursing the Woes of DHS Students
  • The Cell Phone Cool Factor
  • Spears Baby Forecast
  • Faculty Facial Hair Extravaganza
  • Redesign Alert: Neirad is getting a make over
  • Neirad Personals
Neirad for March 2008

Neirad for March 2008

  • Post 53: Procedural Rifts at EMS Unit by Mike Klein
  • Does DHS Really “Recycle”? by Kim Michels and Richard Stile
  • A Look Inside the Gay-Straight Alliance by Charlie Nicholls
  • Letters to the Editor in response to the "End Black History Assembly"
  • We Missed Our TV Shows! by Alicia Andrianus
  • Could “Juno” Happen at DHS? by Tally Thoren
  • What’s in Your Fridge? by Chris Shaker
  • Dhs Cribs: Tally Thoren by Jorden Capiello.
  • Gym Showers Eight Minutes Just Isn’t Enough! by Lizzie Kirst and Richard Stile
  • Out of Africa My Experience in Malawi village by Christy Lattimer
  • Caffeine: SoNo’s Best Kept Secret by Alicia Andrianus
  • Style File: DHS’ Top Seven by Hannah Litchfield
  • This Squash is Served Hot on the Court by Mike Hickey
  • Boys’ Hockey: FCIAC Champions but Violence erupts at game by Pat Luongo
  • Boys Lax Primed for Another Winning Season by Reece Pelley
Neirad for April 2008

Neirad for April 2008

  • Volunteering Made Mandatory by Nick Phillips
  • Student and Teacher Meet Inside World of Warcraft, Awkwardness Ensues by Mike Klein
  • John Kerr: Neirad’s Student of the Month for Apri by Nick Phillips
  • Puppies Are Cuter Than Ponies by Nick Phillips
  • A Different View by Mike Klein
  • Post 53 Goes 18-1 in 2008 Lifesaving Season by Jon Stall and Pester Stone
  • Cafe Unwittingly Fuels B.E.C. Addiction by Spencer Matson
  • Corporal Punishment at DHS by Mike Klein
  • Brameier Beat-Downs by Chris Shaker
  • Spring Fashion by Mike Klein
  • Getting Large by Jenny Large
  • Review of Rush Hour 3 by Spencer Matson
  • The Wiggles Movement by Joe Simonson
  • Indecision 2008 by Kevin Ramsey
  • Prom 2008 Budget Brutally Slashed by Priscilla Lombardi
  • No More Narcs by Meg Murphy
  • Hockey Fans Hug It Out by Reece Pelley
  • DHS To Install Moat Barrier by Will Wygal
  • Lacrosse Team To Merge With and Seek Guidance From Chess Club by Lizzie Kirst
  • Sports Star Spotlight!!!!!!!!
Neirad for May 2008

Neirad Print for May 2008

  • DHS Coach Launches by Tom Awaking
  • The Wonder Walls by Richard Stile
  • How to Conserve Energy by Lindsay Gordon
  • Guitar Hero if Killing Good Music by Will Wygal
  • DHS Dance Team by Emily Deleo
  • Darien’s Provocateur: Walter J Casey by Jenny Large
  • The Random Life by Mackenize Cockerill
  • Hot in the Lot Motorcycle Edition by Mike Hickey
  • Pedaling to Work by Charlie Nicholls
  • Roving Reporter: Prom Excitement by Jorden Cappiello
  • Colin Delaney: A Satirical Review by Mike Klein
  • Book Review: All Choked Up by Megan McIntire
  • Prisoners of War Released to Rock by Joe Simonson
  • Restaurant Review: The Melting Pot by Alicia Andrianus
  • Pet of Month by Meg Murphy
  • DHS Family Tree by Christy Lattimer
  • DHS Cribs: Annie Maybell by Jorden Cappiello
  • Charles Lindbergh: Rediscovering a Hero by Spencer Matson
  • Girls Lacrosse Past and Present by Reece Pelley
  • Rugby Hits DHS by Pat Luongo
Neirad for May 2008

Neirad The Senior Issue 2008

  • Special Thanks to Stacey Wilkins, Sean Otterspoor, Sybil O’Hare
  • The Old Building: A Final Farwell by Nick Phillips
  • Engineering Success--Frank Meade by Lindsay Gordon
  • Forever Young--Adam Campbell by Hadley Green
  • Va a Espana Para Jugar Tenis--Sarah Smith by Joe Simonson
  • Caroline Rothston’s Hot Topic by Priscilla Lombardi
  • Darien’s Own Renaissance Man--Matt Nestor by Spencer Matson and Chris Shaker
  • Paul Ciasullo: Thespian, Philosopher, Enigma by Nick Phillips
  • Seniors and Their College and Post Grad Plans
  • Family and Faculty Congratulatory Ads
Neirad for May 2008

Neirad February 2009

  • “DHS’ Ungrateful Seniors by Jose Corte-Real
  • “Genre”-lization by Meg McIntire
  • Affordable Housing, Rich with Debate by Lisa Randall and Joe Simonson
  • Library Crackdown by Meg Murphy
  • Hallway Hurdles by Connor McCarthy
  • DHS’ Dancing Queen by Andi Cara
  • Celebrity Lookalikes by Amy Andborn
  • All You Need is Love by Connor McCarthy
  • Doctor in the House by Jenny Large and Kimberly Michels
  • A History Lesson on Love by Kimberly Michels
  • Mysteries of the Bearded Man Revealed by Chris Shaker
  • Moderation of Motivation by Laura Durham
  • From Basketball to Business by Lizzie Kirst


Neirad for May 2008

Neirad for March 2009

  • DHS Sings the Song of Angry Men by Christian Panier
  • Senioritis Strikes by Patrick Smith
  • School Budget Under the Knife by Laura Durham
  • No Longer Dancing the Night Away? By Andi Cara
  • Darien High School’s Top Chefs by Elizabeth Crafford and Tally Thoren
  • Spring Things for Y.O.U. by Claire Dickson
  • Forget the Psychologist – Take a Nap! By Chris Shaker
  • Heartbreak by Parker Lange
  • Riding: It’s Not Just Horse Play by Meg Murphy
  • Batter Up…in November? By Jordan Cappiello
  • Track Rundown by Jay Alter

Neirad for May 2008

Neirad for April Fools, 2009

  • Bennett Headed for Gitmo by Chris Shaker
  • Fridge Wears Capri Pants by Elizabeth Crafford and Claire Dickson
  • Up on the Rooftop by Spencer Matson
  • Administration Forces Another Policy on the Student Body by Jenny Large
  • Faculty Rebuttal: A Pocket Protector’s Positive Response by Sean Otterspoor
  • Fleece Blanket Warms Body, Chills Date Potential by Connor McCarthy
  • Juniors Given Senior Privileges For Sheer Awesomeness by Clemmy Little
  • Too Dumb to Realize by Christy Lattimer
  • Clifford Goes to School by Dan Campbell
  • When Hunger Strikes by Will Wygal
  • Teachers Tackle Old School Tradition by Meg Murphy 
Neirad for May 2008

Neirad for April 15, 2009

  • Prom in Decline? By Richard Stile
  • Diversity Initiative by Nicole Granath
  • Class of 2009: Getting the College Call by Emily Pik
  • We Don’t Want to See Your Face on Facebook by Parker Lange
  • The Style File by Clemmy Little and Allie Townsend

Neirad for May 2008


Neirad for Graduation 2009

  • Postcard from the Nation’s Capital by Lindsay Gordon
  • Mageras Duels for Duke by Jenny Large
  • Living Luxuriously in Loveland by Hadley Green
  • Drum Roll, Please by Kelsey Ott
  • Where in the World is Sarah Nelson? By Julia Lang
  • Long Soaring to New Heights by Elizabeth Crafford
  • The Other Ultimate Lax Bro by Allie Townsend and Clemmy Little
  • “Look at Me, I’m Getting Neirad Coverage!” by Spencer Matson
  • Don’t Call Her a Darienite by Meg McIntire
  • Valedictorians: Honor and Controveresy by Daniel Campbell
Neirad for May 2008

Neirad for September 2009 Back to School

  • The Passing of the Torch by Kelsey Ott
  • Study Hall Stays Around by Amanda Hutter
  • DHS Students Learn to Micromanage by Daniel Campbell
  • Darien’s One Dimensional Perspective by Chris Shaker
  • Inaugural Address by Aki Tas
  • “Dive In” to DMB’s Latest Album by Kelsey Ott
  • Shout Your Secrets by Meg McIntire
  • De Haas’s Art is Making Bank by JP Walsh
  • Freshman Perspective by Jay Alter
  • Mrs. Ruegger: A Woman Who Knows All About Life by Connor McCarthy
  • The 2009 Fall Sports Preview by Meg Murphy
  • Say Goodbye to Big Blue by Jay Alter

Neirad for May 2008

Neirad for November 2009 Homecoming Issue

  • Four Clubs Face Budget Cut by Jay Alter
  • A Healthy Change by Lisa Randall
  • Finally, the Arrival of IT by Sean Gill
  • Growing Beards for Charity by Katrina Vassel
  • Nina: One of DHS’s New Faces by Katherine Minion
  • Junior Starts His Own Charity by Miguel Corte-Real
  • Shindler Shines in Goal by Mikel Marku
  • Unique Premise of Falls Short in “Lying” by Darius Majd
  • Bus Overcrowding Creates Hazard by Kevin Cassidy and Parker Lange
  • Teacher Sites Cross Digital Divide by Connor McCarthy
  • Home Away from Home by Lauren Perry
  • “Neat” Coffee Place Opens by Annabel Schneider
  • New Plans for Veteran’s Day by Katherine Minion
  • Wait, We Have a Dress Code by Allison Wetterauw
Neirad for May 2008

Neirad for December 2009

  • DHS Driving Home Safely by Samantha Wood
  • Awesome Aussie by Ben Preston
  • Student’ New Weekend Alternative by Annabel Schneider
  • Plunkett’s Supersized Life by Alice Wang
  • Cross Court by Christian Panier
  • Coromandel Spices Up Goodwives by Megan Archey
  • Christmas…or Something Like It by Anjali Krishnamachar
  • Santa’s in Town Early by Andi Cara
  • In Depth Look at the Challenge by Brian Curry
  • Young Life Mends Young Lives by Daniel Campbell
  • Breaking Out to Break Dance by Rebecca Liu
  • Academic Athletes by Sam Nelson
  • Oh Boye! Olsen Twins’ New Clothing Line by Jesse Hodges
  • Times are Tough, but “Times” Stays Strong by Emily Pik
  • Juniors Filling Senior Roles by Ian Sullivan
  • Ivy Dreams Take Root in Squash Court by Emily Close