Renowned Rolling Stone and NYT Journalist Gerri Hirshey Visits DHS

imageby Priscilla Lombardi
published - 12/2007

The New York Times reporter Gerri Hirshey took a break from pounding out copy to discuss her experiences in the professional world of journalism with DHS students. As a high school student in Fairfield many years ago, Hirshey rooted against the Blue Wave. Now she is in enemy territory to help budding Darien journalists develop their writing skills. Hirshey offered advice in feature writing and interviewing to the many students who attended the assembly last month. One of her most important rules was welcomed wholeheartedly by DHS English teachers. “Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, “Hirshey said. “I edit and rewrite my stories at least five (5!) times.” .... More →

Volleyball Glory Days

by Clemence Little
published - 12/2007

The Darien High School Girl’s Volleyball Team could have their team picture next to the word success in the dictionary. The team has dominated the game in Connecticut since 1990. The team has won 16 league titles over the past 19 years. Volleyball success has become inevitable in Darien. The girls have a 140-match winning streak. These teens work incredibly hard practicing 24 hours a week for six days. Saturday is their only day off, but they still have the option of elective practice. .... More →

Deadly Tails: The Serious Dangers Behind Dog Sledding 

imageBy Julia Lang
published - 12/2007

On March 1 more than 60 mushers will go head-to-head in the “Last Great Race on Earth”: the Iditarod. Around 1,040 dogs will be pushed to their limit, running 1,150 miles over approximately 15 days. Many see the race as a good competition that the mushers and the dogs are dying to compete. However, many people don’t realize the dogs are literally dying to run in this so-called great race.
     “Good news: The annual I-killed-a-dog-sled race is over. That means that all of the dogs who managed to make it through another year without getting beaten to death on the frozen tundra of Alaska have another 12 months to breathe easy,” wrote journalist, Jim Rome, at the end of the Iditarod race in 2001.".... More →

Neirad Goes Behind the Times

imageby Pat Luongo
published - 12/2007


Neirad’s crack team of reporters has made it to the The New York Times.  No, they have not landed jobs on the place that publishes, “All The News That's Fit To Print." The Advanced Journalism class took a field trip to “The City that Never Sleeps” to visit The New York Times headquarters.  The class, along with a select few Intro Journalism students, was given a tour of the brand-new home of the newspaper. NYT Investigative Reporter Mike McIntire spent the morning with the students allowing them unfettered access for a behind-the-scenes glimpse on December 4.
“I was surprised how organized the newsroom was when we visited. I was expecting it to be more chaotic,” DHS freshmen Joe Simonson said.
The class was suitably impressed by “Movable Type,” a public art display in the lobby that featured many tiny digital screens posting facts about the paper, building, and even snippets of articles reporters were working on that very moment..... More →

Current Currently Seeking Literary Talent

imageby Jose Corte-Real
published - 12/2007

Current, the DHS literary magazine, is seeking new recruits. This publication collects and publishes student material.The Current publication is a great way for aspiring writers to display all kinds of work. This year the Current staff is seeking creative non-fiction, short stories, poems, song lyrics, and even artwork. "I think it is fun. It is nice that we [students] get to express ourselves in a different way!" Current editor Katie Rawden told Neirad Enlino. Rawden believes that there are ideal opportunities for every student to express him or her self. Current is looking for work from frosh on up to the head-honcho seniors.

Current recently sponsored and organized the Poetry Slam, which was a great success.  The Friday night event was so successful that students insisted on holding another slam. In addition to poetry, the second slam is expected to include song lyrics, singing, and artwork displays. .... More →

Across the Universe Soundtrack

imageby Christy Lattimer - 12/07
published - 12/2007

The Beatles were, and will always be considered the greatest band of all time.  They have sold over one billion albums worldwide, and continue to have an overwhelming effect on present generations.  Proof of their hold over American minds can be gleaned in the soundtrack to Across the Universe.
The movie takes place in the middle of the Vietnam War, during the 1960s, in an era of a rising desire to protest for peace. The movie incorporates 30 Beatles’ songs that are woven into the story of six characters.... Read More →

Abra’s Uplifting Ambience:

imageby Priscilla Lombardi
published - 12/2007

Click here to watch Abra Moore video

Abra Moore, Indie alternative-rock, and former Grammy nominee singer and songwriter is not just another new face in the music industry. Moore, age 38 has earned a GRAMMY™ nomination for her hit single, “Four leaf clover” from her album Strangest Places in 1997. In June, Sarathan Records released her 5th and most recent album, On The Way. Read More →

Reminded of Feist

imageby Kim Michels
published - 12/2007


From the small screen, the singer in the tight elastic shimmering jumpsuit shuffles onto the setting with her high heels clicking against the wood floor. Her eyes look up from under her lashes and as she begins to sway her hips and sings: “One two three four tell me that you love me more.” Canadian singer, Leslie Feist, had her debut into the American musical recognition that came in the small slice cubicle package of an i-Pod nano. Feist’s music video for “1234” became part of the advertisement for the commercial that introduced i-Pod nanos. The song did its job.   The rhythm was hummed while driving in the car, the beat constantly dribbling in a person’s head during math class and then being belted out in the shower with a soap dish as a microphone. ... More →


Not So Lucky, “Lucky You”

imageby Jenny Large
published 12/07


One of the few times you will ever hear Bruce Springsteen and Liza Minnelli listed within four tracks of each other, let alone recorded . From country and jazz to rock and roll, this soundtrack’s broad range of songs suggests that it has a song for everyone, yet all it does is disappoint. With the exception of a few, most tracks from Lucky You are painful to listen to, one of the most dreadful being “Dance Me to the End of Love” by Madeleine Peyroux. Mysterious and smoky, Peyroux’s voice sounds like that of a washed-up lounge singer who just managed to score a spot on Royal Caribbean’s nightly entertainment line up... More →

The Bonedaddys: “Waterslide”
Bringing their 1980’s “Rock” Style Back

imageby Lindsay Gordon
published - 12/2007


Blue hair, pink neon leggings and animal print costumes are all part of the everyday attire of the “The Bonedaddys,” the band who just recently released their new album, Waterslidein September.
The group's music is similar to their fashion sense -- completely all over the place!
The Bonedaddys was founded by percussionist Michael Tempo in 1985 in Los Angeles. They have held a strong reputation as a true American band due to the variety of music genres represented in their songs.... More →

The NEIRAD Print Edition for December 2007

NEIRAD for December 2007

Articles include:

  • Commitment To Be Mandatory For All Activities
  • What Do Students Say About Principal’s Controversial Reforms?
  • What Happened To “Merry Christmas”?
  • Free Thinkin’ in Darien High School
  • Theatre 308’s Shakespearian Modernization Exceeds Student Expectations
  • Art Spotlight: ADAM CAMPBELL
  • and much, much more click Neirad December 2007 to read

NEIRAD Holiday insert for December 2007

The Holiday Insert has Four Pages of Color and:

  • Darien Gets a Taste of Winter
  • Sinterklass: Back to Ole Europe
  • Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season



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