Neirad Print Edition for February 2008

NEIRAD Print for Feb 2008Why Do We Panic?, PDA Enough Already, 2008 Presidential Candidates Poll, Editorial to End the Black History Month Assembly, A response to the December Editorial, Academy Award Forecast 2008, Nursing the Woes of DHS Students, The Cell Phone Cool Factor, Spears Baby Forecast, Faculty Facial Hair Extravaganza, Redesign Alert: Neirad is getting a make over, Neirad Personals, Sports and much much more. Download the PDF of the Neirad February issue.

Neirad Print Edition for May 6th 1966

NEIRAD Print for May 6, 1966Turns out that the Faculty Facial Hair Extravaganza piece in this month's Neirad is but the latest of a series of beard promoting stories. Jon Bigelow wrote of DHS first (and only) Beard Day back in 1966. Just to prove that they really knew how to have a good time back then the event also known as Hairy Monday involved school wide voting for Beard Day Queens who were given the honor of selecting heaviest beard, most artistic and most reasonable facsimile (for the underclassmen not yet blessed with the facial fur) Don't believe us download the PDF of the Neirad May 6th 1966 issue.


Neirad Enilno February Edition
Valentine’s Day History Lesson

Cupidby Andrew Kirkman
published - 02/2008

Valentine’s Day is one of the most polarizing holidays: you either love it or you hate it. Those who hate it most universally say, “It’s just a holiday invented by greeting card companies.” Actually, that sentiment expressed by those very lonely people in February is really not true. Valentine’s Day is named in honor of St. Valentine. A Roman legend created in the third century says Emperor Claudius II decided that his army would be stronger if soldiers did not have a wife and children waiting at home. The emperor banned young soldiers from marrying – it did not matter if they were already in love. Enter a priest, Father Valentine. He defied this order and continued to secretly marry young people. When the emperor discovered this defiant act, Father Valentine was thrown in jail, where he awaited execution. .... Read More →

Le Voyage en France

imageby Laura Durham
published - 02/2008

When the phrase "romantic getaway" comes to mind, many people instantly imagine escaping to France. But there are many other options for a French vacation that do not have to be a couple centered lovefest. Darien High School student Meredith Jordan recently traveled to Paris for her 16th birthday. Jordan explained why she opted for Paris to mark her sweet 16. "I think that Paris is one of the best places to celebrate something special. It was the perfect destination to celebrate a significant birthday." But travel experts say do not just limit your visit to the City of Love. "For first-time visitors, Paris is an obvious highlight," explains Carol Franks of Travel Trends of Connecticut. "To get acquainted with the city, take a bus tour, and then explore all of the various districts on your own and make sure to eat with the locals to experience a real sense of what life in France is all about." .... More →

Faculty Profile - Miss Sapeta

by Jorden Cappiello
published - 02/2008

MISS MEGAN SAPETA, ONE OF DARIEN HIGH SCHOOL’S three librarians, is new to DHS this year. I recently sat down and asked her some questions about her thoughts and goals for our library. Plus the top five romantic students should read to get into the Valentine’s Day vibe .... More →


Faculty Profile - Donna Berizzi

by Elizabeth Kirst
published - 02/2008

Walking through the doorway it was clear I had just stepped into Darien High School’s best kept secret: the nurse’s office. The room is ensconced in the G building. Obviously, this destination dispenses dough drops and Band-Aids. But the nurse's office doubles a place to go when a student is free to just sit and relax in times of high stress. What makes the nurse’s office a popular place is the high level of trust and confidentiality that both Donna Berizzi and Gina Givore work to establish. Both nurses are in agreement about the unbelievable amounts of stress kids at DHS are put under and struggle to deal with in their lives. .... More →


Student Profile - Tim Nelson

by John Bolton
published - 02/2008

You may see him walking down the halls here at Darien High School in his brown and white striped hoodie, with one arm in one sleeve and the other oddly hanging out, and think to yourself, “Oh he seems like a normal kid.” And in some ways, that’s true about Tim Nelson, a senior here at DHS: he comes to school most every day; goes to all his classes; studies hard; but the average traits of Tim stop there. A deeper look into the man that is Tim Nelson reveals a daredevil who defies the very laws of gravity on a weekly basis: an active participant in DHS extracurricular activities; an athlete who puts himself through unimaginable stresses over miles of terrain and an extraordinary individual who seeks to succeed at the highest level both in and out of the classroom. Welcome to the world of Tim Nelson. .... More →


The Next Generation of News  

imageBy Alex McGuire
published - 01/2008

In part two of our series examining how teens are changing the news industry, Neirad Enilno Reporter Alex McGuire talks to teens who are starting to create their own news content. Read Part One Here

The Internet is taking over the news industry. A new wave of information is being propelled to teens across the world. Newspapers are being viewed less and less as computers are taking precedence in the news world. “It’s much easier to find news on a computer,” freshmen Christian Nielsen said. “Finding news on a computer is more efficient than looking for news on T.V. or listening for it on the radio.” The “Apple Generation” is accustomed to having everything streamed directly before their eyes and ears, which leaves less appetite for traditional mediums such as radio. It is hard to blame them: the Internet is handier and more immediate than mediums like radio. Instead of having to wait to listen for important announcements, teens can simply search a topic on Google, and suddenly a world of information will be at their fingertips in seconds. Teens do not have to wait. .... More →

Freshman Picking Up The Pace

imageby Jake McCauley
published - 02/2008

The Darien track team has gained a ton of fresh frosh talent this year. With a lot of senior stars leaving at the end of last season, Darien needed strong replacements. That need has been fulfilled with a talented freshman squad. This year the talent pool is growing even bigger. Darien needs these freshmen to become talented runners in the next two years if they are going to continue the winning ways. The boy’s team will lose seniors Tim Nelson, and captains Logan Hohs, Nick Phillips and Doug Wright. “It’s tough to be leaving this year, but we hope that the underclassmen will be able to fill our shoes one day,” Wright said. Fortunately, some of the freshmen are extending their stride to try to join the best. ..... More →

Radiohead: A Revolutionary Marketing Approach

imageby Will Wygal
published - 02/2008

Radiohead is one of the hottest bands out there with the release of “In Rainbows.” Radiohead has always been an extremely inventive band; recently they have begun to also revolutionize the way music is sold. With the release of “In Rainbows” there have been a lot of questions about how to purchase the music. Before the album came out on CD it was made available on Radiohead’s website where the fans could download the CD for whatever price they chose. This distribution method was an extremely risky idea, but for a band like Radiohead it was revolutionary marketing strategy. Guitarist Johnny Greenwood commented in Billboard magazine saying, “We let people ask themselves how much music is really worth?” The idea of releasing the album online without a set price was prompted by illegal music pirating: a practice that occurs with virtually all big album releases. .... More →


27 Dresses: A Woman Making Everyone Happy but Herself

imageby Priscilla Lombardi
published - 02/2008

"27 Dresses" is the seamless comedy/romance chick-flick to see this Valentine’s Day. It stars New Canaan native Katherine Heigl. (Yes, Heigl is from enemy territory!) She plays Jane, a well-organized career woman, who willingly plans and attends her friends’ 27 weddings as a dependently accommodating bridesmaid.

That means she owns 27 often hideous bridesmaid dresses. But Jane overextends herself for one wedding where she has agreed to serve in the bridal party for two weddings on the same night. Heigl finds herself taxiing back and forth between the two weddings frantically changing dresses in the same cab. As the ideal executive assistant, she is able to discern exactly what her boss, George (Edward Burns), wants before he even asks. Jane, unfortunately treated like a maid at her own job, is in love with George and modestly wishes that he will one day return her feelings. But this is a movie – so we quickly learn unrequited love is once again in store for this habitual bridesmaid. The plot thickens when Jane’s younger sister Tess (Malin Akerman), comes for an extended visit to stay with Jane at her apartment: Jane now has competition from little sis. .... More →


Cloverfield: Some ‘Thing’ Has Found Us

imageby Chris Shaker
published - 02/2008

Let’s start with the name of this movie: “Cloverfield.” Why is it called “Cloverfield?” One might think the title has a very interesting origin, but the true story isn’t actually all that exciting. John Fogelman, one of the movie’s producers, originally said the name was going to be “Greyshot.” But then Fogelman got really sick of hearing the word “monster” – the woefully unoriginal name of the monster in this flick. He renamed the movie “Clover” after the California street where the film was shot. Eventually this fact was leaked to fans and thereafter they referred to the movie by its new name, “Cloverfield.” .... More →


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