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June 2008

Prom Alternatives
by Alicia Andrianus

Many seniors opted not to shell out big bucks to attend the recent prom at the Greenwich Hyatt Regency.
Allison is hot in the lot Sam marietta #

Prom Alternatives
by Alicia Andrianus

Many seniors opted not to shell out big bucks to attend the recent prom at the Greenwich Hyatt Regency. They decided to peace out on the proma that often surrounds the biggest formal dance of the school year.

Top 5 PromTop 5: Prom
by Hadley Green

Prom attraced hundreds of DHS students on May 16. (438 promgoers to be exact) They rocked the night out at the Greenwich Hyatt Regency. The event went much more smoothly than last year - perhaps in part to the new breathalyzer policy. Those who went had this to say about what is often one of the most memorable nights in a teenager's high school career.

Marietta Coburn Heads to Harvard
by Emily Deleo

Getting into Harvard University. became even more difficult this year after a change in the school’s financial aid program and a record number of applicants. The Ivy League university accepted 1,948 students out of 27,462 applicants. Senior Marietta Coburn was one of the few students to make the Harvard grade.

My Little Impala
by Kimberly Michels, Web Editor-In-Chief

The bus chugged onto the dirt road with a wheeze and my head fell against the window. I looked up startled, but only saw the bus shifting onto a dirt road through the Sahara. Fellow traveler and DHS senior Lauren Murphy elbowed me in the ribs and I looked up with a glare. “Kimberly, look we’re at the village,” she said. It was one of the loveliest sights I have ever seen.

Boarding School Beckons
by Hannah Litchfield

There is little more than two weeks left for the Darien High School graduating Class of 2008. And for a few others too. Who, you might ask? Every year, several students chose to depart from DHS to prep schools. Neirad Enilno caught up with a couple of the talented students who are soon to leave Blue Wave Pride behind.

Profile: Woody
by Lizzie Kirst

Edward "Woody" Spurgeon is a lifelong resident of Darien and a retired businessman who has been generously giving his mornings to the students of DHS by helping out in the woodworking room. Woody has been providing an extra set of eyes and ears to Mr. Leon Strecker, a fellow woodworking teacher, for five years.

Hot in the Lot: Allison Hyde
by Mike Hickey, Automotive Editor

Audi has come a long way in recent years making it one of Europe’s finest sports car manufacturers. Originally built for racing, Audi has switched its style up and produced cars that appeal to sports car fanatics, car collectors, and apparently EMTs. Our June "Hot in the Lot" features senior Allison Hyde who has turned her brand new A4 into an EMS response car.

Hot Prize Contest Winners

Neirad Enilno will go to all lengths to get our product out to our student audience. We have even been giving out great prizes to encourage people to visit DHS's newest source for all the news that making news right here on campus.

Last month we gave away five gift certificates from Barrett Bookstore in Darien. Click to meet the winners.

“60 Minutes” Field Trip

Neirad has made it to the top of the journalistic food chain. The Neirad team was joined by archrivals, Blue Wave News, for an all-access trip to the CBS news headquarters in New York. The event was hosted by "60 Minutes" correspondent Scott Pelley who gave them a peek into how the upper echelon of journalism works. Read more to find out what it's like to play with the big guns.

The Random Life
by Mackenzie Cockerill

Life can be pretty random - especially when June hits and summer vacation is just days away. Here are Neirad Enilno's own columnist junior Mackenzie Cockerill's thoughts on striped socks for mountain bikers and the confounded apostrophe placement on the phone keypad. Just a few observations Mackenzie leaves us with -- in her own inimitable style -- to close out the 2007-08 school year.

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DHS CribsDHS Cribs: Helen Robinson
by Jorden Capiello, "DHS Cribs" Executive Producer

This month “DHS Cribs” is taking you on an unusual trip. Our own fashion editor Hadley Green said we had to check out junior Helen Robinson’s room. But not for the usual reason students usually agree to be featured in this column: Helen’s room is not long for this world. Her home is going to be torn down this summer, which has given her freedom to whatever she wants to her crib. “DHS Cribs” Executive Producer Jorden Cappiello got in before the wrecking ball hit. See what decorating fun someone can have when there are no limits!

Indiana JonesJonesing for Indiana
by Will Wygal

When thinking about the next awesome movie coming up, many immediately think of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," which just opened over the Memorial Day weekend. Harrison Ford is still the man. Give this 65-year-old actor a whip and you have an amazing movie backed by the greatest directors of our time, Lucas and Spielberg. Now throw in a Disney all-star like Shia La Beouf and the studios are expected to have an easy victory at the box office this summer.

Tweak Review
by Megan McIntire, Book Editor

When I looked up the definition of "addict" in the dictionary, the explanation, "to give up (to a strong habit)" came up. Before, I would have thought that was wrong. Addicts don’t give up…they persevere. They fight for the drugs they think they need to live. They do anything but give up. Don’t they?

Darien: Not Just a Stuck-Up Town
by Katie Meehan

One of the most moving parts of the NAMES day assembly was when students shared hurtful experiences. Stereotypes were a big issue. But one of the issues that revolves around stereotypes that was not brought up was one about kids from Darien. Some who do not live in the town of Darien automatically assume the people who do live here are stuck-up and conceited.

'Baby Mama' Delivers
Delivered by Richard Stile

Playful humor, awkward situations, and a couple of "Saturday Night Live’s" most talented actors all make for a hilarious box office hit, which precisely describes the new movie, "Baby Mama." The film stars SNL alums Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Baseball: Coming in for a Home Run
by Pat Luongo, Sports Editor

Many people say that the DHS Baseball Team is overshadowed by that of the nationally-ranked lacrosse boys, but in recent years, baseball has enjoyed very little success. Members of the team can’t even remember the last time they qualified for the state or FCIAC playoffs like they have this year.

Athlete Profile: Sam Stevenson
by Hadley Green

Junior Sam Stevenson is a standout on in the world of DHS competitive sports. She has only been playing volleyball for three years, as well as lacrosse for five years, yet she excels remarkably in both sports, playing varsity seats in both girls lacrosse and volleyball.

Beacon of Hope
by Jenny Large

Teamwork Ministries International was founded by Dr. John N. Chacha, a native of East Africa. In 1985, Chacha returned to his home in Kenya where he learned of the desperate need for Christian leaders in Third World countries. He felt there weren't enough opportunities for potential leaders to be taught the principles of leadership. Chacha returned to the United States, determined to take up this cause.


Pet of the Month
by Lizzie Kirst

When people think of getting about animal, ignorance can sometimes cloud that decision. Dishonest pet store owners fool innocent buyers into thinking their store is different. Many say they don't purchase their animals from puppy mills. But there is no way they could stay in business if they didn't fill their stores with this cheap source of "product." And responsible breeders don't release their dogs to pet stores. So, why not think about adoption options! Click to meet our pet of the month.