Invisible Children-Giving Peace to Uganda
By Clemence Little
published - 11/2007

"The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it," George Kimble.

Darien High School is doing a small part to banish the ignorance of Africa.  The school has started a club to raise money for the Ugandan refugees called, “Invisible Children.” The group hopes to make the plight of the Ugandan people more visible. 

"I was inspired to start this club when I read an article about it online at the start of junior year. I went to the administration and started organizing a screening of the documentary at DHS, “Alexandra Duncan said. The DHS senior is using the power of publicity to raise money. “I also spoke at the Volunteer Day assembly and people started coming up to me to help. We started the club and it took off from there. I would love us to raise $10,000 this year if it's at all possible, and make our club stronger.".... More →

by Kimberly Russell
published - 11/2007

The college application season has rolled around once again at Darien High School. Each year, the selection criterion gets more and more competitive. Many things go into the rigorous process, but, perhaps, the most grueling is the dreaded test scores. However, unlike 10 years ago, the applicants have the option of taking one of two tests: the SAT or the ACT. Many colleges these days are accepting both tests. But with this option comes the question of how many and which tests to take.... More →

Facebook Follies Hurt Student Opportunity
by Chris Shaker
published - 11/2007

The posting a young person puts on the web today can have severe consequences in the future. A Facebook entry can potentially limit a student’s ability to get into a college. Many young people do not realize the potentially negative ramifications to their college and professional career. “I am careful now about what I put on Facebook but only because of previous cases,” A DHS student said. According to a hockey player, they were suspended from several games after administration learned about Facebook pictures, which showed this student athlete drinking alcohol. Facebook, is a social network site that keeps friends and peers connected online. Students often think that they are safe if they block everyone that they have not “friended” .... More →

by Priscilla Lombardi
published - 11/2007

As the 2007-2008 school year hastily progresses, the administration has established several new policies in hope to ensure that student issues occurring last year in and around the DHS school building will been solved. The administration has recently set up these policies in order to maintain a secure environment during school and school related events. Ever since this school year began administrators have been seen searching through stray backpacks under, what the DHS student handbook states to be reasonable cause. As most may remember, many students last year had their personal belongings stolen, such as ipods, cell phones, or calculators, while others were unable to locate their stolen backpacks. ...
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Shopping Addiction: Quick Pleasure with Long-term Pain
by Hannah Litchfield
published - 11/2007

Some hear "shopaholic" and laugh, thinking it's a made up word. Others know the meaning, and seriousness, of the condition. Shopaholic, another term for compulsive buying, is becoming a widespread problem, serious enough that the American Psychiatric Association is deciding whether or not to list compulsive buying as a mental disorder. Shopaholics purchase compulsively, buy things they don't need and often can't afford, jeopardizing work, family, and their mental stability. Darien High School psychologist, Eileen Whalen, says," People displaying compulsive behavior don't have healthy coping mechanisms. They use compulsive buying to self soothe and destress. It gives them a short term sense of satisfaction." ...
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Seeing Pink?
by Julia Lang
published - 11/2007

Pink is all around these days in Darien. Even with men. Guys are no longer shy about donning the pale color. Sales of menswear in pink rose from 11% to 16% from 2004 to 2006. At the moment, 36% of clothing purchases for men are in pink, bringing the color to the top of the charts. Why the sudden rise in pink for men in Darien? According to Dr. Veronica Koller from Lancaster University, “Pink has more meaning than any other color.” The specific meaning reflects an affluent society according to one Darien business owner. “Pink is a preppy, status color...a wealthier, country club color,” ... More →

Velvet Revolver: Libertad
by Will Wygal
published - 11/2007

From a cokehead screaming over Guns N’ Roses, to a rock n’ roll powerhouse Velvet Revolver has definitely proven themselves to be a solid band. Velvet Revolver’s newest CD Libertad has been in stores for 11 weeks and has sold many CDs already. Scott Weiland has, at least for the moment, kicked the assortment of drug addictions he has been battling for the last few years, which has allowed the band to finally find its true sound. Libertad is a masterpiece of hard rock: it brings out the true talent of the veteran rockers with songs like "She Builds Quick Machines" and "The Last Flight." ... More →

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