Fresh Faces at DHS
by Andrew Kirkman
published - 10/2007

The beginning of every school year brings changes to Darien High School. From new students, new teachers and new staff, to even a new principal; the faces from year to year are always changing. Two new faces to join Darien High School this year are Mr. Eric Woelker and Ms. Tara Allen. Ms. Allen is a new Spanish teacher who grew up in Rhode Island, where she moved from last year. During her time in high school, Ms. Allen ran cross country and track, and was also the editor of her school’s yearbook. Another new teacher this year is Mr. Woelker. He's from Michigan, where he claims to have lived in Sterling Heights “forever.” During high school he was the captain of the swimming and diving team and the NHS president. He also ran track. Mr. Woelker then went on to attend the University of Michigan from 2000-2004. To this day he’s still a huge Michigan football fan, and on the weekends there’s nothing better then to watch one of their games. .... More →

From Pom-Poms to Stretchers: A Profile of Grace Pomponi
by Olivia Vegliante
published - 10/2007

As fifteen year-old Grace Pomponi spots her three sophomore friends in the Darien High School cafeteria, she flips her hair and scurries to the familiar round lunch table with a fruit salad and smart water in hand, grabbing a chair on the way. “Oh my god, guess what I just heard!” Pomponi squeals, excited to tell her friends her latest high school gossip. Unfortunately the three curious friends are going to have to wait to hear the social update later because suddenly the familiar high-pitched beeps and static blares through the black pager clasped on the back of Pomponi’s navy blue pants.... More →

Y.O.U. Can Help: How Kristen Rossbach Cares for Young Orphans of Uganda.
by Jessica Farrell
published - 10/2007

Walking into the pool area, Kristen Rossbach is confronted with muggy, steamy air and the overwhelming smell of chlorine and sweat. She carries her towel under her arm, talking with teammate Kristen Sanborn about the previous night’s O.A.R. concert, making dramatic hand motions as she speaks...
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Footsteps Around the World: A Profile of Camilla Taufic
by Lisa Giannandrea
published - 10/2007

Last fall Mrs. Smith assigned the novel to her sophomore English class, The Namesake. During class discussions, it was necessary for students to gather information the Indian culture in order to fully comprehend the cultural changes the characters were experiencing. Not many students in the class understood the Indian culture well enough to grasp the reality of the story. All except one girl, Camilla Taufic...
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A Swimmer and a Survivor: A Profile of Chris Calby
by Rachel Kanigan
published - 10/2007

It was February of 2002 in Patagonia, Chile. The Calby family was surrounded by massive mountains and glacier water. It was about 60 degrees outside with a slight wind chill, just enough to ripple the icy water. The sky was the color of a brilliant turquoise ... More →

Keepin’ It Real: A Profile of Keith Keeler
by Kelsey Ott
published - 10/2007

The task was simple: create a works cited page. This was followed by a seemingly harmless threat made by history teacher Keith Keeler. If students didn’t correctly follow his instructions, Keeler told them he would fight them. When such words come out of a teacher’s mouth, they are often meant as a joke. ... More →

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